Status: My problem is that I think I'm funny but I'm also lowkey ***ed up. enjoy<3


Davide Grieco is your typical piece of shit human being. That bulging stomach is full of lies and souls of the innocent. He’s balding because his hair is slowly committing suicide just to get away from him. And by the end of today, another poor soul was going to be added to the list when he offers fifteen year old street kid Kiran Nelson a job that he can't refuse, his vulnerability like hundreds of calories to Davide’s intense hunger, and like a gun to his hair follicles.
  1. chapter one.
    alright chapter uno BUCKLE UP YOUR EMOTIONS - if you read this before 11-5-18, read again please. I've rewrote the crap out of it.
  2. chapter two.
    Sorry this took forever. weird, evil writer's block again. what's new tho?
  3. chapter three.
    holy poops. writing this makes me realize how messed up I can get.
  4. chapter four.
  5. chapter five.
    WASSUP MUHFUHS!!!!! geez it's been a almost a year heh
  6. chapter six.
    There is a sex scene in this one btw. It's kinda gay
  7. chapter seven.
  8. chapter eight.
    if you read this before 11-5-18, read it again please.
  9. chapter nine
    this has been writen for about a year now. my bad. Ive been working on chapter ten for the last year and it's oh so slowly coming together.
  10. chapter ten.
    sup biches. this has also been written for a while.