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chapter six.


There was something about him.

Something about those dark, soulless eyes and how they watched Kiran flutter around the moderately crowded pub. His unnerving stare followed him as he went from table to table, refilling empty glasses and taking more orders. He made sure to avoid returning the eye contact, silently making his way back up to the bar to grab the next round of drinks.

Chuck leaned forward to perch his elbows on the lip of the counter. He tossed his shot glass back, gulping down the rum with ease.

He clanked it down and requested another.

“151, Mr. Bartender!” he slurred ever so slightly over the blaring dubstep. “Make it a double, actually.”

The stoic man on the other side rolled his eyes but finished up with his current customer before grabbing a clear, plastic cup. He filled it halfway with the bacardi and slid it down the countertop. Chuck tipped it back, leisurely taking a sip as he went back to his leering. He watched Kiran attempt to balance the tray on top of his palm. Kiran tried to keep his stare on the hardwood floor, but made the mistake of briefly holding Chuck’s gaze, which he eagerly took as a sign to go for it.

Sensing that, Kiran instantly tried to beeline it passed him, but Chuck boldly snatched him by the wrist.

Kiran sighed loudly as he was jerked back. This was not his first rodeo of being fondled or straight-up grabbed while carrying a tray full of various alcoholic drinks. He recovered coolly, ripping his wrist from Chuck’s fingertips, quickly gripping the edge of the tray to balance it in his hands.

“Well, excuse me!” Kiran sneered, taking a step back in surprise when the man stood from his seat, standing merely inches from Kiran. The bartender, who was also a bouncer part-time, scowled in disgust at Chuck, and he turned on his heel, ready to defend the young boy. Miguel leaned over the counter, snatching the man by the arm before he even had the chance to intervene.

Miguel spoke over the loud music, “He's a friend. Don't worry about him.”

The bartender gave him a cold stare, then his eyes went back to Chuck. “I bet you guys are friends,” he scoffed, pulling his arm to his side. “He grabs that boy like that one more time, he's out of here. So are you.”

Miguel rolled his eyes and the heroic bartender kept his trained on the pair.

Kiran tried to take a step back. The man that staggered inches in front of him was far from well-built, even in the strobing lights of the nightclub it wasn’t that hard to notice his near-skeletal frame.

Someone likes cocaine, Kiran thought rudely. He suddenly had a feeling of deja-vu but couldn't find familiarity in any of this. He still put up his guard, shifting another step back to put more space in between them.

Then the stranger spoke.

“How much do you charge?”

A simple question that made Kiran loosen up. This man appeared to be another client. Another brash, asshole of a man.

Just business as usual.

“It depends on what you want,” he replied, reciting the same line he routinely fed all the men who asked the question.

“I don’t know,” he feigned uncertainty, then his pursed lips turned into a wicked grin. “How about you tell me what I want?” Chuck tilted his head to the side, holding Kiran in his firm gaze. Kiran took his time before answering him, trying to find the right words.

It was almost as though he was challenging him.

Kiran curled a matching smirk into his face and he glided his tongue over his bottom lip. “I know exactly what you want,” he smiled, his voice smooth and low. “But I'm working right now -- a different kind of job.”

“Then after you get off,” Chuck decided with a nod that told Kiran his mind was set. “I'll be here.”

His brow pricked up. “I work til 2:00 - in the morning,” he said, moving the tray back to rest on his palm. He began to back away into the crowd but stopped short, seeing Chuck dig into his back pocket to pull out his wallet. He had this real smug look on his face as he blindly withdrew a bill from the folds, making sure to never break his eyes away from Kiran’s raised brows.

“That doesn't change my mind,” he grinned back at him, then purposefully paused to eye Kiran’s body up and down. “Not one bit.” He held the money out for Kiran. After a moment of hesitation and a wry laugh, Kiran plucked it from his fingers. His brows rose even higher seeing the number stamped to the bill.

“Uh, heh,” Kiran looked from the money to stare incredulously. “You do know this a hundred, right?”

Chuck nodded as modestly as he could. “And I got another just like it. You can have it after I fuck you.”

Kiran’s jaw almost unhinged at that brash, disgusting sentence. He clenched his jaw, forcing a coy nod, and -- with help from God -- a flirty smile.

Alright, creep - “Then I'll see ya later.”

Kiran disappeared among the heaps of people and Chuck smiled to himself.

“Yes, you will.”


Chuck couldn't wait to have Kiran back under him. It's been a couple months shy of a year since their first and last encounter, and his body ached to feel him again. Kiran, however, obvious to the man’s identity, couldn't wait for the encounter to begin so it could quickly end.

Chuck stood at the edge of the bed, towering over Kiran as he sat patiently in front of him, those big doe eyes batting up at him. He brushed his thumb gently over Kiran’s lips.

“Let’s see what you can do.”

Kiran's heart fluttered at the words. He was only able to nod before Chuck pushed him further down onto the bed, slowly undressing himself in the process. Their lips caught each other with a much slower, more tender kiss than Kiran expected. He wasn't expecting a kiss at all. He was under Chuck’s full weight as he pressed him down against the mattress. Chuck's hands drifted over Kiran's body, first to slip his shirt over his head, then to unbutton his jeans.

Kiran begin to let himself relax at Chuck's touch, the anxious feelings slowly ebbing away. He wasn't the worst kisser. Becoming bolder, he slipped out from under Chuck in one fluid movement and positioned himself to kneel in front of him. Tugging at Chuck’s jeans, he worked them off, along with his boxers, freeing his quickly growing erection.

Kiran looked up to catch the smirk on his face, his expression daring Kiran to continue. He dipped his head to capture the tip between his lips. His tongue swirled around the head and down the shaft before he took him fully into his mouth.

Chuck dropped his head back and chuckled.

“Damn, baby. God, that's good.”

Kiran almost lost himself in the feeling of how much power he had in this moment, something he often felt when he did this with customers. His eyes met with Chuck’s briefly and he almost smiled at the way he looked at him, the pure lust.

But Chuck was vulnerable right now. They both knew it. He couldn't get off this way. He never has.

He had to be in control.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Chuck’s gruff voice broke Kiran out of the trance and he pulled away instantly, licking at his lips.

Did he do something wrong?

“That was…good,” Chuck said in response to his obvious fears, sounding almost breathless. “I think you’ve proved your point.”

He smiled, his eyes lighting up at the compliment. Of course he had done nothing wrong – this was one of those things he was naturally good at. He rarely received complaints.

Chuck had Kiran back on the bed under him, their mouths interlocked. His hands slipped down into Kiran’s boxers and he dragged his fingers over his skin. Kiran smiled to himself and sighed against Chuck' lips.

He rarely gets the customers that want to please him instead of having it be all about them.

Kiran’s eyes widened and he gasped when Chuck suddenly jammed two fingers inside him, gliding them in and out forcefully. Kiran groaned in pain at first, but quickly masked his true feelings with gasps and moans of fake pleasure. Chuck quickened his pace to match the groans that escaped Kiran's mouth.

Needing more, Chuck roughly tightened his fingers around Kiran’s neck and grinned when Kiran tensed against his rough touch but moaned nonetheless. He barely had time to recover from the intense feelings before Chuck pulled his jeans and boxers off of him.

He positioned himself on top of Kiran and brashly forced himself inside.

Kiran yipped loudly. “Ow, fuck!”

“Damn, baby,” he murmured. “You’re so goddamn tight.” He buried his face into Kiran's neck, his grip around Kiran's waist tightening and his fingers digging into his skin with every movement he made. “I didn’t think you’d be so… fuck.”

He was exactly the same as he was the first time. He felt just as perfect.

His thrusts quickened.

My little whore.

“Wait!” Kiran tried and failed at pushing Chuck off in an attempt to get him to stop. Chuck pressed himself back down, quickening his pace. Knowing by now that his fighting was beyond useless, Kiran spoke as clearly as he could over his uncontrollable gasping.

He said again, “Wait -- condom,” but again, Chuck refused to stop, completely lost in the moment.

He nibbled roughly on Kiran’s neck. “I’ll pull out, baby. Don’t worry.”

Kiran barred his forearm across Chuck’s chest. “Yeah, that’s not what I’m fucking worried about.”

Chuck just hushed him, locking his hands around the back of Kiran’s knees, and pushing them flush against his chest, continuing to get as deep as he could.

He moaned dropping his head back.

“Shh, baby. Ahh -- just enjoy it.”

Kiran was still tense but Chuck couldn't have cared less. Seeing the look of fear that had spread across his face caused him to jerk his hips forward to get deeper. He moaned to him to relax.

The position was hurting Kiran and the fear of unprotected sex clouded his mind, but he knew better than to tell a violent client like this to stop. Instead, after he grimaced, he let his eyes drift shut and he snaked his arms around Chuck’s neck.

Chuck pushed his mouth hard against his and after he hesitated, Kiran matched his eagerness, forcing himself to play along, which wasn't too hard. Chuck had skill, he couldn't deny that, though it was clear Kiran’s pleasure came second to what Chuck wanted. He groaned into Chuck’s mouth, biting hard on his bottom lip. Chuck opened his eyes and kept them on Kiran's, letting the pleasure he was feeling show clearly as he broke the kiss to take sharp breaths, angling his head so he could stare down and watch as he fucked him.

“Do you like fucking me?” Kiran moaned, running his hands over Chuck’s shoulders and arms, becoming more and more turned on just by the strength in his muscles as he began to thrust harder. Another moan escaped, and Kiran arched his back, arms over his head.

“Do you like it, baby?” Chuck asked, pressing his lips to Kiran's neck. They both became aware of the bed creaking under them. Kiran bit his lip at Chuck's smirk.

“Fuck me,” Kiran whimpered, gripping the bed sheet between his fingers. “I'm a dirty little slut. Fuck me. ”

“Oh, shi-.” Chuck groaned loudly as he came and just like that, like always, it was over. Chuck collapsed beside him on the bed, breathing hard. Kiran stared up at the ceiling again, feeling thoroughly pissed. That lasted a little less than two minutes. He never gets to finish. That was close to the best he's had in awhile, despite the incredibly short duration, and he still wasn't given the chance to cum.

It was minutes before either of them spoke.

“Well, that was unexpected.”

Kiran turned his head to look at Chuck.

“Good unexpected or bad unexpected?”

Chuck grinned, sitting up to rifle through his clothes. He sat back up and flicked a crisp hundred dollar bill at Kiran.

“You're totally worth paying for. Shit, if buy you if your boss would let me.”

Kiran smiled, feeling flattered by his words. In this business that was possibly one of the best things you could hear – the highest of compliments. Kiran reached between them for the blanket, pulling it up to cover his exposed body.

He was startled, however, when Chuck sat up suddenly.

“I gotta go,” he mumbled. He grabbed his jeans and stood up, pulling them on quickly. Glancing over his shoulder at Kiran, he knelt to press a kiss onto his lips. “That was great though. I'd love to see you again sometime.”

Kiran matched his devilish grin and bit the inside of his lip.

“Well, you know where I am.”

“And I will be back, baby. You can count on that.”

Once Chuck left, Kiran quickly dropped the act. He fell back into the bed and pushed his head into his hands. He shuddered at the thought of shacking up with that man again. He was decent in bed and not the worst looking of all his customers but there was something very off about him.

Chuck was willing to wait three hours for him until he got off work. That's beyond desperate.

Shaking his head utter disappointment with himself, Kiran tucked the entirety of the last five minutes to the back of his mind and got out of bed.

He walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on full blast, stepping under the hot stream of water.


“The fuck were you doing in there?”

Chuck finished lighting his cigarette. He motioned to the now closed door of room A17.

“What does it look like?” He puffed the end and blew a plume of smoke in Davide Grieco’s scowling face. “I solicited some sex from one of your many workers. Don't worry. I paid him.”

Davide wanted to throw him off the balcony. He settled with whacking him upside the head. He hissed over Chuck’s groaning, “Get the hell out of here.” Chuck still gripped the cigarette between his lips. He took another drag as he dunked another hit.

“Oh,” he failed to hide his smile. “Is this about Jamie?”

Davide scoffed, his temples on the verge of throbbing from the anger. He followed Chuck down the length of the walkway. Turning the corner to go down the stairs, he snapped, “Yeah, no shit it has to do with Jamie. You need to leave.” Chuck popped a nonchalant shrug as he reached the last step.

“It's just Chlamydia,” he scoffed, flicking his hand through the air. “It's curable.”

Davide snorted loudly. “I don't give a rat’s ass that it's ‘curable’! Stop passing that shit around. Jamie's out for who knows how long, and now Kiran? I already have to pay for two abortions ASAP, and Jamie's meds. My business - and wallet - can't handle anymore.”

Chuck’s eyes suddenly lit up and he turned to grin at Davide’s glare.

“Then let me have - what's his name? Kiran.”

Davide stopped dead in his tracks and narrowed his glare. “No chance in hell,” he said simply. “Did you not fucking hear me? I'm in no position to be getting rid of workers. No.

“Well, it’s not like he's gonna be a lot of help here if he's got an STD,” Chuck shot back with a laugh, “and a lawsuit won't do your business any good now, would it?”

“Okay, but a week or two of him out of work while he takes his meds to cure the STD you gave him, compared to you taking him and keeping him for however long you can go without raping him to death...” Davide teetered his hands in front of him as he metaphorically weighed the odds. His left hand dropped to his waist, raising the right inches above his head.

“Hmm...” He pretended to be deep in thought, tapping his finger against his chin. “What a toss-up!”

Chuck fought hard to not roll his eyes at Davide’s crude remark, instead masking his annoyance with another short laugh.

“Alright, I getcha.” He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. “How about I not only pay in full however much you want for him - go on, name your price - not only that but I literally never come back here and taint your business ever again? And every time I screw him, I send you a check, so it's like he never left. ”

Davide actually considered the deal. The thought alone of never having to deal with Chuck unless he needed an impromptu hospital visit was like a dream come true.

Regardless, he felt torn. Kiran’s done his business good. Being a hooker who apparently never lost that virgin-like tightness was a big plus. People were willing to pay top dollar for his services. Not to mention the situation with Jamie, and the countless female workers who needed an abortion, Davide couldn't afford to lose a star employee.

Kiran's barely been here a year.

But the money Davide would get in return for selling Kiran, that could make up for the loses.

Davide didn't dare drop his glare, but his fleeting look of consideration formed a smile on Chuck Bryson’s hopeful face.

It spread ear to ear at what Davide said next.

“What’s your opening bid?”


Kiran's heavy eyes shot up at the sound of his doorknob rattling. He shielded his face from the bright ray of sunlight that sprang into the room as Davide let himself in.

He knocked twice on the doorframe.

“You awake?” he called out, flicking on the light switch.

As a response, Kiran groaned and flipped over so his back was facing his boss. Pulling the blankets tightly over his head, he manage to croak out, “What?” It was Sunday. There was no reason to be awake.

Unfortunately, for him, there was.

Davide's mouth formed a tight line and he sighed.

“Get your things together and meet me in my office.”

Kiran lifted himself slightly, Davide's words talking a second to register to him. When they finally did, a sudden fear swept in and he sat up quickly, his best rate picking up.

“Oh.” He dangled his feet over the edge of the bed. “Oh, uhm, alright.”

His boss nodded but didn't say a word. The sliver of light left the room as he shut the door behind him on his way out, leaving Kiran to himself. He craned his neck to check the bedside clock and saw it was only a quarter to noon.

Not sure what he was packing for or even what all to shove into his Nike bag, he grabbed the few pairs of clothing he had and his toiletries.

Maybe I'm moving rooms, he thought, throwing his phone charger into his bag, trying to calm his nerves. He hadn't done anything recently that made him think he was getting evicted or anything like that. He hasn't gotten out of line in over seven months.

He continued to overspeculate the possibilities but none of them lived up to what waited for him in Davide's office.

Walking through the doorway, he quickly realized Davide wasn't alone. A figure had its back to him as they sat in the chair across from Davide. Remembering the outline of his dark wild hair as he had stared at it as they railed him for a good two minutes late last night, Kiran froze.

Davide's eyes peeked up and Chuck’s followed suit. He smiled up at the teen, the sight of him already sending a tingling sensation up his spine.

“I told you I'd be back,” he quipped with a chuckle.

There was a moment of silence where Kiran didn’t know how to react. He forced a laugh but couldn't hide the anxious confusion he felt. “I obviously wasn't expecting you back so soon,” he said, shifting a look at Davide. “What's going on?” he asked anyone who would answer him.

“Did you get all your things?”

Kiran took a second. He nodded at Chuck. An abrupt cold sweat made him rub his hands against his jeans when Chuck stood and gave Davide a thumbs-up.

“Then I guess we're all set to go, right?”

Kiran’s brows rose so high up, they could've flew away.

“Uh,” he laughed, his heart faltering. “Go where exactly?”

Davide cleared his throat, raising his brow at Chuck as he's way of telling him to sit. He looked to Kiran.

“I was just about to explain that. Kiran,” He tipped a nod between the young boy and his long time business partner. “This is Chuck, though I doubt you need the introduction.” Chuck’s grin made Kiran’s stomach turn. “Long story short,” Davide picked back up, “he just handed me a quarter of a million dollars in exchange for, well, you. You are now his problem, his property, and you will be staying with him at his house where you are expected to do whatever he tells you to do whenever he tells you to do it. It's almost like you're still working here, except you only have one customer and that is him. Don't disobey him or you'll have to answer to me. Uh, that's it. It was nice working with you.”

Davide averted his gaze down and went back to dividing up the stacks of money Kiran somehow didn't notice until now. The money used to buy him.

Kiran stood there at a complete loss for words. His head was spinning with a plethora of cuss words he wanted to say. His entire body prickled as a strange numbness took over.

He literally just got sold to the man he prayed to God he'd never see again.

He was sold. How could this be happening?

The only conclusion Kiran could come to was that there was genuinely no God. We're all living a lie.

“I…” he trailed off, stumbling for a response. All coherent thought had left Kiran's brain, not that they cared. Chuck got up from his seat, that same shit-eating grin on his face as always. He slowly drifted his hand over Kiran's shoulder, resting it on the small of his back. His other hand caressed Kiran's chin, fingertips trailing over his bottom lip.

He spoke lowly, the excitement clear in his voice, “I can't wait to take you home and play with you.”

In spite of everything, Kiran still clung to his damn attitude.

Maybe I'll actually get to cum this time.
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