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chapter eight.


“Wouldn't surprise me if this place was haunted.”

Chuck let out a wry chuckle while the group of men laughed at Jeff’s comment. This was the third time he’s heard the floorboards creak above them and felt the need to point it out.

Chuck slid a look to his right, shifting stares with the forty year old at the other end of the couch. Miguel licked his lips with a sigh and brought the bottle of Bud Light to his mouth.

“Hey, Jeffy,” he said, “shut the fuck up.”

The simple eloquent remark silenced the man as the other three stifled their laughs.

One of the three, Brian, sunk back into the recliner and quipped, “Yeah, can't hear the damn game over your bitching. But knowing Chuck, it probably is ghosts.”

Their laughs rang out again.

Jeff changed his theory, a wicked grin appearing.

“Knowing Chuck,” he interjected, “he's probably got someone up there.”

Brian raised his beer bottle in agreement.

Tipping it back, he said, “Good point. I didn't think about that.”

Chuck gulped the rest of his beer down in one mouthful. “Ding-ding,” he said through gritted teeth. “We have a winner.”

The group laughed. Jeff inquired, “Who's the fox?”

Chuck stood, empty beer bottle in hand. Waiting for the Cowboys to score on the Eagles, he thought up an answer. “Amber and Danny went away for their anniversary so I'm stuck watching her kid.” He disappeared into the kitchen to grab another Bud Light, coming back into more questions.

Brian furrowed his brows, smiling.

“Oh, little Lexi is here?” Chuck's six year old niece.

He shook his head and Brian's smile fell.

“Lexi’s with our mom. She's got a son - from that fuckface before Danny. His name’s Kiran.”

Hearing that name, Miguel’s head shot up and he immediately stared at the ceiling. He knew Chuck bought himself a new toy, but he didn't tell him who it was. Miguel felt his jeans tighten and he smirked, taking a sip of his beer.

He knew if he paid Chuck the right amount, he'd get to fuck Kiran. If he offered him drugs, he could have sex with him whenever he wanted.

Even seven months later, Kiran still put up a fight with Miguel, and he loved that challenge. He could just imagine the complete look of horror on Kiran's face when he sees him here at Chuck's house.

Miguel smirked to himself again. He began to peel the label off the beer bottle.

He faded back into reality to hear, “I didn't know she had a son.”

“Well, she's not your sister, Brian,” Chuck snapped. “She has a son. I don't just have some random ass kid staying in my house.”

Miguel abruptly got up from the couch. “I gotta piss.” Getting mumbles in response, Miguel headed towards the staircase. He glimpsed over his shoulder to see they had all finally shutted themselves up and immersed themselves back into the televised football game.

Instead of going into the bathroom, he crept as silently as he could up the carpeted staircase, biting his lip at the sleeping figure he found huddled up in the guest bedroom.

He stole one last cautious look over both his shoulders before shutting the door behind him.

He eagerly undid his jeans.


A sudden blood curdling shriek tore throughout the house.

That should've been all it took for the five men to run towards the cry, but they remained seated, shifting confused looks with one another.

Then the words “Stop! Get out, get out!” were screamed and Chuck quickly stood at attention. The spot at the end of the couch was empty and the ideas of what Miguel could be doing got Chuck's blood boiling.

Not my toy.

Chuck got up the stairs as fast as he could, the anger amping up at the sight of the closed door and the hellish screams of agony that came from the other side.

He gripped the handle and cussed loudly when he couldn't get it to turn.

His jaw clenched, Chuck seethed, “I'm gonna fucking kill you! Get the fuck off my -- !” He stopped himself, feeling bodies crowd behind him. Chuck took a step back and threw his body weight against the locked door. Hearing it buckle, he tried two more times before lifting his foot and successfully kicking it open.

He flicked the lights on but his sudden entrance did nothing to stop Miguel. He continued to grunt loudly, lost in the pure ecstasy, his nails digging into the boy's backside. He was fully clothed with his jeans around his knees. The same was for Kiran.

Kiran almost seemed to disappear under the two hundred pound man. The only indication that he was even there was his brash sobs for help and his hands as they clutched the bed sheet under him. Chuck ripped the plug from the wall and cracked the lamp over Miguel's head. He tumbled back with a yelp after being thrown to the ground.

Kiran stayed kneeling on the bed. He buried his face into the pillows and sobbed.

“What the fuck is going on?” Chuck finally said. He was beyond angry, there was no mistaking that. He felt betrayed. He snatched Miguel by the neck of his shirt only to send him hurdling back down with a satisfying kick to the side of his skull.

“You don't touch him!” he snarled. “Don't ever touch him again.” The kick was a gateway. The anger fueled him to stomp, and a retching sound came from Miguel's mouth when Chuck's steel-toed boot crushed down on his throat.

Kiran cried out. He gripped his ears to block out Chuck's cursing and Miguel's groans of pain.

Chuck yanked Miguel up from the ground.

“Get your fucking pants on, Ramirez. Get the fuck out of here.” He shoved the man towards the door and glowered at the four others lingering out in the hall, watching in horror.

“All of you, get the hell out of here - now.”

They didn’t need to be told more than once.

Brian snatched Miguel up from his hunched over position on the ground. “We'll take care of him,” he nodded, grimacing at the thought of Miguel had just done. He forced himself on a teenage boy, who he thought was Chuck’s nephew.

Miguel muttered angrily to himself as the men hauled him from the room.

Even after the front door slammed shut, Chuck stood still, trying to calm his nerves. He wanted to kill Miguel. That was his toy. If he wanted to have sex with him, all he had to do was ask and provide a form of payment.

Instead he went behind Chuck's back.

That pissed him off beyond belief.

Kiran's quiet cries broke Chuck from his fixated anger. He turned back to look at him, crouched down on the bed, his pajama bottoms still around his knees. His whole body was shaking. Chuck’s demeanor changed instantly and he unintentionally softened his expression. It took him a second to realize what else had happened. Miguel didn't just have sex with Kiran without Chuck's permission but Kiran's. Kiran was raped. He attacked him when he was sound asleep, his first night in a new house where he already didn't feel safe.

He wasn't that much of an asshole that he wouldn't acknowledge it.

He knelt down, getting eye level with him. He ruffled his fingers through Kiran's hair, murmuring, “Shh, shh. It's okay. It's gonna be okay.” Kiran still clutched the sheets between his fingers, briefly loosening his grip when Chuck placed a hand over his and gave it a soft squeeze.

“It's gonna be okay,” he continued softly, running his thumb under Kiran's eyes to wipe the tears. “Here. Let's get you covered up.” He pulled the cotton bottoms back on Kiran, his hand tracing over his shoulders. He leaned forward to gently kiss Kiran's forehead.

“I'm here now. No one's gonna hurt you. It's okay. It's gonna be okay.”

Kiran was slowly regaining control of himself. He took a deep breath to steady his breathing. Closing his eyes, he sighed when Chuck's hands gently stroked the side of his face. Kiran slowly wrapped his arms around Chuck's neck and pressed his tear streaked face into his shoulder.

He felt so safe. He's never been consoled after something like this happened. He felt safe. He felt...loved.

Chuck tensed at his touch but cautiously draped his arm over Kiran's shoulder, leaning in for a hug.

“Don’t leave,” Kiran murmured into his shirt. The only response he got was Chuck standing to walk over to the other side of the bed. He picked the blanket up from the ground. Without another word, his eyes trained on Kiran's, he slipped in next to him, tugging the covers over them.

He pulled Kiran close to him and sighed into his hair.

“I'm here,” he said again, tightening his hold on Kiran, feeling him relax into the embrace. Kiran's eyes began to water again. He squeezed his eyes shut and nodded, letting out a shaky breath before he could respond.

“Thank you,” he whispered and Chuck tightened his hug.

He knew that this meant he was one step closer to having Kiran's total trust.

He almost smiled at the thought.



Kiran shut the faucet off and stepped out of the bathtub. Drawing the towel over his shivering body, he stopped to run his hand over the fogged up mirror, and stared numbly at his reflection. His eyes went right to the fading yellow bruise on his jawline, and the reminder of Miguel's assault made him sigh. On the exhale he couldn't stop the sudden coughing fit. He cleared his sore throat, although there wasn’t a ball of mucus to cough up.

Grabbing the container marked ‘Azithromycin’ from the medicine cabinet, he shook the correct dosage out and popped the last two remaining red pills into his mouth, swallowing them with the help of tap water. He had no idea what the a-word meant but Chuck said they'd cure whatever sickness had been bothering him for the last few weeks.

Kiran quickly changed into his newest outfit, picking his dirty clothes up from the ground. He flicked the light off and walked out of the bathroom, then through his bedroom doorway. The last second, before he went down the stairs, he looked briefly to his right. He stopped walking, eyes fixed on the closed door at the end of the hall.

Chuck’s room.

He didn’t even think about it, although he knew deep down he should’ve. His feet slowly brought him to stand directly outside the door.

He had only been in allowed inside once. The night after Miguel had attacked him. Chuck let him sleep in his bed with him. Honestly, it wasn’t anything special, just about as basic as the room Kiran stays in. Nothing at least that jumped out at him and told him there was reason to always have it locked twenty-four/seven. No matter what, that door was always locked, whether Chuck was in it or not.

That naturally made Kiran a little curious as to what red flags he had missed.

Kiran grabbed the doorknob and gave it a twist, but it didn’t budge. What was Chuck hiding?

Then again -- what wouldn’t Chuck be hiding? He’s Chuck, afterall.

Kiran let go of the handle. Maybe it’s better he didn’t know. He turned his back to the door, heading down the stairs to the laundry room. He added his clothes to the washer and planted himself down into the couch cushions, the TV remote in his hand. He flicked aimlessly through the channels until he heard the familiar sound of a truck door slamming shut. He sat at the edge of the couch, heart fluttering at the shadowed figure he saw on the other side of the curtains.

Kiran sat back casually, chin resting on his palm, but he grinned widely at Chuck once he shut the front door behind him, peeling his jean jacket off.

Chuck returned the smile, greeting, “Well, hello, angel.” He bent to press a soft kiss onto Kiran's hairline, tossing his jacket over the back of the couch.

He disappeared into the kitchen, returning with a beer. It wasn't even five o’clock.

Cracking it open, he joined Kiran on the couch, instinctively dropping his arm over the back so Kiran could nuzzle in next to him. He chugged half of it down with the first sip. He offered some to Kiran and bit back his smirk when Kiran accepted, letting the cold bubbly liquid soothe his throat.

“You feeling any better?”

Kiran nodded, handing the bottle back. “I took the rest of the pills. Might have to get some more for you.”

Chuck only nodded. Kiran tipped his head to rest it on Chuck's shoulder. He batted his eyes up at him, feeling a smile touch his lips.

“I'm probably not contagious anymore,” he hinted, eyes locking with Chuck's. He fed that smirk right back at Kiran.

“Sounds like you've got something you wanna do.”

“Maybe I do.”

Chuck shook his head, though he wanted to pounce on him. “You're still sick.” Chuck had taken all his antibiotics. He no longer had the disease, and neither did Jamie. Kiran still felt the illness. He didn't want to keep swapping the STD between the three of them.

Unfortunately, his boner didn’t get the memo. That didn't stop him from dragging his fingertips down the length of Kiran's thigh. He gripped his hands around his hips and pulled Kiran's legs into his lap, continuing to brush his fingers along the lining of his jeans.

The urge was quickly becoming too much to ignore. Fucking Kiran was all he thought about today, not to mention, the entirety of the past month. Jamie just got off his meds last week and he was back to work but with a client when Chuck stopped by during his lunch break for their routine quickie.

Without Jamie, he was forced to come home to a sexless, STD-ridden house, and so far all Kiran's done was give him blue balls.

Kiran didn't exactly know what had suddenly gotten into him. He has yet to act this way towards Chuck. He really liked the little relationship they had built in the past month but as he had said, this was nothing like what he expected to happen. He didn't think he'd get to stay in this house for more than an hour without being used for sex. It was something he had grown accustomed to.

He almost didn't know what to do with himself if he wasn't servicing a client.

He could see the desire in Chuck's eyes. He knew he wanted to, but they haven’t done anything remotely sexual since he’s arrived. He figured he could blame on suddenly coming down with a cold the weekend after moving in, but even leading up to that, nothing. There was more to it.

He wanted to know why.

Kiran bit at his lip and shrugged as a response to Chuck’s previous statement. He let his eyes flutter shut, angling his chin up. He softly kissed along Chuck's jawline, squeezing in a few nips here and there. Kiran pulled away only slightly to insure his breath still hit Chuck’s neck.

“You don't want to fuck me?” he murmured quietly. Chuck's knuckles grazed his stomach and continued tracing patterns on his skin.

“You know I do, baby.” Their lips hovered over each others, and Chuck was tempted to just attack him with all he had, and let go of everything that was holding him back.

He's waited a month for sex with Kiran.

Sex was why he spent so much damn money on him. He got him for sex, and so far the only sex he's been having has been with his Jamie.

He craved to feel Kiran’s touch, hear him moan, feel his nails dig into his skin. He needed to. His eyes gazed longingly at the bruise on his cheek. He wished he was the one who had caused it.

Most of all, he wanted to hear him cry, scream, beg - whether it was in pleasure or terror. Although he preferred the latter, he could get off either way.He craved to feel Kiran’s touch, hear him moan, feel his nails dig into his skin. His eyes gazed longingly at the bruise on his cheek. He wished he was the one who had caused it. Most of all, he wanted to hear him cry, scream, beg -- whether it was in ecstasy or terror. He could get off either way, obviously preferring the latter.

The bruise raised a new curiosity in Chuck’s head, and he used it as a distraction.

“Have you…?” He was surprised when he found himself hesitating, but the desire to know kept him going. “Have you ever had sex -- like consensual sex?”

Kiran actually felt himself jerk back at the question. A warm blush touched his cheeks and he anxiously averted his eyes to the TV in front of them. He could feel Chuck staring at him and he looked to see that he was waiting for an answer, with this expectant look on his face like he actually thought Kiran would be okay with the new topic when it almost seemed like they were about to finally have sex.

“Uh,” Kiran forced a small laugh, turning himself to sit forward. He cleared his throat before solemnly shaking his head. “I...I that I actually wanted to have, well, no. No, I haven’t.”

“Really?” Chuck said in what sounded like disbelief. Then he had the audacity to laugh, causing Kiran to instinctively narrow his brows. Chuck said, “Never? You’ve never just did it because you wanted to?”

“Nope, never. I mean, I started working for David when I was fifteen -- and contrary to popular belief, not a lot of fifteen year olds are having sex.”

“Come on,” Chuck began to laugh again. “You had to of had at least a hundred clients, right? You never -- just once -- liked it a little?”

The corner of Kiran's mouth twitched. “Can’t say I have.”

Chuck’s gaze fell momentarily. “Not even with me?”

Kiran’s mouth went into a straight line as he tried to hold back the brash ‘no.’ He remembered the first time. Like every other time with every other client, it always hurts because these douches are more focused on themselves than even a little bit on him. Chuck tried to make it good for him, but he still treated him like a sex toy, only there for his pleasure.

He didn't even get to cum.

Kiran accidentally let out a small, awkward laugh.

“Well,” he said, “at the time, I didn’t know you like I do now so...”
Chuck quickly read between the lines, scrunching his mouth. “I was just another client to you, then?”

Then,” Kiran emphasized. “Yeah, I mean, I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.” Kiran was suddenly reminded of one small fact -- Chuck bought him. Has that fascination been budding for a while or just from the one, incredibly brief encounter?

The first day here, in the truck, he asked if Kiran remembered him.

Kiran bit at the inside of his cheek. “Have we...hooked up before?”
Chuck almost nodded. He wanted to regale their real first night together that Kiran was apparently too drugged and beaten to recall.

He remembered everything about it -- the way Kiran’s limp body felt under him, how much he cried and begged him to stop when he had briefly awoke and realized what was happening. And the first time he had seen him as David carried his lifeless body down into the cellar, how perfectly bloodied and bruised he was -- he was beyond gorgeous. He still was.

The second they were alone, he couldn't hold back and Kiran sure couldn’t fight him off.

The events played back in his mind constantly and when the memories weren’t enough, what the video tape recorded fulfilled the fantasies.

Chuck’s eyes longingly trailed across Kiran’s features. Kiran's lips were so utterly perfect from this perspective - light pink, perfectly plump… practically begging for contact. He wanted to feel them around his cock.

The thought of his warm, wet mouth - fuck.

Chuck reeled back into reality when he saw Kiran’s brow quirk up.

“You alright? You, like, zoned out.”

Chuck felt breathless. He didn’t like it.

“I was just thinking -- about that night. You were so damn good, baby.”


Despite the previous conversation, Kiran had taught himself to jump back from almost anything, and he let a smile tug itself onto his face. He quickly tried to get rid of the smile by biting at his lip.

Kiran whispered with a slow shake to his head, “But we can’t sleep together. I’m too contagious, apparently.” He leaned his head to be propped up against the back of the couch. The way his neck looked -- Chuck wanted to kiss it and leave hickeys.

Chlamydia, he tried to remind himself, but he was really starting to not care anymore.

Actually -- “I couldn't give less of a fuck about that. I want you,” he said defiantly. “So bad, baby.”

“You really” he asked softly. There was still doubt in his voice. You just want sex.

Chuck leaned back too and nodded at Kiran’s spoken question.

“You have no idea, angel. You're all I ever think about.”

Kiran tried to not let himself get swept away by that comment but his heart still fluttered at his words. As soon as Kiran's dark brown eyes closed, Chuck’s hands were everywhere at once, greedy yet gentle. He groaned against Kiran's soft, plump lips as they kissed each other hungrily. Kiran felt perfect - no words did him justice, and Chuck found it unusually hard to stop himself. He remembered he was still clutching the beer bottle. He carefully set it to the ground and pressed himself forward get Kiran to lie back onto the couch.

Kiran's legs wrapped desperately around his hips.

He groaned as Chuck tore his lips away from his, hastily ending the kiss before they took it too far. They were both tense again. His fingers stopped. Kiran's fingers stopped. Their breathing slowed. Chuck's dark eyes had glazed over and Kiran could only imagine how his looked.

The word lust came to mind as Chuck smirked again and his eyes darted to the boy’s lips.

Kiran wanted his mouth on his again. And just as it seemed like his wish was about to be granted, Chuck stopped short. His hands dropped to Kiran's hips and Kiran's legs loosened limply.

His throat felt incredibly dry.

“Kiran,” he murmured hoarsely. Kiran's pulse accelerate all over again. His finger trailed along his jawline once more before their eyes convened.

“Charles,” Kiran's voice cracked and Chuck grinned. He went in for one last kiss.

“You need to get better before we can even thinking about having sex.”

Kiran blushed at his words. Sex. Consensual sex that he genuinely wanted. He never thought he'd live to see the day where he'd get to have that.

Kiran scrunched his nose before he sighed over-dramatically. “Well, fine then.” He pushed on Chuck's shoulders and they both sat up, but he stood and headed for the kitchen.

Chuck downed the rest of his beer, eyes enticed, watching as Kiran left the room.

He called after him, “Thinking about having a cookout for the fourth. Gotta do some grocery shopping before then. It's on Tuesday.”

Kiran popped open the fridge and grabbed a Gatorade. He came back in through the revolving doors.

He snootily asked, “Cool, can I come or do I have to hide out in the attic?”

Chuck sent a snarky smile his way.

“You can come if you stick to the story that you're my nephew, yeah.”

“Easy,” he said, clocking the lid off as he plunked down next to him. “Uh, what's my mom’s name again?”

“Amber. Her husband is Danny. Your real dad is an abusive scumbag. We don't talk about him.”

Kiran set the bottle on the ground and moved to perch his feet up on Chuck's lap. Tipping the drink back, he scoffed a sneer.




Chuck stacked their plates on top of one another, clanking them into the sink. He smiled as he watched Kiran slouch to press his forehead flush against the surface of the table, arms stretching across the length. Kiran let out a hearty yawn, trailing his fingers gently down his inner forearm, over the tiny cylindrical bump that resided under his skin.

He wondered vaguely why the microchip was still there. He figured he was no longer Davide's ‘property’, as he had even said himself. Then again, he should've known that didn't mean he was completely free of him yet.

Slouching back, he crossed his arms. He frowned.

He may never be.

He suddenly got the familiar unnerving feeling that he was being watched, and sure enough, there
Chuck stood, leaning against the kitchen counter, his stare fixed on the sixteen year old boy. His eyes were searching Kiran's with such an intensity that Kiran felt like he was suffocating.

What happened earlier today -- the heated make-out session and how close they came to having sex - the events replayed endlessly in both their heads and left with the longing itch for more.
Kiran thought of what Chuck had said - they had to wait.

The whole thing struck him as odd. Why hasn't Chuck acted on his urges? Sure, Kiran was sick, but there was absolutely no variation of sexual touching -- no blow jobs, hand jobs. Only kissing, and earlier was the most heated it had gotten.

Chuck has been the complete opposite of the man he sought him out to be. It was a rarity for Kiran to leave the house and Chuck was gone most of the time, but when they were together, it was more than Kiran could have ever dreamed of. He's given Kiran nicknames, spoiled him with clothing and kisses, he made him meals, tucked him into bed at night.

No sex, just what Kiran mistook as a budding love.

He wondered how long this would last. The look in Chuck's eyes told him not much longer, and suddenly Kiran didn't know how to feel about that. He was beyond starved for the affection. A year in this business and he's learned to confuse sex with his self-worth. He feared the the lack of intimacy meant Chuck didn't find him as attractive as before, but having spent the absolute earth on him, Chuck was left at some sort of impasse, only keeping him around for the simple fact that he had bought him.

But the way Chuck looks at him -- how he kisses him, holds him. There was something there. Kiran was dying to know just what. He craved the attention, to feel the lust he knew Chuck had to suppress, but he didn't want it to change anything.

It would. It would change their whole dynamic, and it'd be far from the best thing that could happen to them.

Kiran held the eye contact and he smiled briefly, daringly. "How long ya been creepin’ over there?" he asked, the smile growing wider under Chuck's stare.

Chuck's mouth lifted into a smirk. "Longer than you'd like."

Kiran shrugged his shoulders and smirked back at Chuck's intrigued, raised brows.

"I don't think I'd mind," he said quietly. The tone behind his words kept the smirk on Chuck's face, and he had to take a deep breath to calm himself.

"No?" he asked. Kiran shook his head, watching him grab a beer from the fridge. He joined him back at the dinner table, leaning against the ledge. Kiran's nerves were all over the place, almost as if this was the first sexually-charged encounter he’s ever been in. He propped his chin onto his fist, sly eyes following the beer bottle as Chuck gulped half of it down in one large sip, gritting his teeth against the cold liquid.

He passed it to Kiran, letting him take a sip.

Kiran fidgeted with the bottle. He finally asked, "Do you not have sex with me?"

The air around them suddenly became tense and Chuck clenched his jaw. He loosened it with a chuckle as he laughed, “Why the fuck would you think that? I want nothing more than to fuck you. You know that.” That's why I fucking bought you.

“Then why haven't you?” Kiran countered. “I mean, I get it. I’m sick, but we’ve done absolutely nothing with each other -- even before I got the cold. It doesn’t add up, in my opinion.”

You have chlamydia, Chuck almost laughed, but Kiran clearly wasn’t aware of that fact. Chuck quickly changed the subject -- in true au contraire fashion, as always.

He took the drink back into his hands, pressing his smirk against the bottle's opening.

“How badly do you want it?” his ego fueled him to ask, a wry smile shining down at the boy.

Kiran smirked back at him. “How badly do you want to give it me?”

"You know that answer," Chuck smiled, standing from his slouched position. He now stood directly in front of Kiran, pleased to see him turn himself in his direction.

Kiran added, “You already know my answer.”

Chuck gripped at Kiran by the knees and spread his legs apart. He knelt, crouching to get eye level with him.

Amused, he asked, "Is that what you want? Hmm?" His fingers worked their way up Kiran's thighs, sending waves of excitement through both of them. Kiran tried to remain still, clutching his palms over the edge of the chair, but his hips pushed forward impatiently.

"Huh, angel?" he said again. He ran his thumb teasingly over the cool brass button of Kiran's jeans. He fought the urge to tear them off, instead gripping his hands roughly around Kiran's waist, lifting his shirt slightly in the process.

He dragged his fingertips over his soft skin, lightly digging his nails into his flesh.

Chuck's groin stiffened at the thought of having Kiran moaning under him. He imagined gripping him tightly by the hips, his face buried in the pillows as entered him from behind, the gasps and groans of pleasure they'd both fail to hold in.

Chuck leaned to hover his lips over Kiran's, his teeth gritted. "You just wanna be fucked, huh?" his voice growled with a burning excitement. "That's all you want? You want to be used like the whore you are, don't you?"

Hearing him talk like that scared yet excited Kiran at the same time, and he pushed his tongue against his bottom lip, inching his mouth closer to Chuck's, aching for the kiss.

He nodded quickly.

"Yes," he whispered. "That's all I want."

"How do you want it? What do you want me to do to you?"

Kiran tugged lightly on his bottom lip, feeling an intense pressure build in his stomach.
Then he said it.

"I want you to play with me."

Chuck acted in an instant, gripping Kiran violently by the throat. He stood, his hold tightening, pulling Kiran to stand with him. Loving the strength and power Chuck showed, Kiran was biting back his smile, his fingers limply clutching around Chuck's grip.

Kiran groaned, a soft laugh being moaned out.

"Yes," he whispered again, already panting hard in anticipation. "Fuck me. Make it hurt."

Chuck's jaw clenched. "Oh, that's what you want?"

He dragged Kiran like a ragdoll over to the island in the center of the kitchen, loosening his grip to let Kiran collide with the counter, but before he could prop his elbows on the edge and prepare himself to be ravaged, Chuck snatched him by the shoulders and forced him to his knees.

Kiran's fingers quickly undid the belt and he slipped Chuck's jeans down his hips, raising his brow the sight. Chuck matched his grin and ran his hands through Kiran's hair. Inhaling sharply, he watched as he took the tip into his mouth. His breathing hitched when it touched the back of his throat and Kiran didn't gag but bob his head faster, tongue gliding down the shaft and circling the head.

He gripped a handful of Kiran's hair and yanked back, forcing them to lock eyes, and that alone was almost enough to bring him over the edge.

The sound and the feeling of Kiran's mouth on his flesh was too much. He jerked his hips forward, thrusting himself further down Kiran's throat. The boy's moans sent vibrations down the length of his cock.

"Such a good little whore," he groaned in ecstasy, losing himself quickly. He pulled his hand back and ripped a smack against Kiran's cheek. He cussed loudly hearing Kiran yelp in surprise. He hit him again and again finally getting the boy to moan.

The sight of his red, tender skin broke Chuck. His body suddenly trembled, eyes rolling back as his legs shook.

He waited so long...

Kiran moaned, keeping him in his mouth. He sucked until he was sure he swallowed every last drop, twirling his tongue around the tip teasingly when Chuck began to pull himself from Kiran's mouth.
Panting, Chuck let out a shaky laugh, "Fuck, baby," angling Kiran's head back so they could look each other in the eyes. He slowly dragged his thumb over Kiran's glistening bottom lip before dipping it back into Kiran's mouth, pleased to see him eagerly suck the residue off his finger.

He urged him to stand, their lips clashing passionately once he was off his knees.

Chuck smirked against his lips, breathing out between kisses, "Still want me to fuck you, baby boy?"

Kiran smiled, nodding in response. "Yes." Chuck closed his hands around Kiran's neck, lacing his fingers together to tighten his grip.

"Yes...?" He seemed to be waiting. Kiran knew just what for. His grin widened and his nose crinkled.

"Yes, sir."

"That's a good boy." He pulled him in for another rough, passionate kiss. He locked his hands to the back of Kiran's legs, lifting him from the ground. Chuck stumbled out of the kitchen, pressing Kiran against the wall several times as they made their way up the staircase, never once breaking the kiss.

He carried him through the doorway into the guest bedroom, gently laying him on the bed. He hastily pulled away, breathing heavily. Kiran grunted in shock when Chuck tore his jeans off of him, leaving him exposed in his boxers.

He was back on top of him in seconds, grinding his erection against Kiran's. The more he moaned, the faster he moved.

Kiran was overwhelmed with pleasure; he couldn't contain himself. He pulled his shirt off, yanking Chuck's off over his head immediately after. He ran his fingers down Chuck's torso until he was snatched by the wrists. Chuck pinned them above his head before he had him by the throat again, tearing his hand away to smack him hard across the face.

It stung but Kiran couldn't help but moan.

He did it two more times before he sat back to pull his jeans down to his knees. He growled at Kiran to lay on his stomach.

Chuck gripped him by the waist, pulling him flush against his hips. Without warning, he plunged himself deep inside making Kiran scream out in pain, recoiling forward, but Chuck didn't let him get away. He pushed him down onto the mattress, connecting his hips to back of Kiran's thighs, continuing to thrust hard and fast.

Kiran's groans turned into moans that Chuck muffled. He pinned his forearm over the back of Kiran's neck, forcing him to bury his face into the sheets. He couldn't hold back his screams of pleasure, having to clutch the mattress under them to steady himself. He groaned Chuck's name, begging him to fuck him, crying out when Chuck yanked him back by a handful of hair and breathed hungirly down the length of his neck.

Kiran clasped his hands around Chuck's arm as he thrusted himself in and out, hitting that certain spot repeatedly.

The orgasm was building fast in Kiran's stomach. His hips convulsed, tears pushing into his eyes. He squeezed them shut as he came hard, a moaning, groaning mess. He stirred his hips wildly, riding out the orgasm.

Kiran cumming pushed Chuck to the edge. He spanked Kiran hard, continuing to even after he pinned him down onto the bed. His thrusts quickened, and for the first time since they've gotten upstairs, Chuck finally moaned. He dug his nails into Kiran's skin, his grip tightening with each thrust.

Dropping his head back, he pushed his hips forward one last time, grunting loudly as he finished inside him.

The dark room was filled with their panting. Utterly exhausted, Chuck pressed his forehead against Kiran's shoulder and sighed, trying to slow his breathing. Kiran's body quivered at his touch and the two let out trembling laughs.

Chuck gently kissed Kiran's neck before he sat up and sighed again.

"God damn!" he chuckled exasperated, looking back at Kiran as he slowly joined him on the edge of the bed. "I knew you'd be worth paying for." Although that wasn't really what Kiran wanted to hear from him after sex, he still knew to take it as a compliment, thanking him in between laughs.

"Not too bad yourself."

Chuck stood, pulling his jeans back over his hips. "Really -- I need a cigarette and Gatorade."

Kiran covered himself with the blanket. "So it was good that I suggested it?" He grinned up at Chuck. Picking his shirt from the ground, Chuck smirked, leaning to kiss Kiran on the lips.

"Very good. I should've fucked you sooner. I don't know what the hell I was waiting for." But just as he thought that, the reminder of why veered into his head.

He kept his face impassive, even though he screamed the word ‘fuck!’ repeatedly in his mind.
Kiran narrowed his eyes playfully back up at Chuck. He pushed him on the shoulder, getting up from the bed. "I don't know why you waited either," he said, riffling through his drawers to find a change of clothes. He gasped when Chuck came up behind him and spun him around, pressing another aggressive kiss onto his lips.

"Now that I know what I got..." he trailed off as he kissed him quickly, "you're gonna have to fight me off." Chuck's tone was surprisingly devious, that smirk devilish. Something about it didn't sit well with Kiran. He had to suppress the sudden itch of fear he felt.

He copied Chuck's smirk, standing on his toes to kiss him again.

He kept his voice low and measured, whispering, "Why would I put up a fight?"

There was a glint in Chuck's eyes as he chuckled darkly.

"Trust me," he said, shaking his head. "I'm not going to be able to keep my hands off of you, so don't expect me to."

Kiran's face fell and his brows furrowed in uncertainty. He clutched the clothes against his chest, slipping out from in front of Chuck. He paused to look back at him, slowly meeting his threatening, lifeless gaze.

"Well, what's that supposed to mean?" he asked forcing himself to laugh, not sure that he'd like the answer. At the sight of Chuck giving him an agonizingly slow look-over, Kiran felt his stomach drop.

Chuck was suddenly smiling, his entire demeanor changing. He reached into his back pocket for a pack of cigarettes.

"It means you're too good, baby." He shook the lighter from the pack. "I'll always want to bend you over and fuck you until you're screaming. It's a compliment."

"Didn't seem like one. Almost sounded like a threat."

Chuck just shrugged, lighting his cigarette.

"Potayto, potahto." Puffing at the end, his eyes caught Kiran's and he scoffed at the boy's uncertain face. "Come on, baby, you know I didn't mean it like that. I would never hurt you."

Like I've haven't heard that before.

Kiran softened his expression and nodded. "I know." He hoped he wouldn't, but knew he'd be at his dumbest if he ever put it passed him.

Chuck plucked the cigarette from his lips to kiss Kiran softly on his forehead.

"Good." He smiled down at him and took another long drag. He looked at the clothes in his hands. "You gonna take a shower?" Kiran nodded, but didn't say anything back. Chuck looked to the bed. "I guess I should wash those. I'll make your bed for you, how about that?"

Kiran let himself smile back at Chuck. "Yeah, thank you. I'd appreciate that."

They kissed each other one last time before Kiran headed towards the bathroom, narrowing his brows at Chuck when he had spanked his bare ass to send him on his way.

Kiran quickly shut the door behind him, planting his back firmly against it.

He couldn't ignore the fear and disgust he felt.

He knew, suddenly, that being the center of this man's attention was a very bad place to be.

♠ ♠ ♠
♠ ♠ ♠
lookie a relationship is forming
It ain't gonna last