Birth of the Dragon



It was getting worse. Visions of the people around her just kept coming and it seemed Alana would soon know all of the import details of the group’s lives. When she was younger she would only occasionally have insight into the future, and before that it was only strong feelings of deja vu. Before leaving her home city it was once or twice a day but now the visions were constant tidal waves crashing down on her. Alana wondered if it was because of the dragon’s presence.

The visions were distracting, and she found herself so involved in them that she was unable to concentrate on what was happening around her in the present. Alana was brought back to reality when Emerald jumped onto her bed beside her. She smiled at the little creature as it rested its head on her leg. She ran a hand down its grey back and it seemed to relax as it rolled onto its side so Alana would be petting its side. "You are an interesting little thing, aren't you? How did you bring all of us together like this?" she questioned.

Alana lifted the dragon and placed it fully on her lap before giving it a scratch behind its head. She noticed with pleasure how the visions did not assault her whilst she concentrated on playing with the dragon. If Alana listened closely, she could hear Dakota's chains rattle, but she tried not to think about her vampiric friend. She knew she would have to see her again, but the bite scared her. Alana knew it was coming, of course; she had seen it in one of her visions. It was something she had to do so Dakota could feed and think clearly. Still, it was a horrifying moment she would rather not think about.

The two siblings plus Ryan had left a long while ago, and even Alana did not know where they had all wandered off to. The others were mostly keeping to themselves, and Alana did not yet feel comfortable enough to approach them even after the brief heart to heart she had with Selena earlier. Thus she was left with Emerald.

She scooped the dragon up in her arms and stood from the bed. Emerald rested her head on Alana's shoulder and allowed herself to be taken into one of the empty rooms. Alana let her loose on the carpet and marvelled at how the dragon already seemed larger than it had been. "Can you understand me, Emerald?" she asked. Emerald looked up at her but made no motions to indicate any understanding. Still, Alana wondered if it could interpret simple commands and follow them like a dog. "Emerald, sit."

Alana sat on the ground to try and help translate what she wanted to be done and repeated the command. Emerald did not seem to understand, so she stood up and sat down again. "Sit, Emerald." Emerald sat on her hind legs and cocked her head to the side as if trying to see if that was what Alana wanted. Alana chuckled and gave the dragon a pat. She rose to her feet. "Stand," she ordered, and the creature did so almost right away. This was a great indication of how intelligent the dragon was, and it pleased Alana to no end that it was already able to discern one or two words. She worked on teaching her simple words for a couple hours, her excitement growing all the while. If Emerald was anything to go by dragons were clever animals, and so Alana had to wonder why there didn't seem to be any left. Perhaps they were hiding away?

Sitting on the floor, Alana pulled the dragon onto her lap and pet its small head. "How did you get here? Where is your family?" She could have been imagining it, but it seemed as though Emerald looked sad. Alana found she could relate. "I miss my family, too." she held the dragon close to her and sighed. She had run away from her parents to help Emerald and the gang as per her vision, but it was not an easy thing to do. She had sneaked out of their apartment and taken a bus as far out as she could before hitch-hiking and walking the rest of the way.

Her family had always been close, but Alana had never revealed her visions to them. In fact, Dakota was the only person she had ever told. They had no idea where she was, why she left or how to contact her, so they must be very distraught by her disappearance. It was likely they had reported Alana to be missing, and so she would have to be wary of police who might recognize her as unlikely as that may be. She almost wished someone would notice her and take her home where it would be safe.

A vision cut into her thoughts, something that managed to horrify Alana. Her skin paled and eyes widened as she saw it, something that would kickstart the terrible events she had already foreseen. Alana felt she was there in the moment, but was frozen and unable to do anything other than stare and yell. "Alex, no!"