She Screams in Silence

For seventeen years, Felicity Bennet never did anything out of line. She was the perfect child, aiming to please. But in her perpetual quest for affection and approval, she was completely miserable. A chance encounter with Billie Joe Armstrong and the relationship that follows teach her to live life on her own terms, and perhaps find some romance along the way.

Copyright/Disclaimer Thing: Obviously, I do not own any of my lovely Green Day characters, because...well, they're actual people and that would be weird and impossible. All other original characters, plot, etc. are my own. Do not steal because it is extraordinarily rude, and I will have to hurt you. Besides that, not that I'm not flattered that you like my story enough to rip it off, but how lame are you that you plagiarize random fan-fictions? Can't you come up with an idea on your own? Do you have nothing better to do with your time?
All Rights Reserved ©2008 (<--doesn't that look snazzy and official?)
  1. Smash the Silence with the Brick of Self-Control
    Perfect Felicity is cracking under the pressure of her daily existence.
  2. On the Brink of Self-Destruction
    A panic attack leads to a chance meeting with Billie Joe.
  3. An Escape from Discontent
    Felicity breaks the rules in favor of a burger with Billie Joe
  4. Uptight
    Felicity pays a visit to Billie's apartment
  5. I Am One of Those Melodramatic Fools
    Another day with Billie causes Felicity to take some control in her life.
  6. Tightwad Hill
    Our leading lady and gentleman attend a football game.
  7. One for the Razorbacks
    Green Day plays Gilman's and Billie and Felicity venture to the UC Berkeley campus.
  8. I Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Floor
    Felicity attends her first wild party--drunk drama galore!
  9. Your Reject All-American
    A disastrous dinner unfolds.
  10. Kiss It Goodbye Until Death Do We Part
    A disastrous dinner unfolds (Part Deux).
  11. Ripping Up My Transfer and a Photograph of You
    Felicity and Cat do lunch. Cat has a romantic moment with a pillow.
  12. Fashion Victim
    Like, oh my God, makeover! Or something to that effect.
  13. 1000 Hours
    A hot date sizzles, and someone wears an LBD.
  14. All Dressed Up, Red-Blooded, a Mannequin
    Tis the season to balk parental authority.
  15. She Gets So Sick of Crying
    It's an evening at Chez Billie Joe.
  16. The One I Want
    They say it's your birthday!! Or, Felicity's birthday, that is.
  17. Here Comes the Rain Again Falling From the Stars
    Pillow talk and a cliffhanger take the stage.
  18. Locked Up in a World That's Been Planned Out
    Familial drama goes down.
  19. This Girl Has Gone Far Away...
    There is more drama. Egads.
  20. Another Turning Point, a Fork Stuck in the Road
    Let's do the time-warp again! There may or may not be a major time-jump in this chapter.
  21. Forgetting You, But Not the Time
    Things get a little...steamy, shall we say?
  22. I'm Not Going to State That Yesterday Never Was
    There are declarations of love and threats of violence.
  23. If You Live With Me, I'll Die for You
    Felicity's living arrangement is called into question. And Jean Valjean is 24601!
  24. Give Me a Long Kiss Goodnight
    And it's back to Berkeley we go...
  25. I'll Need You Forevermore
    Mush, slush, happy times.