Dragon age 2

Dragon age 2 part 1

Lucrecia says" Me/ Carver and my sister Bethany and my mother Leandra are running from the darkspawn we wore outnumbered but we work to gather as a team then we meat another soldier and a Templar I made sure he knew I stood with my sister my bother even how he hated it help me the solider name is Aveline she and her husband help us but it was not good he died from
his ingress now we are in Kirkwall which was full of Templars we met are uncial Gimlend ho was not at all kind but family is family we went with him in his home in low town were we net a dwarf named Varric... Varric Says" My Bother Bartered Dos Not Protonate if it Hit him Squire in the Face... Carver Says" Your Bother Refused us!... Bethany says" we need this job bother...Lucrecia says" I want to help if I can... Varric Says" Ok Meat Me in the hanged man Latter We Will talk... Lucrecia Says" ok I Will I watch him walk away I sighed as I heard Carver Wear under his breath... Bethany Says" Bother?... Carver Says" We Are Running From Your Templars Bethany!... Lucrecia Yells" DONT YOU DAR STAT THIS AGAIN!... Carver Back off Knowing his sister would Bet him Even in far combat... Lucrecia Says" Just because Sister is a mage Dos not mean you can Balm her Carver... Carver stays quiet... After that we meat Varrick he says" if you need a fast way to get money you could come with me and my bother Bartered to the beep words but you need 50 salvers I can help you though if your interested... Lucrecia says" yes please we really could us the help I will do what I can to Mack the money and thank you Varrick she smiles... soon after that hawk meats Anders... Anders says" I have made this place for healing why do you tartan it... Carver says" I don't like this sister are you sure about this?... Lucrecia says" relax carver we are here to talk nothing more please come down... Anders says" I ho forgive me my name is Anders I'm us to being harass by the blooded Templars... Lucrecia says" call me hawk you don't need to but we need a map of the deep words... Anders sighs and says" I can give you the map it\f you help me my friend as ben taken by the Templars I fear they will hurt him if you can help me get him out I will give you the map... Lucerica says" every well I will meat you in high Town once they help him Anders gave hawk the map he even offered to help her even though he hated the beep words he like hawk... then she meets Izabella at the hanged man they help her then they meet Merrill and help her then light at night with she tacks Anders Varric and Aveline with her wen they are confronted with Slavers witch hawk cant stand but no sooner was she ready to fight him that he was kill right in front of her by an elf ho was him self defending himself from them he says" I am not a slave I apologize for this but I needed to know I could trust you my name is Fenris... Lucrecia says" its all right I am hawk why are they after you is become of thues markings?... Fenris says" yes I can emergent I look string to you they are Lyrium burned into my skin my former master Deanery's is after me becomes of it he lives in high town I want to kill him to be rid of him but I will need your help... Lucrecia says" if it means killing more slavers then I am in she smiles happily to help Fenris out of this predicament that fallow him to high town... Fenris says" I have not seen or heard anything from within it might be a trap... Lucrecia says" we will need to be careful then but let's not west any more time... Fenris says" agreed he shoves the door open and walks in with the others close behind him... Anders says" this place feels Passat hawk be careful ok...
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