Dragon age 2

Dragon age 2 part 2

After fighting many demons Fenris says" he is gone I head hope no it doesn't matter tack what you will I need some air he walks away... Lucrecia walks out with her group... Fenris says it never ends I escaped a land of dark magic only to have it hunt me at every turn I thought I had gotten away from them and yet I find my self in the company of even more mages... Anders says" ha here it comes he was Angry with the elf... Fenris says" you harbor a viper in your mist if your not careful you will get hurt... Lucerisa says" I know that but you must understand I know some mages are dangerous but my sister just so happiness to be a mage herself say what you want but do not threaten her... Fenris says" I apologize I know I sound bitter but it is not without rezone should you need me I will be here if Deanery's wants his mansion back he will half to fight me... Lucrecia says" I have to go to the beep words not now but can I count on you to be there... Fenris says" yes I will repay you somehow this I swear... Lucrecia says" you don't need to repay me I understand why you did what you did I would have helped you, either way, I don't like slavers... Fenris says" I see then I saps you and I will get along fine... Lucrecia says" ok everyone head in ill be going home in abet She walks into Fenrise's mansion and says" Fenris?... Fenris" says" up here your luck i didn't attack you for a moment I thought you wore Deanery's or Hadrian My A pledges Hawk... Lucrecia says" Its Ok Fenris I Understand why you Would think it was them But i half to ask what will you do if he Dos Give up... Fenris says" then i will Go to him I Will not have a Wolf At My Back... Lucrecia says" that sounds like a good Ida but you won't half to face him alone i will help you in any way I can Fenris... Fenris says" thank you hawk i am not us to such kindness but thank you... Lucrecia smiles and says" don't mansion it I don't want to upset you but though markings are they Lyrium? h how... Fenris says" it was burned into my skin I don't remember anything after that not even my real name Deanery's called me Fenris his little wolf... Lucrecia says" I am so sorry that happened to you I see why you don't like mages d dos it still hurt can I help somehow?... Fenris says" I yes it still hurts but not like it did when it was first put on me but when I am around mages it hurts a lot Deanery's and Hadrian us to darn the Lyrium from me if their magic was low its why I don't like being to close to them and I don't think you can help me with it but thank you hawk... Lucrecia says" t that's hirable how could someone be so cruel to you I wish you could have meat my father thought he was a mage he was every kind he would have help you he hated slavers like I do... Fenris says" your father sounds like a good Mage... Lucrecia says" he was she smile ill see you later Fenris she leaves... Fenris says" yes tell next time hawk he smiles as she leaves... the next morning hawk was picking the group that would go with her to the wounded cost Lucrecia says" ok this time ill be tacking Varrick Fenris and Anders only becomes we do need a healer and Bethany wanted to spend some time wither are mom ok lets go... they head out as they get farther up Fenris slows down... Lucrecia asks" this place you don like it here do you?... Fenris says" back in the day slaves wore brought to work here many died here it's not I place I would normally go but you do need to see how I fight that's the rezone you pick me isn't it?... Lucrecia says" yes and to see how you do as well
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