Dragon age 2

Dragon age 2 part 3

Varric says" keep an eye on the hills every one a good place for archers to be shooting from... Lucrecia says" good point come on let's keep going... Anders says" I don't like the feel of this place hawk I can feel death here... Lucrecia says" from wheat Fenris Sayed A lot of slaves died here its sad no one should have to go throw this... Fenris says" I can hear something coming this way...
Lucrecia says" everyone get ready... Out Of No Were They are Attack By A Large group Of Bandits... Anders Was To buzzy Fighting Some of the Bandits On his Side to notes Some head gotten Past him and Wore Heading toward Hawk... Fenris Spots them And attacks Them Using His Sword... Lucrecia says" thank Fenris... Fenris Says" Don't Machaon it hawk... After what felt like forever the fight was family over Anders wasn't to badly hurt Lucrecia only head a small cut on her arm but Fenris head a lard cut on his side he refused to let Anders us magic on him to heal him... Lucrecia says" Anders let it go you know he won't let you just back off ill help him she goes to him and says" Fenris pleas at least let me help you... Fenris says" e every well he sits down allowing Hawk to get cols to him... Lucrecia treats his wound and says" there you go Fenris she moves back... Fenris says" thank you hawk... Lucherica says" Your Welcome Fenris She Smiles at him ok least rest here for know we will head back to Kirkwall in the morning... Every one sets up there tents... Lucrecia says" we can rest here for the night... Varric says" hu did you see how many there wore hawk?... Lucrecia says" yes there had to be at least 30 maybe more but I am happy everyone is ok... Anders says" I cant wate to get back to Kirkwall I am all most out of mana potions... Lucrecia says" and I'm all most out of healing and stamina potions Varrick Fenris how about you two?... Varrick says" I have some Healing Potions And Stamina Potions Left... Fenris says" I am out Of both I head to us a lot of it... Lucrecia says" Varric Give What Healing Potions and stamina Potions you have Slit it with Fenris... Varric says" Will do here Elf... Fenris says" thank you Varric He tacks the Potions And Puts them in his Pack... Anders says" as Much as I don't want to ask this but What if there is more Coming I have Set A Fu Magic Traps but There every Week... Lucrecia says" Even a Week Magic Trap will Slow them Down if More comes We will half to tack turns watching Varric Will you tack the First Watch?... Varric says" Shore Hawk Rest I Gat this I will wake Anders and Anders will wake you and you will wake Fenris them back to me will that work?... Lucrecia says" yes that will work thank you Varric she lays down to rest so dos Fenris and Anders... Varrick keeps watch but after a will he yens he gets up and says" Blonde Wake up... Anders Gowns I'm up He Sits outside taking his turn Watching out for the group he sits there for a Fu hours before he starts to feel tied again he goes over to hawk and says" Hawk I hate To wake you up so soon But I can Stay awake anymore... Lucrecia Yens And says" its ok Anders she gets up tacking her turn but as she is watching she Mack a Fu trap booms and sets them around were Andres Set the Magic Traps Once she Heads back she sees Fenris and says" I'm Not Tried yet Fenris Try to sleep... Fenris says" I did I just I can't seem to sleep Mind if I watch With you?... Lucrecia says" Shore I could us Some Company How Is Your Side?... Fenris says" it is Fine I Changed the Bandage All ready it No Longer hurts Witch is Good I thing How are you thought? I notes you Wore Limping Is your Lag hurt?... Lucrecia says" No I think I just Sprained it Nothing Series... Fenris says" All right if your Shore Hawk... Lucrecia says" I am don't were Fenris ill be fine besides it seems every safe foe know...
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