Dragon age 2

Dragon age 2 part 4

Fenris says" that's true but still if it Start's hurting let me know he looks up and asks" Hawk how many stars do you think there are up there?... Lucrecia says" thousands maybe but I don't know do you see that over there is the hawk Star my Father told me a story about it once... Fenris asks" what was your Father like?... Lucrecia says" my father was a good mage he taught my sister everything he knew he even made me my Dagger's he even help me learn how to use them... Fenris says" He songs like a good mage I mean man I'm sorry... Lucrecia says" its OK he was I think you would have like him... Fenris says" I don't know about that but was the story about that stare?... Lucrecia says" The hawk stare? Mmm let me see is started out with a Blind man he found an injured hawk he tyred to save its life but It didn't service the night so he took it outside as soon as he got outside the Hawks body started to lift and guard away into the sky were it made a new star the hawk star that's how the story goes any... Fenris says"it's a nice story even if the bird Died he taught you how to us your Dangers?... Lucrecia says" yes my father used Dagger's when he wanted to hide from the Templar's he was a good teacher I I Miss Him... Fenris Asks" h how did he die? if you don't mind me asking... Lucrecia Says" It was my Fault I Went out Side To hunt Wen my father told me not to A Templar sow me 2 Akeley Both Gave me Weird looks Then they Grabbed me I Screamed My Father Must have Herd me Because it wasn't long Before Both Died He never Meant to us Blood Magic But he did but after that he never used it again a Fu Weeks after A Group of Templars came They killed him In Front of me and my Family I Will Never forget that day... Fenris Says" I I am so sorry Its no wonder you hate the Templars like you do... Lucrecia says" thank you for lessening I haven't told anyone this... Fenris Says" but Why tell Me? I Mean I am Happy I can help you but why?... Lucrecia says" Well From what you told me About what happened to you I gas I Wanted you to know You Not the only one who has been hurt Yes We Wore not hurt the same way but its the same type of pain I Gas I just wanted you to know your not alone in this... the two sit in silence for the rest of the night, however, Lucrecia fell asleep agents Fenris.s shoulder... Fenris couldn't bring himself to move her so he let her sleep but he put her head on his lap so she wouldn't be sore in the morning as he lessened to the sounds around him he could also here Hawk whimpering in her sleep Quietly he says" is she having a bad dream? do I wake her or n no she needs her sleep but I wonder what her dream is about is it about her father? or is it about her bother? or is it about something ales? why do I care so suddenly? he sighs and says" I just hope I am not making am stack by trusting her so far I am safe but I still don't know if she will really help me fight or kill Hadrian and Deanery's but for now I will do what I can to help even if I don't completely trust her... after an FU minutes the sun started to rise from the horizon Fenris says" hawk its time to wake up when she didn't move he gently touches her shoulder and says" Hawk... Lucrecia jolts awake and jumps away from him she relaxes and says" s sorry Fenris you scared me... Fenris says" I apologize, Hawk, I didn't mean to scare you... Lucrecia says" n no its ok Fenris she relaxes come one Anders and Varrc lets go we need to head back to Kirkwall know... both wake up... Anders yarns and says" I'm up he starches... Varric does the same then he and Anders get up and fallow Hawk back to Kirkwall... Lucrecia sees" Bethany and hugs her little sister and says" I mist you... Bethany says" I mist you to sister she smiles at her...
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