Dragon age 2

Dragon age 2 part 5

After a while, Fenris asks" Bethany what happened to hawk?... Bethany asks' what do you mean by that Fenris?... Fenris says" well when I wake hawk up when we wore resting she flinch when I touch her shoulder... Bethany says" ho that forgive me Fenris but only my sister can tell you that I hope you understand... Fenris says" yes I do understand I am sorry for asking you about it but thank you for being onset with me... Bethany says" your welcome but Fenris when you ask my sister be gentle because she doesn't like to talk about it OK?... Fenris says" all right I will you have my word he walks off and sees her and says" hawk can I ask you something?... Lucrecia says" shore what is it you want to ask me Fenris?... Fenris says" when I woke you up you flinch at my touch why... Lucrecia says" oh that she looks down and says" before the dark spun forced us from my home I was saps to marry a man named Raven I did love him but he slept with my friend she heads no idea he was sapotes to marry me I told him we wore over but he... Fenris says" hawk it's ok you don't need to tell me this I'm sorry he hurt you... Lucrecia says" thank you Fenris I haven't told anyone this other than my family... Fenris says" still I am sorry he hurt you no one deserves that hawk... Lucrecia says" thank you b but please don't tell the others I'm ok really I am... Fenris nod and says" I won't Lucrecia I promise you have my word I will not tell them... Lucrecia relaxes and says" thank you Fenris she smiles a little... Fenris says" so what should we do know... Lucrecia says" I am not sure yet all I know is we will be heading to the bone pit soon I still need to think about how I will bring with me... Fenris says"I will come with you if you want... Lucrecia says" ok but you better not fight with my sister... Fenris says" no I no batter then you fight with her I am still not Comfortable around her being a mage and all she macks me nervous... Lucrecia says" I know but you can trust her Fenris My sister wouldn't hurt anyone without a really good reason... Fenris says"It's hard for me To believe that but I do trust you I want you to know that hawk... Lucrecia says"I do Ferris trust me I do they head to the Bone pit... Bethany says" There are So many Died Body here... Fenris says" they aren't old either this cant be a good thing... Varric says" elf if your right then we are in every big trouble The ground starts to shack... Bethany says" that didn't feel like an earth quack... Suddenly a high Dragon flys over then she lands and wars at them RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!... Fenris yells" IT,S A HIGH DRAGON!... Varric says" and she doesn't look happy... Lucrecia says" we can do this Varrik us your piercing arrow to get throw its Armer Bethany use your ice magick dragons do not like the cold Fenris use your hammer to stun the dragon by hitting her in the head if we can get her to stand up or raze her head I can get in and stab her neck that's the only week point a dragon has its neck bully and under its wings... Every one needs understanding the plan... the fight was going on for a long time it was ner duck both Hawk and her friends wore tired and so was a dragon but she wouldn't fly away she stayed finally the dragon razed her head she opens her mouth breathing in the air... Lucrecia runs up to the dragon as fas as she can she threats her daggers deep into the dragon's neck hitting a vain... The dragon stretches in pain... Lucrecia keeps stabbing the dragon in the neck... The dragon throw its head and neck to the right throwing Hawk off its last move before its head hits the ground the dragon breaths slowly as it dies from blood loss hit wars one last time before dying
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