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I Need You

Kellin has been with Oli for two years, always defending him, and never believing that all of the bad things are true. After a while, he realizes that he's been wrong the whole time, and that if he doesn't mess it up, there might be a chance to have something good for once.
  1. Victor, Won't You Take Me Home?
  2. Put Up or Shut Up
    mentions of rape
  3. Please Stay As Long As You Need
    very brief mentions of rape
  4. Wake Me Up And Let Me Know You're Alive
    physical abuse
  5. Lay Me Down and Tell Me Everything Will Be Alright
    might be triggering, and mentions of abuse and rape (briefly though)
  6. Baby Goodnight
    possibly some feels
  7. Trophy Son
    very briefs mentions of abuse
  8. Tourniquet