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In the magical world of Hogwarts, house stereotypes are not usually broken. Vanessa Herbaceum is an exeption, mostly. She is one of the two nicest, most decent Slytherin you will ever meet, if she doesn't get shy and run away (that has happened before). Sh had few friends, all in Slytherin with two Ravenclaw friends.

But when she meets the 'golden trio' all that starts to change.....
If that wasn't enough, she then meets five beautiful boys just like her. Except, you know, they're Gryffindors....

[Harry Potter + My Chemical Romance crossover]

I don't own MCR or Harry Potter. Please don't sue me. I do own characters not in HP or MCR though, and unless otherwise stated, I own everything in this story.
  1. My Third Year As A Hogwarts Slytherin
    The Hogwarts Express can be the start of many friendships- but it can also be the place where enemies are formed.
  2. Who ever thought...
    ...that the 'golden trio' would make friends with a Slytherin!
  3. "He's Not Lying- I Am A Slytherin."
    The golden trio discover Vanessa's house- will they desert her?
  4. Catching Up
    Vanessa and her best friend meet up afrter the summer holidays and we discover the surface of a new wound....
  5. New Experiences
    What does she go through now?!
  6. The Secret
    What is it?? Find out here.
  7. The Aftermath
    The storm is over....We're back to normal.
  8. Arriving at Hogwarts
    After an eventful journey, the team arrive at school.
  9. The Feast
    The start-of-term feast turns to include mass arguments and....Well read it and find out!
  10. Ugh!
    Vanessa is upset and angry at how insensitive Draco is being, so her friends try to find a way of cheering her up.
  11. Meeting New Friends
    So that's who the people are!
  12. Getting To Know Each Other
    The new friends talk and end up knowing a lot about each other....
  13. Draco's an ass.
    COMC class reveals some interesting things. Told in Frank's POV.
  14. "Professor, It's Like This Really."
    The gang see Professor Snape and arrive at a conclusion....
  15. The Re-Sort
    Vanessa gets a letter... and has an important dicussion.
  16. A Date?!
    Who'da thought it?
  17. Excited!
    I wonder how the pair are preparing for their date?
  18. Finding Out
    Well, this was unexpected...
  19. Welcome to the Black Parade
    Vanessa delves deep into the Black Parade....
  20. The Most Confusing Few Hours Of My Life
    Read, comment etc.
  21. Truth Or Dare and a Verdict
  22. The Date
  23. The Funeral
    Title says it all...
  24. Slytherin Ice Queen
    Wow... unexpected or what!
  25. Thoughts of the Break Up and a Proposal
    Comment etc.
  26. Band Practice
  27. Cedric Diggory and Neville Longbottom
  28. Shopping!
  29. Lupin
  30. Lupin's message and Gerard's accident
  31. Friends are good
  32. The Ball: Part One
    Dedicated to emo star who helped out loads with this and the next chaper(s) :)
  33. The Ball (Part 2)