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Meeting New Friends

On the way to lunch….

Vanessa, Claire and Gen were walking back to their dormitory from Transfiguration (Slytherin and Ravenclaw had it together) when Claire said suddenly,

“Yes?” Vanessa sighed.

“I know some people I think you’d get along with as friends really well. I was thinking that we’d maybe eat then meet them, say, in the courtyard. Sound good to you?” Claire continued.

“Oh alright then. I suppose I might as well, there’s no harm in it.” Vanessa shrugged. Claire and Gen hi-fived each other, making Vanessa smile.

After eating a lunch of baked potatoes and lamb stew, Vanessa and Claire walked down to the courtyard. Claire was seemingly happy and slightly apprehensive but Vanessa was really nervous and beginning to regret agreeing to meet these mystery people. What if they’re really discriminating and decide to, I dunno, throw stones at me or something? Vanessa thought. What if they’re really cool and think I’m too nerdy for them? She knew this negativity was bad so she started humming ‘The Pros And Cons Of Breathing’ by Fall Out Boy to calm herself down. Whoa, I want to hate you half as much as I hate myself –

“Ness, courtyard…. We’re in it.” Claire’s voice drifted through Vanessa’s thoughts, making her stumble and hurriedly reply,

“Oh, right, yes. So where are they?”

“Over there.”

They walked over to the steps on the other side of the courtyard and were instantly greeted by five people all at once saying hello and telling them to sit down. This welcome comforted Vanessa and she loosened up a bit.

“Okay guys, do you want to introduce yourselves or should I?” asked Claire.

“I’m Frank, Frank Iero.”

“Ray Toro.”

“Gerard. Gerard Way.”

“Bob Bryar.

“I’m M-Mikey, Mikey W-Way, Gerard’s my older brother.”

“Hi, I’m Vanessa, Vanessa Herbaceum, nice to meet you.” Said Vanessa, adopting a brisk, business-like manner while she shook all five of the extended hands, which earned her a ‘relax-you’re-socialising’ look from Claire.

Frank was the shortest of them and had medium length black hair which covered up one of his green-brown eyes; pale-ish skin and a friendly smile.
He, like all five boys was a Gryffindor.

Ray was the tallest of them all, with plump lips that formed a welcoming smile; hazel eyes which were taking in every detail of Vanessa’s appearance and a fluffy, light brown afro that was like whipped cream on a rather tanned cake.

Gerard had long, black, flowing hair which hung down his pale face, almost covering his left eye. Those eyes were enchanting…Vanessa almost got lost in them. They were the most unique colour…a sort of amber-green. He looked kind of distant…. The cool, misunderstood outsider. He caught Vanessa’s gaze and their eyes locked. Vanessa felt as if Gerard was staring inside her, looking into her soul, the very essence of who she was…. She felt as if he could see everything, knew everything…. It was… unnerving. And yet, at the same time… relaxing… relieving.

Bob’s hair was short-ish, bright blonde and covered his right eye; which, like his left one was sparkling baby blue. He was the second tallest out of all of them and had a cute smile and a slim figure.

Mikey was tall, thin, and looked like your stereotypical geek. He had straight-as-shit light brown/ dirty blonde hair, pale skin and hidden behind black and white glasses which were resting on a long nose, the same amber-green eyes as his brother (but that was the only part of their appearance that said they were related.