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Draco's an ass.

Frank’s POV

She had her arm round my waist and mine was round hers. To be honest, I had no idea if this was her way of hitting on me; or if her hands were cold or something else entirely. I was confused but didn’t show it. This platinum blonde dude was hitting on her, and she really didn’t seem to like it. He was in her house as well. Tough luck, eh? To show him that I wasn’t intimidated by him, I started humming ‘Nervous Breakdown’ by Black Flag. I still haven’t decided whether I liked them better with or without Keith Morris. Oh well. Blondie was now having a go at me, calling me loads of insulting names, and Vanessa sighed and told him,

“Look Draco, would you please extinguish the hissy fit?! Stop being such a diva, you arrogant ‘tard.” And she moved away, bringing me with her.

Mikey and Bob moved away as well, and high-fived Vanessa, who, as soon as this ‘Draco’ guy had stopped looking had removed her arm from my waist, as had I with mine. Mikey asked what all that was, and Vanessa opened her mouth too answer when some bushy, brown haired chick came over. She’s in our house, and year, I think. Introduced herself as Hermione Granger. She seemed to be a friend of Vanessa. She’s in our house as well.

Soon later we were joined by two other guys; one was really tall, about Mikey’s height, with bright red hair and loads of freckles, the other had hair like mine when I’ve just got out of bed – messy, black and all over the place. He also had glasses, and an odd scar on his forehead. I guessed who this was from the descriptions my dad had told me, and after Vanessa had introduced them, I knew I was right. The redhead was Ron Weasley and Scar Guy was Harry Potter. I’d heard stories about him, but I didn’t make a big fuss. He’s only human.

We moved over towards this huge dude (seriously, its not cuz I’m short, he was MASSIVE!), the professor/groundskeeper.

The lesson was cool. I kept looking over at Vanessa, she had a kinda glazed, sad, thoughtful look on her face, and kept shooting angry looks at Blondie (Draco). Harry rode/flew a hippogriff which is a horse cross eagle, and then Draco insulted it and got his arm SLASHED by it!!! Vanessa cheered as the Professor carried him away to the hospital wing.

The rest of the day was uneventful. At dinner the gang and I sat with Harry Ron and Hermione. We talked, and became good friends. Vanessa looked as if she was on another planet over at the Slytherin table. After a while of Malfoy being a jackass to her, she began to gulp down pumpkin juice like shots of vodka! It was interesting to watch.

After dinner, I saw Vanessa rush out ASAP, and was followed by Malfoy. Sensing something fishy, the gang, Harry, Hermione, Ron and I pursued them.

He tried to slide his arm round her waist, but she resisted.

“You know you love me, babe.” He said. I was repulsed, and it seemed so was Vanessa.

“No, you dickhead, I know I hate you, now leave me alone!” she roared.

Malfoy acted like he didn’t hear her and roughly shoved her against the wall. As Vanessa was extremely claustrophobic, she began to panic as Malfoy drew nearer and nearer to her.

“I bet this is turning you on.” He said smugly. She was shaking now. I looked at Gerard who was also shaking, but he was shaking with rage.

“Did you not hear her?! She doesn’t like you, so leave the poor girl alone! And if you adored her so much you would know how claustrophobic she is, you asshole!” Gerard said, shoving Malfoy off Vanessa, his every word trembling with fury. I doubt I’d ever seen him this angry. As I stepped up to face Malfoy, the bastard ran off toward his common room! Coward.

Vanessa relaxed, her chest heaving as she was pulled into a hug by Gerard. She was, like me, rather short, she was only about a centimetre taller than me, so she was resting her head against Gerard’s chest, holding him tightly and taking long, rasping breaths.

After seeing her take two puffs from her blue inhaler, Mikey piped up, “I don’t think it’s exactly…safe for you to be within his reach.”

“What do you mean?” Gerard asked for Vanessa, who was still recovering from that bout of extreme claustrophobia.

“Well, I think you should go see Snape. He’s your head of house, and Malfoy’s. He’ll know what to do.” Ray decided. Hermione nodded vigorously.

“O-okay. Let’s g-go then.” Vanessa said, taking long, slow breaths to calm down.

Claire wasn’t there as she’d skipped dinner to study cuz she had a paper due tomorrow that wasn’t done. Genevieve, Vanessa’s other friend who was a Slytherin, was in the hospital wing after walking into a wall because she was talking to her brother, a fifth-year Ravenclaw called….Lewis. Yeah, that’s it.

Holding Vanessa’s hand (I must remember to ask/tease him about that...), Gerard led Hermione, Mikey, Bob, Ray, Ron, Harry, obviously Vanessa and I, up to Snape’s office. As he was the only one who knew the way, Harry was leading alongside Gee and Ness. We walked up the door, nervously and upon reaching it, Harry, who was still in front knocked hard on the door.

“Come in.” The clear, sneering voice of Severus Snape rang out. We shuffled in, and he surveyed us with a look of distain.

“To what do I owe this… pleasure?” Snape asked.
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