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A Date?!

Sitting in the common room of Gryffindor Tower with Hermione, Ron and the MCR boys, I got up when Harry entered, and informed him that he looked like a ghost. He thanked me sarcastically and asked what the fuss was about. Hermione chipped in that it was a Hogsmeade weekend on Halloween. He sighed and flopped into the chair I had been sat in. Frank got up to fetch some Skittles and I seized my chance, sitting in his chair. Unfortunately when he came back with them so he could cheer Harry up as he wasn’t going, he sat on me. Purposefully.

“Frank! God you aren’t half heavy! Ah well, I’ll carry on!” I said, starting to hum ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’. I was constantly in a good mood these days. Nothing could tarnish my high spirits. Why? MCR’s new album, ‘The Black Parade’ is coming out TOMORROW!!!!!! I was grinning and then realised; oh SHIT! I haven’t got Frankie a birthday present, and his birthday’s on Halloween!! Shit. I’ll ask Gee if he’d like TBP. “Gerard?” I asked.

“Yeah?” Came the reply from the seat next to me.

“Can I talk to you?”


“Frankie, I’m very sorry but can you get off me please?” he obliged, and Gerard and I walked towards to stairs to the boys’ dorms.

“So what’s up?” He asked, smiling nervously. He’s such a geek, but in a cute way, I love him! As a friend...of course!

“Okay, do you think Frankie would want the new MCR CD?!” I asked desperately. He laughed and said,

“Um…I don’t really think so!”

“Okay….OOH! I’ve got a Circle Jerks CD, their most recent one I think; he hasn’t got that has he?”

“Um...I don’t think so, no! That’d be awesome!”

“Gerard?” I inquired.


“Are you alright?”

“Yes. No. Can I ask you something?”

“You already have, but you can ask me something else.” I replied, smiling.

“Err…Would-you-like-to-come-to-Hogsmeade-with-me???” He asked, really fast. I stood there for a minute, trying to decipher what he said.

“Um…you mean like…?”

“On a date.”

“I-I-I’d love too. And then, maybe we could head to the Three Broomsticks and celebrate Frankie’s birthday. I mean, not to cut our…date short but, y’know.” I added shakily. Had Gerard bloody Way, my best friend just asked me out?! Had I just agreed?! Me, the ‘no-romance-besides-MCR-till-after-all-exams’ person?! It appears I did….

“Okay then. Meet you here, by the portrait hole. Um...see ya!!” Gerard was beaming. I’d never seen him so happy. I have GOT to tell Claire…and Gen…and Katie!