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Who ever thought...

Noticing her iPod which was poking out of her pocket (the enchantment also eliminated the need for headphones), Ron pointed to it and asked confusedly,
“What the hell is that?!” Vanessa looked in the direction he was pointing and replied,

“Oh that, that’s just my iPod.” She laughed when she saw his confused face and opened her mouth but Hermione was quick to explain.

“Hang on a minute…how can it work? I mean, nothing electrical works around all this magic.” Harry wondered.

“It’s an enchantment recommended to me by a friend in Ravenclaw which pauses the music whenever someone’s talking to me and it makes headphones irrelevant in the sense that I don’t need them.” Immediately a look of dawning comprehension was on Hermione’s face. It took a few seconds for Harry and Ron to register what Vanessa had said.

His question answered, Harry inquired,
“So, what were you listening to?”

“My Chemical Romance’s newest single, ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’. I’m an obsessive fan of theirs, practically everything on here’s by them!” Vanessa laughed. Her smile faded when she looked at Harry, Hermione and Ron’s faces and saw that they seemed not to know who My Chemical Romance are.

“Have you never heard of My Chemical Romance?” She asked, dreading the answer.

“No.” They replied in unison.

“Okay, who grew up in an entirely magical family?” Vanessa questioned.

“Just me. My dad’s got an obsession with muggles but he’s never said anything about Muggle music though.” Ron replied.

“Okay…how about you two? And do you have siblings?” She persisted.

“I’m Muggleborn.” Hermione answered.

“And I’ve lived with Muggles all my life.” Harry replied.

“And yet you’ve gone your entire life never hearing about them… I don’t believe it! Well, they’re a muggle rock band from New Jersey.That's all anyone seems to know about them. They're very mysterious." Vanessa explained. “I’d play you some of their stuff but I don’t want to wake him up.” She continued, gesturing towards their sleeping companion.

“Who is he, anyway?” Ron asked.

“Professor R.J Lupin.” Hermione replied instantly.

“How the hell did you know that?!” Ron asked.

“It’s on his case, Ron.” Vanessa replied. “He must teach Defence Against the Dark Arts, it’s the only vacancy they’ve got.”

“Well, I hope he’s up to it, looks like one good hex could finish him off.” Ron said. Turning to Harry he carried on, “So what were you going to tell us?”

“Ron!” Hermione cried, jerking her head in Vanessa’s direction.

“Oh, don’t let me stop you. Did I say that the spell excludes all sound other than the music? Just to warn you, I may start to quietly rock out, if I do just ignore me.” Vanessa reassured them, un-pausing her iPod before anyone could say another word. All the songs that followed were by My Chemical Romance (MCR) – ‘Helena’, ‘Desert Song’, ‘To The End’ and ‘Demolition Lovers’ were all played as Harry told Hermione and Ron whatever they needed to discuss.