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Truth Or Dare and a Verdict

Vanessa was silent for a few moments and then said, “Let me look you in the eye and watch you apologise.” Gerard cocked his head to one side, clasped his hands together and said,

“I’m so, so, so sorry. And I really mean that.” Vanessa was silent for a while, and then nodded. Gerard raised his eyebrows and said sceptically,


“Yeah, I couldn’t hate you, it’s too hard!” Vanessa grinned. Gerard let out a long, slow breath and they hugged. They broke apart and looked round when the other four ‘awww’-ed in unison.

“Dude, you just ruined the mood!” Vanessa sighed.

“Yeah, you retards!” Gerard joked. “So, I was thinking we could maybe, re-take this date?” he continued, turning to Vanessa.

“Sure. Any idea when?” she replied.

“How about next Sunday, and we meet by the portrait hole again?” Gerard suggested.

“Perfect! Now then, do you think you’re gonna do some work today?” Vanessa agreed.

“Yeah. Though you could definitely give me a run for my money! Let’s do ‘The Sharpest Lives’ next, guys.” Gerard nodded. “You can join in if you like, it can be a duet!”

“Cool!” Vanessa laughed, as another microphone and stand appeared.

Gerard and Vanessa’s voices sounded angelic together, and though it was spontaneous, they worked out a vague pattern. Vanessa sang a verse they both did the chorus and Gerard did the next verse.

Vanessa and the five boys filed out of the R.O.R. and back to the common room. It was now nearly time for the feast, and Vanessa, wondering why she hadn’t thought of this before, she magically took off her smudged eyeliner and re-applied it.

The feast was, as always, amazing. There were clouds of live bats and carved pumpkins floating above the students’ heads. The food was amazing, and upon arriving Vanessa was stunned. On the way back to the common room Malfoy confronted Vanessa, but she used a charm that made his voice rise three octaves from its normal pitch, so he sounded like a chipmunk!

Ten minutes later, after explaining to Hermione, Ginny, Gen and Claire, who then explained to Harry, Ron and later on, Lewis (who was like a brother to Vanessa) what had happened both on the date and at band practice; everyone was singing Happy Birthday to Frank.

“That’s great!!! I’m so happy for you!!” Ginny said, hugging Vanessa. The five girls and eight boys (Hermione, Ginny, Vanessa, Gen, Claire; Harry, Ron, Lewis and the band) were sitting in a private-ish corner of the Gryffindor Common Room, as Vanessa had told them they needed to be told something.

“I still can’t believe you guys actually went on a date. Gerard, I can understand, but Vanessa is the least romantically interested person I’ve ever met! She’s a hopeless romantic though!” Gen commented.

“Hey, let’s play a game of Truth or Dare!” Frank said excitedly, changing the subject.

“Sounds fun. I’m in!” Vanessa said. The rest of the boys nodded eagerly, as did Gen and Claire. Ginny squealed and clapped her hands together, nodding.

“Hermione?” Vanessa asked.

“I’m in!” Hermione grinned. “And to make it more interesting, we should put Truth Charms on everyone, to make sure they tell the truth!”

“Alright then! Let’s get started!” Harry said enthusiastically as Hermione performed the spell. “Frank, you start since it was you’re idea.” The band groaned. Apparently Frank was good at thinking up embarrassing Truths or Dares!

“For… Ginny; Truth or dare?”

“Truth!” she said.

“Do you think Malfoy has good hair?” he grinned evilly.

“Yes!” Ginny blushed.

“Okay, for… Hermione! Truth or Dare?”


“I dare you to…. Sniff that seventh-year over there!” Hermione did it and came back with a grin on her face.

“Harry, truth or dare?” Hermione grinned. Harry hesitated.

“Dare.” He finally said uncertainly.

“Stand on that table and say, ‘I love Dudley Dursley!’!!” Hermione smirked. Harry performed the dare perfectly and convincingly. Sitting back down, he chuckled,

“Frank… truth or dare?”

“Daaaaare!!!” Frank said, mimicking Hermione.

“I dare you to yell that you are gay and you hate Skittles and love Girls Aloud!” Frank did the dare convincingly and got a lot of strange looks because of it!

“Vanessa; truth or dare?” Frank asked devilishly. After hesitating she replied,


“First kiss – with who and when?”

“I kind of still haven’t had a first kiss….” Vanessa mumbled. Brightening up she said, “But I know I want it to be really romantic and soft, and gentle….” Vanessa sighed and trailed off, in a daze. Clicking her fingers near Vanessa’s face Gen said,

“What did I tell you? She really is a hopeless romantic! So mushy!”

“Shut up! Mikey- truth or daaare!”

“Truth.” Mikey replied instantly.

“Do you have a crush on Colin Creevy, the Harry Potter fan-girl-boy in the year below?” Vanessa asked, smirking. She had been wanting to say this to someone this for a long time. Gerard was laughing the hardest.

“NO FREAKING WAY YOU WEIRDO!” Mikey screamed, now really freaked out.

Mikey maliciously asked Gerard if he had a crush on Vanessa, who blushed crimson when Gerard said yes.
Gerard then asked Claire to dance like a chicken round the common room.

She then asked Vanessa if she had a crush on Gerard. Gerard was the one blushing (but not as much as Ness) when she said yes.

Vanessa dared Lewis and Ray to waltz round the common room; and they asked Ron if he would consider ‘Weasleycest’ (dating Ginny). He said no instantly.

Ron made Bob lick Scabbers, his rat, and Bob made all of them (he also joined in) breakdance, and they then went their separate ways to bed.