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Thoughts of the Break Up and a Proposal

She is such a Slytherin! I can’t do the whole ‘I’m so sad, I’m sorry, can we pick up where we left off please?’ thing, I meant what I said! Yeah, I was maybe a bit mean, letting myself bottle it up and then let it out… which I shouldn’t have done. But thinking about it now, we really weren’t meant for each other. She’s a goddamn Slytherin, I’m in Gryffindor. It’s not gonna work. Stupid, cold, heartless Slytherin. Everything was going great, and then she just destroys it like that! Bitch.

– 888 –

I can’t believe he fucking broke up with me! Out of fucking nowhere! Bloody bastard.

“Hey, Vanessa, this has to be the first time in ages that you’ve sought after me!” Draco smirked, motioning for me to walk with him. “I saw what happened in the corridor near our common room. Good job dumping that idiot!”

I looked up at him and smiled. Somehow, his knack for insulting Gryffindors, especially Gerard would help me forget how wonderful it felt, just being with Gee.

“Do you want me to hex him for you?” He continued as we walked out of the castle and in to the grounds, beginning to make our way round the lake.

“That won’t be quite necessary, Draco!” I laughed, and drying my eyes of the tears which had made their way in to my eyes after being called an Ice Queen, I continued, “Maybe I’m making too much of a big deal about it anyway. I’m better off without him. I can go back to how I used to be – independent. Yeah, this is actually a good thing. We never were really meant for each other anyway. It just can’t work. Anyway, grieving someone who calls you a Slytherin Ice Queen isn’t the sanest thing to do. I just hope we can stay out of each other’s way after this….”

“If not….” Draco mimed hexing someone with his wand, drawing it across his throat.

I laughed and said,
“Thanks mate. I think I’ll get some rest – I’m tired as hell anyway.” I smiled.

“Okay then. We’d better make our way back.” With that we turned and made our way back to the common room, going in to our separate dormitories, I shared mine with Gen and three others.

– 888 –

The next morning Vanessa was glad that it was a Sunday. Going down to breakfast in black skinny jeans, ‘Dead!’ hoodie, black Chucks and a FOB tee, she was surprised when Professor McGonagall asked Vanessa to meet her in Dumbledore’s office. For some reason, Gerard had also been asked, and even worse, as Vanessa didn’t know the way and he did, they had to walk there together.

It was tense. Though his Misfits T-shirt, ordinary denim jeans and white trainers were casual, Gerard was far from it. Neither looked at the other, until-
“Vanessa, you’re being unreasonable.”

“Unreasonable? One can only be unreasonable if they have no reasons for acting, and I have many reasons.” Vanessa replied, a little too airily.

“Would you care to share them with me?”

“Why would I, you’re simply a fourth-year Gryffindor. I don’t have to tell you anything.” Vanessa muttered.

“For the love of- stop being such a dramatic Slytherin!” Gerard continued exasperatedly.

Vanessa stopped and looked hurt. She bit her lip and eventually said,
“I can’t change who I am.” As Gerard raised his eyebrows and also stopped, she buried her hands in her pockets and hurried on.

“Well then, let’s go.” Gerard murmured beginning to walk on.
Arriving at the Headmaster’s gargoyle, they remembered the odd password.

“Fizzing Whizzbee!” Gerard and Vanessa said in unison. Stepping off the rotating stairs, Gerard knocked twice on the beautiful door and was relieved to hear the calming voice of Albus Dumbledore reply,

Strolling apprehensively in to the amazing office of Professor Dumbledore, the two were ecstatic when he announced,

“This year, the staff and I have a Summer Ball, to ease the minds and lift the morale of the pupils. We all know they’re very tense and scared at the prospect of Sirius Black’s recent sightings, so we thought this would be a good idea.”

“A great idea!” Vanessa said excitedly. Smiling, the Headmaster continued.

“I called the two of you here to ask you to organise the entertainment. I know about you and My Chemical Romance, Mr. Way, and I’ve been told about your girlfriend’s talents as well.”

“Oh, no no, we- I-” The ex-couple protested in unison.

“He- I- we’re not- you get the- oh whatever.” Vanessa half explained, not wanting to discuss her relationship with Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall. She felt awkward yet excited at this prospect of performing.

“Anyway, we’d love to do it. I mean we’d love to organise the entertainment!” Gerard answered, realising how that would sound to perverted ears.

“Yes, we would!” Vanessa agreed, laughing at what her escort had said.

“Then it’s settled. The date of the ball is the 6th June, 7pm to 11pm. And I suppose you could call it the nearest thing to a prom you will find here. It’s that sort of dress code, food, etc.” Professor McGonagall explained. “It will be announced at dinner.”

“Okay then!” Gerard cheered.

“I’m sure you have things to do, you may go now.” McGonagall said, standing up.

Luckily, the rest of the band agreed when Gerard asked them, and Gen, Lewis and Claire volunteered to help out with Vanessa’s performance by playing their various instruments. Lewis awesomely played electric guitar, and as well as singing Vanessa minimally played its acoustic equivalent, Gen played drums amazingly and Claire was a magnificent bass player.
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First section in Gerard's POV, 2nd in Vanessa's POV, 3rd in 3rd person.