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“Hermione!!!” Vanessa shouted from across the Entrance Hall. Hermione turned round, saw her, and smiled.

“Mione, Mione, Mione, Mione!!” Vanessa grinned, running over to her friend.

“What?” Hermione smiled.

“Hogsmeade weekend next week! Got any plans?”


“Wanna come find a ball gown with me, for the Summer Ball?” Vanessa inquired.

“Sure!” Hermione beamed.

“Great! Meet you here after breakfast on Saturday, okay? Bye!” And with that Vanessa ran to talk to Claire.
That Saturday the three friends, Claire, Vanessa and Hermione met by the staircase and proceeded towards Hogsmeade together. Gen would have been there but she already had a dress and she had detention with Professor Flitwick for charming paper aeroplanes to follow him around the classroom.

Turning in to a quaint little shop on the outskirts of the village, Vanessa had a distinct feeling that this shop would sell the dresses of their dreams.

“Ladies, this is the one. We’ll find ‘em in here.” She said confidently.

“You said that in nearly all the shops so far!” Claire snorted.


The four split up and each found a catalogue of dresses the shop sold. Humming ‘Drunk from the Butterbeer’ by The Weird Sisters, Vanessa flipped through it, not really expecting anything.

After a few minutes, Vanessa gasped, staring at the page. She had found it. The perfect dress. Vanessa couldn’t believe her eyes.

It was a black corset with red edging and a black, thick netted skirt with was ankle length. Simple, but stunning.

“Guys, I found it! My dress, I found it!” Vanessa squealed. Claire, Gen and Hermione rushed over to where she was jabbering and pointing to the catalogue.

While Vanessa asked the shopkeeper for one of the dresses in her size and tried it on, the other three looked for their dresses. When Vanessa came out of the changing room, they would not tell her the dresses they had bought, but gave each other knowing looks from time to time.