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The Ball: Part One

“I climbed, Pansy, just like you.” Draco drawled.

“We’ve got to talk to Snape about that.” Gen decided. “You shouldn’t be able to come up that easily.”

“Don’t be thick, Snape won’t do anything.” Vanessa snorted.

“Might as well try.” Gen shrugged.

Vanessa got up from her bed and walked towards the doorway Draco was standing in, lightly brushing his body with hers as she squeezed through the door he was blocking. She could feel him smirking after her, but ignored him as she made her way towards Snape’s office, sniggering as Gen jogged to her side, panting like a dog, having run to catch her up.

The meeting was as useful as Vanessa had predicted – Snape merely said he would “look in to it”. However, it gave the two friends one last laugh before their gig the next day.

The day was mostly uneventful – Vanessa and Gen ate, met with other friends at the lake and talked for a few hours before finally retreating to their dormitory to prepare for the ball.

Upon arrival in to the Great Hall, Vanessa was stunned. Hogwarts had outdone itself this time – there was a mirror ball floating near the ceiling that was about a foot in diameter, with a rainbow of lights hitting it from all angles possible. The suits of armour were all wearing tinsel draped around them, and the sky outside was raining, but when the raindrops fell from the ceiling of the Great Hall, as soon as they hit anything they burst and revealed themselves to be full of glitter.

Her black and red dress was soon lightly smattered with silver glitter. She felt, for the first time in far too long, entirely encapsulated by beauty. It was exhilarating... at least, for her. She saw Claire walking towards her in an ankle length, loose, rainbow coloured spaghetti strap dress. The expression on her face told Vanessa that she liked what she saw around her, but that was as far as the reaction went.

The pair walked up the stairs to the holding room behind the teacher’s table which was being used as a dressing room. Claire had brought her bass and amplifier to the room earlier, and now Vanessa helped her transport it to the stage as they were the first act of the night. As she was carrying the amp, however, Gerard appeared in the doorway.

“Uh... you want some help with that?” He asked slightly timidly.

“No thank you.” She replied with a crisp edge to her voice, but staying polite.

“Are you sure you don’t-”

“I am managing quite well without you, thanks.” Vanessa interrupted, putting the amp down a little louder than was necessary. Claire mumbled something about finding Lewis and scampered away.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean- look, I-” Gerard began, a mournful look in his eyes. He was interrupted when Draco Malfoy swooped in and slid his arm around Vanessa’s waist, pulling her close.

“Darling, is this imbecile annoying you?” He drawled.

“Draco, if you are going to insult people, at least be truthful. He got me through History of Magic for at least a month.” Vanessa smirked.

“Swot.” Draco coughed, loudly so Gerard could hear. Vanessa laughed out loud, but then looked regretful and apologetic. “Come on, there’s something I want to show you....” Draco said, leading her away by the hand. She followed, giggling all the while.

When they were out of sight and earshot, Vanessa threw her arms around Draco in a tight hug. “Thank you so much! I had no idea how I would have got out of there without hitting him!”

“No problem, my dear. I honestly don’t see what you saw in him in the first place.” Draco smirked, as always.

“Neither do I...” Vanessa let him go and took a step back. “I’ll see you later, yeah?” She asked and she ran back in to the hall

Straightening his bottle green suit, Draco decided that tonight, he had a plan. And he would not fail this time....
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