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Dance With Me, Vic

Part 3

The next days were hell for both of the boys. Kellin went back to his old corner in every class, staying silent even when the teacher called on him. He didn’t think it would hurt this much to have someone willingly walk out of your life, but it did. Maybe it was because he developed a small crush on Vic, as much as he hates to admit it. Kellin had hope that their friendship would turn into a relationship, but who is he kidding? No one could love the weird mute dancer kid.

As for Vic, he wasn’t as social anymore. I mean he still put on a fake smile and talked to some of his friends but other than that, he was dying inside. Whenever someone came up to him and asked about Kellin, and why they weren’t ‘attached at the hips’ like usual, he felt a little pain in his chest. He wanted to run up to Kellin and apologize for everything but he couldn’t. It hurt to walk by Kellin in the halls and see him on the brink of tears, but Vic knew this would be for the best. Or at least that’s what he kept telling himself.

It was the end of the day and Vic found himself heading towards the studio. He didn’t know why he was going there, but before he knew it he was there and it was completely empty. He was confused, he was sure Kellin would be here but he wasn’t. Maybe he wasn’t in the mood for dancing today? And Vic knew it was all his fault. He headed home that night with thoughts of the younger boy on his mind. Why couldn’t things be easy? As for Kellin, he couldn’t even find the spark in his dancing, so he stopped. He stopped doing what he loves most because half of that spark left when Vic left. Because of no one occupying the studio, it was closed down. And although both boys would never admit it, it killed them both. They both loved that place. The only thing Vic could think about was the day him and Kellin decided to make their friendship and actual friendship.

“You’re lucky, Vic. I don’t trust people and I don’t like people. But I like you, maybe it’s because you have good taste in music or because you took the time to notice me. But all I can say is out of everyone in this world, you’re the only one I’m okay with being around right now.” Kellin’s voice plays throughout his head. That was the day Kellin decided to let Vic into his life. He told Vic how he regretted giving him his number because he doesn’t do ‘friendships’, but Vic managed to make Kellin believe that something good would come out of this. Those words played around in Vic’s head until he realized that he fucked up big time and he had to get Kellin back.

Vic was walking around the town, letting his mind wander when something caught his eye. On the town billboard, a bright pink paper was calling his name.

Come one, come all to the amazing Dance-a-thon, held in our own sunny San Diego. An event where the best dancers will compete and the one with the highest scores win ownership of their own studio and $15,000!
Auditions are next week, December 10th!
The competition will take place December 21st!
Anyone is welcome to participate!

It took everything in Vic to not scream like a maniac! This is it, this could be Vic’s way back into Kellin’s life. He took out his phone and dialed the youngers number, only to be sent to voicemail.

“Shit” Vic muttered to himself. He quickly found himself running to Kellin’s house with the pink paper in hand. Once he got there, he froze. What if Kellin doesn’t want to do this? What if I’m wasting my time? He was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a familiar voice.

“Can you please leave.” Kellin said from his window on the second floor of his house.

“Kellin please, can we talk?” Vic ask desperately. His heart cringing at the sight of Kellin. His eyes were red and puffy, his baggy clothes hanging off his body the way they would a corpse.

“Oh now you want to talk? What about when I wanted to talk? Please leave Vic.” Kellin asked, his voice cracking. Vic couldn’t obey the orders give to him, he had to fix things.

“Please Kellin, give me 5 minutes and if you still want me to leave, I will. But hear me out first.” Vic begged, earning a sigh from Kellin.

“Fine, come in. The key is under the mat, you know where my room is.” Kellin mumbled, shutting the window before flopping down on his bed, waiting for Vic to enter.

“Are you parents on another business trip?” Vic asked as soon as he entered the room. Kellin nodded but gave him that ‘are you seriously talking about that right now’ look.

“You have 5 minutes, you better start talking.” Kellin demanded, and so he did.

“Kellin, I like you okay? I have since I fucking saw you at the studio dancing. You just caught my attention and I don’t know why. I loved our dance session and we became best friends, I was happy but then I realized that my feelings for you were more than just ‘friendship feelings’ but I don’t do crushes Kellin. I always get hurt, I didn’t want to go through the pain of doing something stupid and hurting us both in the process. Believe me, it hurt me to see you everyday and not go up to you. It hurt me to see that you stopped dancing, that they closed down the studio. I loved that place just as much as you did. Kellin I want us back. I’ll push my feelings to the side if it means I get to have you as my best friend again. Please.” Vic finally finished his rant, catching his breath. Kellin didn’t know what to say, how do you respond to something like that? Never once did he think Vic returned the feelings Kellin felt, he didn’t know the dancing meant that much to him either. He was honestly surprised, he didn’t know what to say.

“Please say somethi-” Vic started but was soon cut off by Kellins lips against his own. He froze, but when he realized what was going on, he kissed back. Fuck all that ‘fireworks’ bullshit, Vic was feeling bombs. This is what he waited for and he finally got it.

“I like you too Vic.” Kellin says before kissing Vic again.