Little Black Dress

"Who's this man holding your hand and talking about your eyes?"

"Baby look what you've done to me look what you've done now." -Stockholm Syndrome

Rosemarie Styles is Harry Styles younger sister. She's been in America at a boarding school for a couple years now, but moved back to England to live with her family and her boyfriend, Gage comes back along with her. The only problem with this was one man Liam Payne. He had fallen endlessly in love with Harry's little sister and couldn't have her for two reasons. One she had a boyfriend and two he had promised not to get involved with Harry's sister, but will this stop Liam from getting what he wants?
  1. Chapter 1
    Rosemarie moves back home to surprise her brother for his birthday.
  2. Chapter 2
    Liam finds ot about Rosemarie's boyfriend and doesn't take it very well.
  3. Chapter 3
    Gage is welcomed to his new home with open arms.
  4. Chapter 4
    Amusement Park fun! :)
  5. Chapter 5
    Some more park fun! :)
  6. Chapter 6
    Gage proposes.
  7. Chapter 7
    Rosemarie gets bad news.
  8. Chapter 8
    Liam and Rosemarie go to America.