Worlds Apart


The biggest success I have ever achieved in my life was marrying my wife, Aishwarya. My second achievement was starting a family with her. After finding out that she was pregnant, my whole demeanor had changed completely. I became obsessed with fetching things for her whenever she asked, making all types of weirdly concocted meals for her at odd hours on a work night. I made sure to call her every hour when she went on maternity leave and had doubled the amount of her usual security guards. I became extremely overprotected of Aishwarya around EVERYONE, even our closest family and friends.

My father was so excited that he insisted on buying a house right across the street from us just in case she needed some extra help. My sister Rachel thought he was acting ridiculous at first, but as Aishwarya’s stomach grew, so did my sister’s overprotective naggyness as well. I have never been in that many fights with my sister even when we were kids. It got to the point where my dad had to stop us from arguing or Aishwarya had to strangle us both with the baby’s umbilical cord…which is really gross.

Aishwarya’s parents had decided to move into mine and Aishwarya’s home without our permission so they could keep a close eye on their daughter. Her parents don’t hate me anymore which is a wonderful thing since their daughter and I are having a child together. But they also don’t like me, which is something I am willing to accept for the sake of Aishwarya and the baby.

Anyway, today I decided to take all us boys out for some lunch downtown. It was nice day, and the sun was out and warm. I suggested we eat outside instead of inside, and they both agreed. Lunch was pretty much silent. Aishwarya’s father didn’t like me, so he kept his answers short but polite. My father felt that I was wasting my time trying to talk to Aishwarya’s father, and should just appreciate the fact that he doesn’t hate my guts.

When we had just finished our meal, all our cellphones erupted at once, alarming all of us. We each answered our phone to frantic shouting and screaming. The voices weren’t coherent at first until my sister shrieked that my wife was going into labor. I felt my heart drop down to my stomach and slowly dissolve in my stomach acid. My father jumped up so fast he knocked over our lunch table. Aishwarya’s father was the only man at the table that was keeping his shit together.

I had pictured this moment over a billion times, but NEVER was I not there by her side. I immediately regretted leaving the house for lunch and quickly got to my feet as my breathing was coming in quick.

“Seth! Seth calm the hell down boy or you’ll hyperventilate!” My dad ordered, grabbing me roughly by my shoulders. I managed a nod before noticing that Aishwarya’s father was gone.

“Where did my father-in-law just go!?” I demanded, thinking the worse.

“My dad looked around before growling beneath his breath. “He had the car keys.”

I was about to start off running to the hospital in that case when a car honked cause me to almost jump out of my shoes. It was Aishwarya’s dad waiting for us in his car. We didn’t hesitate to talk as we jumped on in and peeled away from the restaurant.

“We thought you took the car and left us there for a minute, buddy.” My dad said while trying to catch his breath.

Aishwarya’s dad shrugged. “I thought about it.”

I personally didn’t give a shit about reasons for wanting to ditch me and my father back there at the restaurant. All I cared about was my wife and child.

An hour drive felt like 16 hours by the time we made it there. The doctors said the baby already wanted out so they had her already pushing. All three of us got cleaned up and dressed. Aishwarya was screaming her lungs out, and pushing with all the strength she could muster. She was in so much pain and all I could do was let her break my hand and verbally abuse me with her harsh words. The more she screamed and sobbed in agony, the more I felt as useless as a bowl of Jell-O. There was nothing I could do to take the pain from her, nothing at all. The most help I could do was encourage her and take her anger.

Giving birth was definitely not for the faint of hearts.

After what seem like an entire day of endless suffering, the cries of something smaller and so precious broke through the chaos in the hospital room. Aishwarya had collapsed on her pillow in tears as I watched our screaming baby get carried off to be cleaned.

“Congratulation Mr. and Mrs. MacFarlane. You have a beautiful little girl.” The head doctor said, giving us a warm smile.

I’m not much for crying, except when Aishwarya walked down the aisle, but the second our daughter was placed on her mother’s chest to be held…I started crying. I couldn’t help it, our daughter was so beautiful and perfect, just like her mother. She had her mother’s dark hair and my straight texture. I knew the second she’d open her eyes they would be the same color as her mother’s. I pressed a kiss to Aishwarya’s head as she tried to calm her crying as she stared down at our beautiful creation.

“S-Seth, she’s b-beautiful!” Aishwarya stuttered, leaning her head against my cheek.

“Of course she is. She looks just like her mother.” I cooed to our daughter.

“What should we call her?” Aishwarya whispered, as I gently caress our sleeping daughter’s cheek with my finger.

“She’s so unbelievably tiny! It’s hard to believe our hands and feet were once that small. My god, look at her tiny ears!”

Aishwarya smiled softly at me. “Seth.”

“What?” I asked, marveling at my daughter’s size.

“Her name is Clara Ann MacFarlane.” Aishwarya decided without me.

I looked up into her eyes, wondering if I had heard right. “You mean Ann like my mother?”

My wife nodded, watching a smile grow on my face.

“Thank you…really I mean, thank you.” I managed to say clearly, without choking on my words.

Aishwarya nodded slowly before apologizing. “I’m sorry about the mean things I said to you while in labor. I don’t wish to cut off your dick and throw it into a meat grinder, or cheese grate your balls onto my pasta for extra seasoning. And I do want to have more kids with you. I don’t want Clara to have to grow up an only child.”

“Then we can make more children the second you get out of the hospital.” I joked, knowing she would say no. She’s been through so much pain in the last few hours. There was no way she was going to want to have any more kids for the next year or two.

Aishwarya smiled up at me and spoke quite seriously. “Yeah, I want to. Once the doctor’s give me the green light, we can start building a bigger family together.

I stared at her in shock. “Are you sure you want to do that? After all you’ve been through you’re willing to start pregnancy all over again!?”

Aishwarya took my hand. “Of course. I love you and I want to bear you many children and threaten you in many colorful ways when I give birth each time.”

I chuckled and rolled my eyes. “Whatever you say, my beautiful wife. I love you.”

“I love you too.”