Piece in Our Time

Chapter Ten

When Eva emerged from the tent, a fire still burning at her core, those of the camp had averted all of their eyes onto her. Suddenly the fire inside had been put out and the eyes of the people around her gleamed with curiosity, and humor at this small woman who dare raise her voice to their clan leader.
Eva let her head drop and turned to walk away, a hand gripping her arm and pulling her aside.
The woman whom Asmund had spoken too earlier in the tent, now stood before Eva, fuming. Eva could almost envision steam seeping from her ears. This woman was much taller than Eva, her hair was longer and her face was less delicate. She was curvy, with a thin waist and wide set hips, perfect for baring children. Eva took a moment to look down at herself in comparison. The woman before her stole back her attention with spoken words, a fragile voice, that Eva was not prepared for
protruded from within. “He has a great interest in you.” Simply put, Eva was shocked.

"We all catch him staring. It is no secret.” Eva was still trying to piece together everything the woman had said previously. “But that does not matter, you are not a part of this clan, you are a mere visitor who will be gone soon enough. “ Now Eva was back on track.

“No, it does not matter because I despise him. “ Her words were hard, but very unbelievable, Eva crossed her arms over her chest, and she looked up at this woman with her best blank face.
The woman only smiled, not a friendly sort of smile, but a smile one gives when they've already planned an event out. A smile, when someone knows the ending. “You are a horrible liar, Eva Bunchenan. It is not in your words, it is in your eyes.” With those words she left.

Eva was stunned, what had just happened. She had expected to be threatened, chased from the camp by this larger woman. Yet, here she was still alive, breathing, and present. What exactly did she mean by “…it is in your eyes”? Eva needed a long walk. The sun was not yet setting and she figured she had about an hour or so to take some time to herself.

Eva found herself back at the river, staring. The water was so clear; Eva decided to use it as a sort of mirror. She had been staring at her reflection for some time, more particularly at her eyes. An emerald color, bright and clear, Eva searched the forest of her eyes for any sign, anything that could give clue to what the woman had meant. Eva knew she fancied Asmund; he was large, brutish and very smug when it came to dealing with Eva herself. But, he was noble, handsome and good to his people. She had managed to push back any fantasies about him deep into a hole, buried in the darkness of her mind, but seeing him, shirtless and covered in blood and dirt, that awoke something in her she did not know existed.

Sitting on her knees, Eva’s hand came from under her cloak and she passed her palm gently over the reflection in the water, skimming the bitter water with her skin, the ripples erasing her face, and Eva sat back onto her feet. Looking up at the sky, Eva noticed that today it was not sunny. The clouds were grey and the wind was heavy. It did not move through her like it would normally but added extra weight to her as it pressed against her body, threatening to knock her over.

The silence was deafening, the animals were not out today, no scurrying of small feet, no chirping of wild birds. It was as if a blanket of silence fell over the Earth. Eva was actually enjoying it, until she heard a bundle of hushed voices. Turning to look over her shoulder, her ears perking as she tried to listen through the silence, to find out where the voices could be hiding. Stepping one foot after the other, as slow and as silently as possible, Eva followed the voices to an open field.

Covered in white, empty of any plants, just the figures of two men standing near the naked trees, one in particular now shielded Eva from their view, just enough. Both of her hands perched on the bark of the tree, Eva leaned her body in closer, to better hear the conversation going on. It seemed very heated, and very suspicious.

The figures were cloaked, and Eva did not find that particularly interesting. It was freezing out here. The figures did look large, they must be men. Now that she had come to that realization, Eva noticed the voices were deep.

“You missed!” This man was angry, and he threw his hands into the air, revealing large stubby fingers. “You told me, you would not miss… “It was a growl, low and dark.

“He moved right when I shot, if he had not moved, I would not have missed.” This voice was not as deep, manly but with a pinch of femininity. Like a Chihuahua trying to prove himself as a Doberman.

“Well, you only have one more chance, one more chance Galmr or you will not be rewarded. “ With that the man with no name turned and left, his cloak flowing behind him with the wind.

“Galmr?” Eva whispered to herself, Galmr shot Asmund? That’s what it sounded like. Was someone trying to take his place? Eva did not want to make any assumptions, but that conversation was almost crystal clear.

Eva quickly turned before Galmr could spot her and made her way back to the camp as speedily as she could. Running into his tent, Eva found Asmund, lying on his stomach, sleeping. His chest was rising and falling, and a soft snore was emitting from his lips. Without a second thought Eva took three large steps towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder. Before she could shake, he groaned and his head lifted. “komast út” his voice was groggy, and his eyes had yet to open.

“Asmund...” Her voice was a whisper and she leaned in close.

“You have come back to apologize Missti einn minn” A sly smile had come to his lips, and his azure eyes had opened, and were gleaming with mischief.

“Hardly” Eva’s jade eyes rolled before she continued “I have come to tell you, that I know who shot that arrow at you, and it was not an accident.” Eva had placed her hands on her tiny hips, and was looking down at Asmund who at that moment was eye to eye with where her belly button would be under her dressings.

“ Do not be kjánalegt, Eva Bunchenan, no one in this clan would dare do such a thing to me on purpose. “ Asmund had rose to a sitting position now and was nonchalantly fingering at Eva’s dress skirt.

“Stop that, “She yanked the fabric from his fingers and stood back. “Listen to me, I heard them talking!” She was desperate now, she was literally risking her life with this information, if Asmund did not believe her and they found out she told, they could kill her.

“Do not fret Missti einn minn , I am in no danger. “ Asmunds voice was husky and his eyes had darkened. “I must thank you for healing me, maybe at the same time I can punish you for raising your voice, at the ættin leiðtogi? “

“I have heard your thanks, and you will be doing no such thing. “ Eva spoke back, stepping backward, as Asmund rose to his feet. He was just short enough to not touch the tip of the slanting tent roof. He stalked towards her and gripped her arms pulling her body against his, holding her arms behind her.

“I think I will. “ Asmund lowered his face and with the slowness that ached, his lips descended onto hers. Warm and soft, Eva sighed against his kiss and her body fell against his limply. He was there to catch her, and with a familiar ease he picked her up into his arms. Eva found herself kissing him back, lips moving against lips, like waves crash against the sand of a beach, or the rocks at a shore. It was not open, it was closed, and when Eva felt his tongue pressing gently against her lips, asking for entrance in the most polite of ways, She snapped free of his curse, parting her lips, when he slid his tongue into the hot cavern of her lips she bit down.

With a grunt, Eva knew it did nothing to harm him, but he got the hint and before pulling away, he dropped Eva back down to the Earth. Standing over her, instead of the angered look she was expecting, Asmund smirked. “You are an odd one. “ Eva was beginning to get really annoyed with hearing that. What made her so odd?

“You cannot keep doing that.” Eva stated.

“What?” Asmund mocked confusion.

“Kissing me, I do not like it, and I would appreciate it if you did not do it again.” Eva had crossed her arms over her chest in an attempt at feeling less exposed.

“You do not like my kiss?” Asmunds eyes squinted and he leaned in close to whisper “I do not believe you, Missti einn minn. “

Eva realized this was a battle she would not win. He would always be smug; he would always try and rustle her feathers. He did it very well. “Do you not get enough satisfaction with the other woman you often kiss?” Eva shot back at him, spitting venom in her words, her eyes had turned cold and she met his with no fear.

Asmund, for the first time she had met him was shocked and at a loss for words, and Eva left him with that. He needed to know, she knew what he was doing and what game he was playing. He was a womanizer, and she would have none of it with her. The kiss had completely drawn all thoughts of Galmr and the man he was speaking with, from Eva’s mind. She had slid the back of her hand over her lips, in an attempt at deleting the taste of him from her mouth. He was delicious, and it was surprising to her, but it was a failed attempt , he stained her lips, and when he slipped his tongue past her barrier he seeped into her taste buds.

Eva found Hara immediately after leaving Asmund once again, in his tent, alone. She was preparing dinner for the clan and Eva decided she would help. The night had finally started to set in, Eva was exhausted. Her eyes were heavy and she barely finished her meat. The woman from earlier kept eyeing Eva through the fire, and Eva just added her to the list of people who stared at her constantly. It was not enough to deter Eva from rest, her body begged for it.

She could not help but notice, Asmund ate in his tent and when the other woman tried to accompany him, she could hear him dismissing her the second she entered. Eva would not admit it, but it brought a bit of a smile to her lips, and she ran her tongue over them briefly.
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Translations :
komast út - Get out

kjánalegt - worry

ættin leiðtogi - Clan Leader