Piece in Our Time

Chapter Thirteen

Three days had passed since Eva had run from the clan. The snow had thickened, and the bite of the cold air got sharper. The sun no longer came out for any length of time, and the sound of animals had become mute. Asmund was accustomed to all of these things. In fact he enjoyed the cool air, the nipping chill. Though sometimes he did miss the warmth of the sun and the feel of grass blades on his skin. Winter suited him. Like the winter air he was cool, and much like the constant night he was enigmatic. But much like the naked trees of winter his emotions were bared for all to see.
But Eva to Asmund reminded him more of the purity of the white snow. She was everything he was not. Soft, curved and though she had hair the color of a raven, her skin was light and smooth. He was tall and dark, littered with scars. His skin had bumps and ridges, and he was hard. Similarly though she was also like the night of the winter, mysterious. He had no idea where she came from, and for the most part only cared that she stayed, she had not and that is where he finds himself now. Looking for Eva through the cold, taking only his best men with him. They had left the rest of the clan behind. He had ordered them away from their recent pillage. Only few had seen which way she had fled too until the darkness swallowed her up. They had ventured on that way the best they could. The fresh blanket of snow covering any hope of tracks. A dead forest had been ahead, and there they found themselves. On horseback, trampling through the brush of dead branches and trunks.
All Asmund could do was imagine the lack of warmth Eva must be feeling. The possibility that she was already dead had crossed his mind already multiple times, but in his stubbornness he had pushed the thoughts aside and continued forward. Even if she was dead, he would find her. She was his after all. His to take care of and hold. To keep warm and safe. He had failed and he was still not sure how. Asmund was oblivious to what had caused the women to flee. To risk her life instead of stay. He had done what he thought was his best to keep her happy. Perhaps she had another and had only been waiting for the first chance to return to him. That mere thought sent a fire through his veins. His eyebrows furrowed deep and the scowl on his face darkened. She was his and would never belong to another. He had claimed her when he found her, and that was the end of that argument.
A sharp whistle brought Asmund back to the task at hand. They had wondered upon a campsite. The fire had only been recently put out, and the foot prints where still fresh. A rope lay limp against a tree trunk. There was still the outline of where a person once sat at the base. The blood in Asmund’s veins began to boil at the thought of that outline being Eva’s. It was clear that this prisoner was held away from the fire, and the thought of someone keeping Eva from warmth, torturing her with the fire only feet away made his eyes glaze over in a heat of anger and his body began to shake with the urge to fight and to fight hard.
The footprints trickled off into hoof prints and seeing no other trace of foot prints Asmund sighed for a moment. At least she wasn’t being made to walk. The thought only simmered for a moment before reaching its boiling point. She was riding on someone else’s horse. Another was holding her tight, pressing their body close to her thin one. Another was caressing her hair against their chest, and squeezing her curved waist. With one swift hand motion, the men were back on their horses and following the prints deeper into the trees. He would find her, he would bring her back to him and then he would punish her for leaving.
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I am back!
While I understand that this chapter is super short, it is more like a coming back chapter. It is in Asmunds point of view, and I will admit that was hard to write a whole chapter in. I need to get deeper into his character before I do that again.

I hope you enjoy!
I will try to have a longer Chapter Fourteen up shortly.