Piece in Our Time

Chapter Fifteen

The men were slowing down and Asmund could feel the gap between Eva and him getting wider and wider. His men wanted to give up, to return to the clan and keep them safe. Of course Asmund hadn't taken all of the men, and he was sure whom he left in charge would take care of his people. He had not faltered though in his quest, he needed to find Eva.
"Ekki haetta!" He heard groans from behind him and scowled in their direction. The men immediately straightened and continued riding behind him.
"Við þurfum að fara aftur!" Asmund heard one of his men by the name of Asger holler from behind him.
"We can not turn back!" Asmund's voice boomed and the horses halted. His men were stunned and merely stared at him. They could not possibly understand this new compulsion to hold Eva in his arms again, to kiss those luscious lips and run his scarred hands down her smooth body. He found her first and she was his.
Without another glance at his men he turned and forced his horse to continue on. They had stopped for to long already. The chances of finding Eva got slimmer and slimmer each moment they haulted. Frustration coursed through his veins and he pushed his horse to ride harder. The trot soon became a sprint the group now was flying through the forest.
Eva had nodded off again when the horses stopped. Opening her eyes she looked out onto what appeared to be a large abandoned camp. The tents were empty, a fire had been put out a few days ago, snow already building on top of it. There were no footprints leading away or too. Nothing but empty tents, and a dried up fire remained. Tiernen led the horse closer and then to a stop and he dismounted pulling her down with him, and holding her at his side closely.
The wind had slowed down incredibly that day and it was not as hard to walk. Tiernen led her to an open tent and sat her down, reaching into his cloak he pulled out a piece of rope and in a swift movement had her hands bound behind her back. Eva flexed her fingers and willed her blood to flow evenly.
"Stay put" he was short with her, had been since she refused his food. Eva took a moment to look around. The tent was very similar to the tents of the Thorirson clan. It was empty for all but the pile of cloths and warm furs she sat upon. The ground had froze and the flap of the tent gently swayed open and closed. The sun had come out for only a second that morning and now it was overcast. Eva was missing the sun. Pearl Harbor was always sunny never gloomy. The wind was always gentle and the trees were full and danced. The birds flew over. She was missing home.
Tiernin entered the tent what seemed like an hour later, and reached behind her. Eva hoped he would untie her but instead he pulled the abandoned furs around her shoulders and sat near her. Eva now noticed the plate of cooked meat he held. Eva sighed, he was going to try and feed her again.
He turned to her holding a piece of meat between his fingers and held it out for her to take. Eva did her best to resist but her stomach betrayed her and let out a hungry groan. Eva sighed and lent forward taking the food from his fingers and closing her eyes. She heard him hum in satisfaction and she refused to look him in the face. This kept up until the plate was empty. Eva kept her eyes closed the entire time.When she did not feel another push at her lips she slowly opened her eyes and Tiernen was gazing at her intently.
It happened in slow motion and still Eva was unprepared for the soft kiss that graced her lips. Tiernen kissed her slowly, holding her chin in his hand. He squeezed to keep her in place, a gentle kiss with the reminder that he was in charge. Eva's eyes bulged and an the image of Asmund flashed before her open eyes. With a hard yank she broke free and in a split moment leaned forward and the new contents of her stomach fell to the floor.
Eva could vaguely see the image of Tiernen next to her standing and making no move to help her as she heaved. His kiss was strong and gentle, and absolutely nothing like Asmunds. It did nothing to her, it did not reach her core like she expected it too, and most importantly it did not reach her soul. It was a kiss that thrived solely on sexual need and it made Eva sick. She needed to leave, she could not stay with this man any longer. She was afraid of what may happen to her if she did.
Tiernen watched her till she pulled her torso back up, her mouth dry and the taste of bile lingering in the back of her throat. Eva sat up straight and looked towards him. Her stomach dropped back down,and fear rushed through her veins. He was seething, his body puffing and heaving as he looked down at her. He made one step closer and she found herself on her back, hands bound behind her she was helpless.
Tiernen climbed over Eva silently and gripped her neck holding her down. "You do not like my affection?" His slow deep voice arose, and Eva stayed still not answering. She felt a slap to her cheek and she cried out.
"You do not like my affection!" He bellowed loud into her face, his hot breath on her skin made the bile rise. He slapped her harder this time. Eva felt the blood on her lip trickling down to her chin and she let a tear drop from her eyes. The frustration of being lost, tired, starving and freezing near death caught up to her. The angry voice of Tiernen was lost to her sobs.
Tiernen continued to rant atop of her, and Eva did not care. She was releasing all of her fear, anger and frustration and it felt damn good. The weight on her shoulders was slowly lifting. The bile in her gut settled back down and soon she was nothing but a screaming hiccuping mess below him.
Her swollen eyes shut from the tears and exhaustion Eva only heard the commotion that was breaking out beyond the tent and she heard what must have been Tiernen curse before he was off of her and stalking out of the tent. The yelling only got louder and Eva heard a familiar voice, her sobs paused and she struggled to sit up.The scream was inevitable but struggled to escape her sore throat