Piece in Our Time

Chapter Seventeen

Words had not passed between Asmund and Eva since he saved her from Teirnen. He simply led her to the horses before sweeping her up and onto his, joining behind her soon after. They had started heading back the way they had come from when Eva finally felt the fatigue take over her. The adrenaline was gone from her blood now. She was exhausted. The safety and warmth of Asmund's arms and chest surrounding her lulled her to sleep slowly. The movement of the horse below her was like a rocking chair.Her head fell back and her eyes closed. The tension in her shoulders relaxed. She knew that under Asmund's watchful eye no harm would come to her while she slept. It felt like years since she last had a good sleep, and her body was in desperate need of it. The soft wind combined with the heat surrounding her body were comforting.

When she woke up Eva thought she had been asleep for days. But night was still upon them. The horses had stopped, the jerking motion being the reason she awoke. Asmund jumped from the horse before scooping her up into his arms effortlessly ,carrying her away. They had found themselves a cave. Snow covered the overhang to the mouth, but the opening was clear. There were no footprints leading into or out of the cave so it was assumed no animals were near by. Asmund ordered the men to dismount and carry in their belongings.Soon a bed of furs and cloth were laid out for her in the deepest part of the cave.

A fire had been started near the center and all of the men gathered to cook, sharpen their weapons and rest. She could tell from their position they were relieved that they would finally be getting back to the rest of the clan. Suddenly guilt and regret overtook her. She had caused Asmund to take some of his strongest men and leave the clan unattended. If anything had happened to them she would feel responsible, and she would be. If she had not run she would not have encountered Teirnen, and Asmund would not be chasing after her.

In her thoughts Eva watched Asmund gather two plates before joining her on her throne of furs. She had removed her cloak and was now sitting cross legged in her dress. She had roughly braided her hair to keep it from her face. It was strange, though it was freezing outside the combination of the fire, her cloaks and being placed in the cave had her body heated and a thin layer of sweat had broken on her forehead. She moved to the side as Asmund sat with her, and with the little strength she had she nibbled at the delicious pieces of meat she was given. These were not the scraps Teirnen had tried to feed her. These were large pieces of juicy fat meat.

Eva could sense his stare while she ate. It was intense, it took everything in her not to meet it with her own. When she was done licking the last bit of juice from her fingers she gathered her courage and met his eyes. A gasp. They were a mix of fire and ice. The ice, she wasn't sure what for. But the fire, the fire she knew. She felt the same way and was sure her own gaze mirrored his own. His thick hair was pulled back and the fire from the center of the cave licked at his features. He was so handsome. Eva tilted her head, and with one hand reached forward to allow her fingers to play along the long scar across his cheek.

Asmund closed his eyes and his features froze. He did not push her away but simply let her feel. The skin beneath her fingers was rough. The scar hadn't healed well. Her fingers roamed to his chin into the hairs that had grown long and thick into a beard. She turned so her body faced his and spared a glance to the group of men around the fire. They were busy. Busy with their weapons and meat.

"They will not watch Missti einn minn." Asmund assured her. She was pulled to his chest. Now straddeling him she had a better look now at his face. The heat in her core heightened as if someone had turned up the burner on a stove. He was rock solid against her soft body. He too had removed his cloak. Now clad only in a thin cloth long sleeved top. His pants were loose on his wide hips. He had laid his holster of weapons to the side. His hands had planted themselves on her hips.

"Why did you come for me?" She whispered, her eyes roaming his features. The ice had melted away in his eyes. Eva rested her hands on his shoulders, kneading them. She felt his arms circle her waist and pull her tighter. She needed to know. She hadn't put Asmund as a man who would chase after a woman.

"You are mine Eva." He spoke low in a deep growl.It was a simple answer. His hands spanned her back as he fell back with her on top of him. Eva could not respond. He had come for her, he had traveled, risked the safety of his clan for a woman he had found and knew nothing about. Tears welled in her eyes. Eva fell forward and her lips met his own. She ignored the sting of her bruised lip. She was his lost one, and he had found her. Again.

Asmund kissed her back, quickly taking control and scraping his teeth along the sensitive flesh of her lip before she allowed him access. His tongue was warm against hers. he buried one hand of his own into her hair and drug his fingers through her loose braid untangling it so it fell across her shoulders. They both quickly forgot about the others in the cave with them.

She was rolled onto her back. Her dress was pushed up, Asmund placed himself firmly between her thighs. She was shaking now. This moment had been building between the two of them for a while now. A quick remembrance of him with other women flashed before her eyes and for a second she contemplated pushing him off of her. She was reassured in that second though by another deep kiss to her lips and his hands on her thighs, warm and rough against her soft skin.

Her dress pooled at her waist now. Asmund had made a home between her legs, his pelvis placed firmly against her own. She could feel his need for her against her thigh and she moaned softly rolling her hips up. "Slow, Missti einn minn." His breath was a whisper against her ear. A case of shivers rolled down her spine. Her dress was pushed farther up her waist until it rested just under her breast. Asmund gazed down at her, he admired her. She felt beautiful under his stare

Eva felt the rough hairs of his beard as he placed kisses down her stomach to her hips. She was being worshiped. He was exploring the soft contours of her hips and span of her stomach. He had yet to venture past, his hand still held a grip on her thighs. Eva let her hands tangle in Asmunds hair, pulling his own long locks from it's tie and letting it fall across her stomach.

His lips were ghosting across her skin up, up and up until he reached underneath her breast and licked a soft curve. He picked himself up and looked down at her. His breathing was heavy and his face was flushed. Much like her own. But then she felt him pull her dress back down. He lay down next to her and pulled her close into his embrace. She could still feel him against the backs of her thighs.

"You are tired Missti einn minn, we should not continue in your state" and Eva let a tear fall. He was being unbelievably gentle for the man she thought he was. She expected rough and rushed. He was being slow and attentive. He knew she was weak and cared. Eva let her eyes close again and the furs were pulled around the both of them as she fell once more into a dreamless sleep.

Eva did not awaken again until sunlight replaced the light of the fire. She was alone on the furs now. Snow had started to fall once more outside. The men sat at the edge of the cave looking out. Asmund in the middle. Eva picked herself up slowly, her head spinning slightly as she stood, pulling her cloak over her shoulders.

Asmund turned at the sound of her approach. "We leave soon. " He spoke as he walked her way. He pulled her cloak tighter around her and with a hand motioned for his men to gather her bed. She looked up to him and his face was stoic. He ran his fingers through her loose hair and held the ends in his palm before letting them fall and turning to help the clan members. Something had changed between them, Eva wasn't sure how to think of it.
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