Piece in Our Time

Chapter Eighteen

The trek back to the rest of the clan was long, Eva figured it had to have been at least a month. But it was days only. The weather had lightened slightly. The sun seemed more inclined to showing his face from between the soft pillow of clouds above. The warmth to her skin was welcomed. Being back with Asmund seemed to clear the air for Eva, she had been breathing so heavily for so long, that being back in his arms on his horse, Eva felt lighter. But they had not said much to each other since the night she had come so close to really feeling him. Eva still thought about it. In fact, the thoughts and day dreams seemed to make the days go by quicker. Before Eva knew it, they had reached the camp. Or what was left of it.

There were people, people of the clan. They seemed broken. The tents around them shattered and crumpled in the snow. Animals let loose now aimlessly wondered from the camp, if they hadn't stayed to trample the structure of the camp that had fallen to the ground. The clan members distraught and lost. The horse underneath Eva came to a halt and Asmund was off the horse in mere seconds. Barging through the camp, demanding answers. His powerful calls for answers sent shivers deep into Eva's spine and she shook. He was violent. The men around him cowered, a woman came waddeling through the masses of testosterone, Hera. "They came in the night my chieftain." She was breathless and her heavy chest heaved with each word she spoke.

Eva now stood beside the horse, her hands tangled tightly in the long locks of mane as she watched the event unfold before her. Her eyes scanned the land. Tears threatened to spill over the edges of her eyes. This was because of her. She had run and in doing so Asmund was forced to... no Eva did not force him to leave, she would not place the blame on herself. But as she looked from the snow beneath her feet to the man ahead of her, the menace in Asmunds eyes churned Eva's stomach into knots and any heat that the sun provided was iced over.

He blamed her, and from the looks of those around them the rest of the clan did as well.

Eva took a step back. The wind around the picked up and the strands of her hair wiped the skin of her pale cheeks like a cat o' nine tales. It pained her but she could not take her eyes from Asmund. They had shared a moment. A personal moment. She had allowed herself to enter into a void, and now she was blamed for the destruction of his clan. Asmund took long strides towards her and before she knew it her wrist were tied and she was bound to the nearest tree trunk. Just as she had been when they first found her.

Eva had no explanation, no apology. Nothing she could say would make this right. His clan was everything to him, he did not have to say it. It showed in his actions. Asmund's whole world revolved around the well being of his clan, and in running from him she had placed them in danger. Even with this thought, Eva fought the guilt. The blame. She sat quietly against her trunk, her gaze down cast. She was a prisoner once again. They had not even had a chance to discuss why she ran to begin with. Asmund would never listen to her now, probably would never speak to her again. He could have her killed.

With that last though Eva's heart began to race, beat against her chest. She could feel her chest expand from the impact. She heard her blood rush to her ears. She could no longer hear the calls from the clan. Now all she heard was her own blood flowing, staining the snow beneath her, and in a weak attempt she pulled at her restraints. She rubbed her wrist raw. Her attempts were ignored by those around her, most by Asmund. He needed to asses the situation. He had people to watch over, a camp to rebuild. He could not bother with a woman whom had caused all of this ache and loss.

The moon, she was waking up. Eva could feel her light on her. She was gleaming in the clear sky. All Eva felt was judgement. The moon was judging her. Only pushing Eva further to the brink of break down. These people, this clan, had been nothing but welcoming to her since she was found. Since Asmund saved her from a slow and chilly death. And she ran, she ran from them because she did not understand their ways, and in doing so she condemned these people. Eva tilted her head, she had stopped struggling some time ago. Recognizing her fault in all of this. She grew tired. Tear had froze against her cheeks, her eyes gleamed in the moon light. Eva took a long slow breath in, the frigid air chilled her lungs. She closed her eyes, and still she could feel the moon.

"Norn..." The words were spat at her feet, and Eva jumped. Startled by the sudden presence before her. A tall, gorgeous woman stood before her. One of many she had seen with Asmund. Evan turned her head away, resting her cheek on the hard bark of the tree. Before she could register that she had been struck pain flew through Eva's cheek. She was still healing from the last time she had been hit and a yell escaped her lips. The woman had bundled up her fist and had punched Eva's cheek with the force of a thousand naval ships. The bone cracking sound reverberated in Eva's ears. Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks as she was helpless to protect herself. Another blow to the other side of her cheek. Eva spit out a clot of blood from her tongue and looked up at the blonde woman. Ice blue eyes, in color and in coldness, glared down at her. A heaving chest accompanied the red faced woman.

Before Eva could replenish some sort of dignity another blow to her gut sent the air right out of her and Eva coughed up more blood. Again, all she could hear was the sound of her own blood rushing through her veins. The pain in her abdomen throbbed as she struggled to pull her legs up to protect herself from any more blows. A commotion gathered around her, but all Eva could concentrate on was the pain in her cheeks, the blood rolling down her chin and the throb in her stomach. Sparing a glance up Eva watched as the woman was pulled away by her hair, a strong hand tangled in her locks. Eva's eyes slowly, followed the length of the wrist to the thick arms to the back of Asmunds head as she dragged the woman off.

Probably to reward her.

Eva blinked and Hera was in her view. Kneeling before her, a warm cloth in her hand, pressing to Eva's cheek. "Er allt í lagi misst einn" Eva had no clue what was being said to her, but the tone was soothing and Eva let her head fall back and her eyes close as Hera wiped away the blood from her cheeks and the corners of her lips. Loud footsteps boomed in her ears and Eva winced, a low growl erupted from somewhere near. She felt the tightness around her wrist loosen and she was gathered up in warm arms and pressed to a hard chest. Pain shot through her stomach and she groaned, her body crumbled into a ball in the arms.


Asmund carried the broken woman to the first tent that had been set up. His own, he placed her gently on his furs and watched as she curled into the warmth. The fire he had lit, the shadow from the flames licked at her skin, basking her in a glorious warm glow. He was furious. He was furious with this woman for running, he was furious for following after her, furious with allowing this to happen to his clan, and furious he had allowed her to be beaten again. He had turned his back from her only a moment. He had been keeping a side eye on her all day, making sure she stayed put. She would need to be punished for her actions, but he would be the one to deal out the punishment not another. The blood still stained her cheeks, a faint red at the corner of her lips.

Asmund watched as her chest rose and fell, she was sleeping. She had once again fallen asleep in his furs, and a strange feeling of satisfaction rose in him. She was a beauty. All the bit of soft and small. Not like the others. She was a perfect size for a man like him. Easily moved around. She was lost, he had found her and she was his. He closed the flaps of his tent and stood above Eva for a moment longer before shedding his boots and top and gathering the small bundle of woman into his arms and laying with her. Her now warm skin placed firmly against his bare chest, he held her tight against him, making sure to not squeeze to heavily and closed his eyes.
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Er allt í lagi misst einn = Is alright lost one.

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