Piece in Our Time

Chapter Twenty

Eva let her fingers ghost over the new bruise on her cheek. That one and the one on her stomach were reminders that she was not dreaming and that she was stuck in a place and a time she could not escape. As she let her fingers skim over her cheeks, she let them travel down her neck. Eva could briefly remember Asmund bathing her. She blushed at the thought. This man, he said few words and he had to be angry with her. More than angry, furious for placing his clan in danger. She had not spoken with him since he left her alone in his tent. That had been two days ago. Hera often was the one who came in and made sure she was healing alright. Today would be the first day she was able to stand without to much pain in her stomach and she needed to apologize or explain herself. Anything to make Asmund understand this was a mistake. She did not intentionally put his people in harm. But she had gotten to know this man, Eva anticipated the conversation not happening smoothly. She sighed heavily and stood from the furs, placing the memories of his eyes on her naked body to the back of her mind.

As she neared the opening in the tent a commotion could be heard outside. "She needs to be punished!" "We should just have her killed!" "No set her free to fend for herself!" Men and woman arguing over what should be done with Eva for her crime. She became furious. This is something she should be present for. She threw back the tent opening and stepped out into the sunlight. She had to raise her hand to block her eyes as she winced. The bright light catching her off guard.

"I...I think I should have some say." Eva stuttered as she blindly made her way to the crowd. Asmund stood in the middle of the group. Pure brute force, his arms crossed at his chest he stared at her without emotion as she neared. She could see the veins in his arms pulsing, and his chest heaved with his breathing. She had to stop a moment to take a breath. He was beautiful. He was magnificent. He was going to kill her. She knew it.

"Drepa norn!" A woman called from the crowed and they all began cheering till Asmund let out a call. All went silent as the people stared at their leader. Eva placed her arms at her sides and walked, pushing past people as they purposely hit her shoulder with their own. She stopped only when she stood directly in front of Asmund.

"If you are going to kill me, do it fast." Eva tilted her head up till she was staring into the ice caps that were Asmunds eyes. He had not moved, his arms were crossed, his stance wide. All was silent around them. Everyone waited to see what Asmunds reaction would be to this woman, a woman not from their clan standing up to their leader. Eva watched the vein in his neck tick, his jaw tighten. She waited for his response.

"Ég mun ákveða hvað er að gerast í þessari konu" His voice was booming. Eva looked around, the faces of those surrounding them seemed not quite satisfied with his answer. But unable to argue with their chief they grumbled, curses no doubt towards her as they turned and scattered to continue on with their days routine. Before she could turn she was scooped back up and thrown over Asmunds heavy shoulder.

'This is it, this is where I die.' She thought to herself as she was carried, her eyes glistening with tears as she watched the ground move beneath her. But suddenly the brightness went away and in looking up Eva realized they were back in the tent, and before she could register this realization she was dropped back into the furs. Eva scrambled to sit up to guard herself from any blows heading her way. When none came she spared a glance upward. There he stood, Asmund in all his glory, before her. A look of pure frustration mingled with raw lust. Eva had to gasp. His eyes pupils had dilated. His arms at his sides now.

"Please, just make it quick." Eva begged and closed her eyes. She thought back to all of her days. The death of her parents, her brother leaving, the events at Pearl Harbor and then finally landing in this moment. Her last.

"Missti einn minn" Asmunds voice was rough, soft and low. It sent a quake of shivers down her spine, around her hips until it settled between her thighs. She whimpered to herself. Her eyes still closed she felt him near her. She could feel his heat as he stood in front of her. Before she could register what was happening Asmunds lips landed gently onto her bruised cheek. Eva's eyes shot open. He was leaning over her, his large frame guarding her. His hands paced on either side of her hips on the pads of furs. His breath warm on her chilled skin. For such a rough man this kiss was soft. Her own lips parted and she let out a soft breath.
Asmund let one hand come up to her chest and he pressed her slowly but firmly back into the furs. Standing up he removed his clothing letting each piece fall to the ground beneath him. A loud thud rang out as his weapons joined his shirts and covers. Wearing lastly only the leather like skins that covered his lower body he knelt one knee on the bed. She still had her eyes closed. "Open your eyes." His words were slow. But his voice was a command. She did and when she did he took in her gaze. Glassy and clear. A hint of fear with a dash of need.

Asmund bent down over her and captured her lips in a kiss. A groan rumbled from deep in his chest. She tasted sweet. She still smelled of roses. Her lips were soft and cool. Allowing one hand to cup her chin he held her in place. Pulling away from her lips he placed another healing kiss to her bruised cheek and willed away the anger he still felt against the woman whom he had punished for her indiscretion. Asmund let his tongue trail down her neck pulling at the ties of her green dress, loosening them. He could hear her heart beating. With one hand on her leg pushing the dresses hem up the other pulled the strings loose on her top till it fell open just to under her breast.

Asmund took a moment to admire her. Her creamy skin, it looked just as good dry as it did wet. The swell of her breast was only outlined by the dress that just barely clung to her. But when she thrust her chest up towards him, a needy whine escaping her lips he let his hand slide against her skin and grip one breast firmly. Her breast filled his palm, her nipples were tight against her skin. Her skin was smooth. It was cold due to their surroundings, but the softness of it all made it all good. Asmund slid his hand between the flaps of her dress to the other breast. Pulling away he managed with some form of control to push the dress from the bottom up and off. Leaving Eva beneath him unclothed. He let his eyes span the length of her body before allowing his hand to follow the trail. He started at her neck, moving to the space between her breast, down her belly before stopping at her hips.

When Eva let her legs fall open to accommodate his large frame between them Asmunds last bit of control broke free. He growled low and took one breast between his lips, laying over her now. His full frame blanketing her. He drew her nipple between his teeth and bit gently before letting go and sucking soothingly. Shifting around he stretched atop of her. Eva had taken all of his weight, she wrapped her legs around his wide waist. She was roaming the span of his back with her hands. The feel of her touching him sent him over, he lifted up and with a tug, pushed the last of his clothing down and freed himself. He watched with satisfaction as she studied his body from head to toe.

When he lay back down over her her breast connected with his chest and she arched underneath him. He had thought that he could be gentle and slow but this war had been waging between them since he first found her. He needed her, and he wasn't planning on waiting any longer. He captured her lips once more in a brutal kiss, a war of teeth and tongue. His hands traveling along her legs wrapped around him, he could smell her arousal and it was making him harder. Painfully hard. He was dangerously close to bucking into her, his body shaking with the need for her. He let his hand travel around her leg, between them and his eyes rolled back as he felt how wet and hot she was between her thighs. Another deep growl from his throat.

Her hands were in his hair now, and they only aided in guiding him where he now wanted to go. He needed her, but he needed to taste her first. Her fingers tight in his locks as he moved lower till her thighs rested on his shoulders. He placed kisses at the junction between thigh and hip before he delved in. He kissed her softest skin, he drew her into his mouth. He could feel her thighs shaking as he let his tongue roll back and forth. He was fighting his urge now. He could no longer, he pulled away before laying over her again. She secured her legs around his hips once more. He groaned as the heat of her burned his erection.

He looked down at her for a moment. Wanton and under no control. "Please Asmund." She spoke to him with quivering breaths. Asmund let his head fall next to her own and guiding himself with one hand, the other he had wrapped around her frail body, he drew his hips back. He slid into place smoothly, and the heat encompassing him urged him to pause. With one powerful stroke he was in her to the hilt. He let out the breath he hadn't known he was holding.


Eva awoke slowly. She felt as if she were simply pulling the curtains away from her eyes. Her body was lax, and warm. She seemed to be glowing. A hard body lay next to her. Asmund, his eyes closed, one arm slung over his forehead. He was stretched out beside her. His chest rose and fell with his breathing and Eva took this time to admire. This man was pure muscle. Unadulterated sex appeal this man was. He was hard, he was brutish. He was amazing in bed. Eva closed her eyes remembering the full feeling he had given her. She still shook in her thighs. His arms were the size of her thighs, his abdomen was ribbed. He was thick and corded everywhere.

"Welcome back missti ein minn" His voice caused a jump in her and she rolled onto her side to watch him pull his arm away from his head and lean over her once more. He was studying her from above and suddenly she felt uncomfortable.

"We must talk Eva." He held her chin in his hand so she could not look away from him.

"About how you are going to kill me?" Eva spoke defiantly. Asmund sighed and sat up, he sat at the edge of the furs his head in his hands.

"I am not going to kill you Eva, nor is any one else under my charge. Though do not be fooled, my people would like nothing less. You have caused pain Eva." He stood as he talked " You have been selfish and it can not go unpunished." He was pulling his clothing back on. His back to her. Eva could only watch.

"What are you going to do?" Her voice was shaky, gone was the pleasure he had given her and in it's place was fear.

"I am not sure yet. But they think you a witch Eva. There is only one punishment for that." With those words Asmund pulled his cloak on and left Eva, alone in the tent once again.
♠ ♠ ♠
"Drepa norn!"- "Kill the witch!"

"Ég mun ákveða hvað er að gerast í þessari konu" - " I will decide what is to happen to this woman"

Here it is guys! Oh god I am not looking forward to writing her punishment!