Status: Now going to be five chapters.


Erika Sanders has been a reckless fool with the law. Or so the authorities say. They say she robbed people, killed her parents and killed several others on her road to destruction.

What most people don't know is that she was framed by her ex boyfriend. Now she has been wrongly incarcerated in Briarcliff.

Only one inmate knows how she feels...

Kit Walker and Erika find out that together, even if it seems the world is timeless in Briarcliff, they have forever.


For Pick A Title Contest.
  1. Clocks Stop Ticking...
    What day? What time?
  2. The Singing Nun Keeps Singing and Singing...
    Dominique Nique Nique...
  3. Surgery or Space?
    Neither is as good as Asylum love.
  4. Aliens and Babies