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The Paper Trail

Bethany Meyer wasn't born Bethany Meyer. In fact, she wasn't born in this country, to these parents, on her birthday, or into this life. Nearly a decade ago, a young girl on the other side of the planet had made the decision to throw away her entire life and start anew. Numerous hours of studying and careful planning made this drastic, life-changing decision possible, and Bethany had pulled it off damn near flawlessly. But now, 10 years later, Bethany runs across a news broadcast late one night that has her considering sacrificing it all by returning to her old home in an attempt to save her brother from a fate he doesn't deserve.
  1. My Past Isn't My Own
    An overview on Bethany and her situation.
  2. Ideas That Stick Like Glue
    How the idea of disappearing came about, and the beginning of what lead to actually doing it.