U.S Department of Justice
Case #: 1005-9086
Case: Osbourne vs. Kim
Date: February 28th, 1983
Order: The defendant is discharged from probation and all proceedings without a judgment of conviction.


In 1982, Brent Osbourne took over his father's legacy and turned a home grown pharmaceutical company into a multi-million dollar revenue. E:ONA Pharmacy had employed thousands under their national reign, but by the end of their first year, many of those employee's had gone off the map. All of them had similar features: long black hair, large eyes, a dedicated figure— not to mention that they were women.

When the daughter of a Korean diplomat vanished off the face of this planet, he cried abduction and rape all the way to Supreme Court. Headlines of this tainted L.A Times and a thousand conspiracies regarding Osbourne's hand in the midst of this chaos shook the people of our country to the core. Despite the very obvious evidence brought to the attention of the court and the public, Brent Osbourne was released of all suspicion, even after four missing employee's ransacked carcasses were found in some warehouse off the 91.

Brent Osbourne made two fatal mistakes. He first began with the sloppy execution of making backyard deals with demons of the underworld. His company is a front for the harvesting of human organs directly placed upon the black market. Whatever pretty face survives the backlash of demands are then sold for profit to offenders all over the world. And his second fuck-up? Well, he stole the love of my life away from me. It's only fair I get even.