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Let's Go Crazy Together.

Emma Lawson's singing career took off just before One Direction came in third place on X Factor. She mentored the group throughout their quest to becoming one of the world's most popular boy group and also making herself just a bit bigger.

However behind the scene, Emma and Louis couldn't keep their eyes from nearly devouring each other, but nothing more than just ogling happened.

Now, four years later, Emma is taking a break after a headlining tour and her 5th album release and One Direction is taking some time off to begin the process of their 4th album. Unfortunately, poor Simon Cowell has them all staying in the same penthouse and there is some seriously strong tension going on.
  1. I Know, You Know, We Know.
    He only wants to hear what he wants to hear...
  2. Kiss Me Where I Lay.
    It's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.
  3. The Paynestaking Truth.
    Liam talks.
  4. C'mon, C'mon.
    Love, love, fashion, baby.
  5. Shoves.
    Louis is angry. Emma is his first...
  6. Tabloids.
    *click, click, click*
  7. Zayn.
    He's a know-it-all.
  8. Midnight Memories.
  9. Waffle House.
    That was unfortunate timing.
  10. Jean Jacket
    He's mad because she took his jacket.
  11. Confidence.
    Louis finally got the balls.
  12. Nerves.
    So that's what Louis does when Emma is away...