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Let's Go Crazy Together.

I Know, You Know, We Know.

Back in the States it was that they were going to record their fourth album. Honestly, Louis wanted to go back home, catch some time with his family, but there was no time for that. There really was no time for anything. Louis was just tired. He needed sleep. He was terribly jetlagged and his eyes were just about ready to close.

He was barely listening to anything Harry was saying as they took the elevator to their oh-so-familiar penthouse. It belonged to Simon Cowell, but that bloke never used it. It was most often used by One Direction whenever they were in town, but it also served as housing just in case any stars were ever left in the streets by their management. More often times it was just due to time and forgetting to book some hotel, but sometimes it was because of money. Either way, Simon was always keen to letting anyone use the place.

They finally stopped and the elevator doors opened apart to a roomy foyer. Harry let out a hearty laugh as he rushed in.

"Do you know who else is staying here besides us?" Harry asked. He dropped his bags at the end of the long foyer hall, making Louis almost trip over them. Louis rolled his eyes in annoyance before answering.

"I heard Ed Sheeran, but I could be wrong." Louis mumbled as he pulled out his phone from his oversized hoodie. There were no new messages, but several calls that he chose to ignore.

"Fuck," Harry whispered, running a hand through his curly locks. "Think we can maybe get him to help us with our new album? We need a couple more songs."

Louis shrugged his shoulders. He wasn't too much in a talking mood. He just wanted to get his room and sleep off everything.

Harry looked at his friend with concern but didn't bother to ask anything. It was already 6 months of this melancholy Louis, but nothing the guys did or said really could bring him out of this funk. The best thing was just to wait for Louis to heal on his own and come out of it.

"Well, I'm off to explore and finally kick back." Harry exclaimed. Louis nodded and did his best to wave him off with his full hands.

Louis was walking to where he usually roomed when an underwear clad Niall almost bumped into him. Niall was arms full in junk food. Louis managed a small chuckle. They hadn't even been here thirty minutes and Niall was already as comfortable as he could ever be.

"Sorry, mate!" Niall said, swerving around Louis. "I am just heading off to my room but as you can see..." he nodded towards the bags of chips, juice pouches, popcorn, and other clearly unhealthy things he was trying to hold.

"Yeah, well make sure not to go running to Liam when you get a stomachache. You know he's only gonna tell you I told you so." Louis replied. Niall nodded with a smile and then suddenly he gasped and practically scared himself and almost dropped everything.

"I just remembered something!" he squealed. "Uh, Ems is staying here! We haven't seen her since that last run in in Australia, I think. I don't know if she's here yet but agh! I can't wait to see her!"

Louis felt a sudden heavy feeling in his chest. So much for ignoring her now.

"Well, I'm off. I've got a beautiful bed waiting for me." Niall laughed before he dashed off in direction of his room.

Louis now felt worse than he already did. He did not need this.

When he finally arrived at his room, he found it to already be occupied. He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment before breathing out and looking on his bed.

On the bed was a girl. She was laying on her stomach, her hands resting under her head. She was in a deep sleep from what Louis could see. She was wearing rainbow thick fuzzy socks that went halfway up her calves. Her bottom was scarcely covered by a pair of red cotton shorts and her torso and arms were in what Louis thought was a sweater he probably left in the closet the last time he was here. She had cinnamon colored hair, but it was the the streak of ombre from teal to purple 'mermaid' hair that gave her away. It was her signature look.

Louis gently placed his bags near the door so to not wake her. He looked her over and sighed. He needed some fresh air. He needed to clear his head. He was just about to turn towards the doorway when THE Zayn Malik came and casually leaned against the doorframe.

Zayn looked at Louis and then the girl on the bed. He wolfwhistled lowly and shook his head.

"Damn... How the hell are you gonna resist that?" Zayn asked with a grin on his face. Louis rolled his eyes and groaned. Zayn chuckled. "Really? You are gonna resist that? C'mon, Lou! You can't tell me that the lot of you wants to shag?"

"It's not like that with us." Louis said. "We've never done anything."

"Well here's your chance." Zayn said, winking. Louis looked at his friend in discouragement.

"But I can't... Eli--"

"Eleanor," Zayn quickly cut him off. "wouldn't care! C'mon. Look, as one of your best mates, I'm telling you, she's moved on, Lou. She's been moved on. She moved on before it was even over between the two of you. She cheated on you! When you cornered her about it, she didn't even deny it or try to lie to you!

"She did the worst thing ever. She broke up with you and then went frolicking all over England broadcasting her lover or whatever the fuck he was and saying terrible things about you! It's over, Louis... and that girl," Zayn pointed at the bed, "has been waiting far too long for you."

Louis was trying his best to keep his emotions at bay, but the way Zayn was talking about his ex-girlfriend was just opening wounds that had yet to heal.

"How do you even know that? She's had her share of lads too." Louis commented, remembering all the magazine articles he'd seen of her with random guys at shows, outtings, and the such.

"It's not like she was taking them home with her." Zayn shot back at him. Louis raised an eyebrow. "We talk, okay? She's an amazing girl, you know! Shit, she's compatible with every single one of us, but she wants you! She just takes these guys out as a way for paparazzi to get off her back."

Louis sighed. He was debated. Zayn was right about Eli... she had done the worst to him, but he couldn't fight and forget what he was feeling. He missed her so much, but then again, he never gave Emma the chance. They were all talk and no action.

Zayn clasped a hand on Louis' shoulder.

"I know you're heartbroken, but you had said it yourself, things just didn't always seem right with Eleanor. And right now, there is a girl who is willing to give you her all to be with you. You've known her for 4 years. We were just kids and she's helped us and you through this crazy career. She knows you better than anyone and you know her. Why are you making this so difficult?" Zayn asked.

Louis shrugged. Zayn shook his head.

"You're impossible." he chuckled and then straightened himself out. "I'll leave you to it." He backed away from the door and as he began to walk away, he clicked his tongue and pointed at the still sleeping Emma. "Bang that. Her ass is way to good to pass up."

Louis closed the door with a smile.
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