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Let's Go Crazy Together.

Jean Jacket


Our beloved Emma was seen earlier strolling downtown LA hand in hand with hottie, Jared Leto. Emmalites are excited to see Emma out as the last time she was seen in public was at 1D’s charity concert. Speaking of 1D, Directioners are tweeting and causing some serious havoc! Emma, are you really wearing Louis’ beloved jean jacket while out with your boyfriend? How does Jared feel about this? Emma! You have so many questions to answer for us!


Louis closed his eyes slowly as he pinched his nose with his right hand. He inhaled slowly and then suddenly threw his phone across the room. It landed with a loud slam at the bedroom entrance. He was lying on the bed of his room now that Emma was gone. He could finally get some peace and quiet by not having to share a room with Harry. He shook his head. He couldn’t believe for two weeks she had stayed out his sights and then again without a word she was gone. Luckily he was tracking her on the tabloids and he had woken up when his phone alerted him.

He was so caught up in his thoughts, that he didn’t even hear when someone opened his door. Gen stepped into the room, her barefoot stepping on Louis’ iPhone. She looked down at it, picked it up, and then tossed it onto Louis’ body. His eyes shot open and his instincts went into defense mode immediately. He grabbed his phone and was about to throw it back, but he noticed it was Gen and not one of the guys and lowered his arm. Gen didn’t even seem phased by his actions and just went to sit on the edge of his bed.

“You know, just because you’re rich and famous doesn’t mean that you can mistreat your belongings.” She told him matter of factly. Louis rolled his eyes.

“Fuck off.” He mumbled. She smirked.

“Language, please.” She chastised. He rolled his eyes again, but this time with a small half-smile.

“Sorry.” He apologized. “I just… I’ve known you for a long time now and I know I shouldn’t talk to you like that. I’m just upset is all.”

Gen eyed him up and down. Emma had only left the night before, but already Louis looked as if he hadn’t showered for weeks (which she thinks he actually hadn’t), and his eyes were shadowed by heavy dark circles underneath them. His usually chipper blue eyes had gone dark and his scruff was scruffier than usual. He almost had a beard going on.

“Ems?” She asked, already knowing full well that that was the reason that Louis was down in the dumps. He nodded.

“I just don’t get her. She’s in LA right now! And she’s with him! And to make things worse, she took my sodding jean jacket! God, she looks fucking amazing in it, but fuck, she took it and she’s with him! He’s going to know that it’s not her jacket and I’m not up for any celebrity beef. I’m too exhausted for this. Wankers, man.” Louis told her. Gen tried to keep a serious face but she let out a small chuckle.

“You Brits and your weird ass words. Look, Lou…” she began. “Haven’t you thought of making of the first move? I mean, well, obviously take it slow, you did just—“

“Don’t fuckin’ say it, Gen.” Louis interrupted. “Don’t even say anything about Eleanor. I’m going to tell you right now; those feelings for her are gone. They been gone. We had already been broken up for months before we let the papz know about it. We had stayed together for the fans, but… we just couldn’t do it anymore. My feelings for Emma sprung up again after the run in in Australia and Eleanor couldn’t deal with it and thus why she cheated…again.”

“Did something more happen in Australia that you and Emma aren’t telling us? Because I keep hearing about this run in and it just doesn’t make sense.” Gen asked. Louis shrugged his shoulders.

“A blow job, maybe.” He said. Gen’s jaw dropped. “Seriously.” Gen shook her head.

“Really, Louis?” she said in disgust. “I can’t deal with this I love her, I don’t love her, I like her, I don’t know if I have feelings for her. Make up your damn mind already and stop being mad at the world!!”

Louis’ eyes grew darker now. He narrowed his eyes at Emma’s best friend.

“Don’t fuckin’ tell me what to do.” He growled at her. Gen rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“No, let me tell you, Louis because you don’t seem to understand. Emma is the most generous, most hard working girl I have ever known. In my books, she is higher than Taylor Swift… well anyone is, but Emma… she is different.

“She never complains about touring. She makes the best of it. She visits children’s hospitals in EVERY city she goes through. She orders pizza for all her meet and greeters who endure every type of weather just waiting for a chance to meet her. She comes home and she hangs out with the neighborhood kids and throws block parties. Everything she does, she does for them. This life… it’s her passion but she knows that she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.

“You know what the most amazing thing she has ever done? Two years ago, a woman, a scientist, from Antarctica emailed her told her that her biggest wish was to see Emma live in concert but she didn’t think she was ever going to because of her job as a scientist and she had to be there for 10 years. So you know what Emma did? She went to fuckin’ Antarctica, froze her ass off, but she went and threw an amazing concert for this scientist and her other 7 scientist colleagues. And she stayed there for almost two weeks before coming back to finish whatever tour she was on at the time.

“That is dedication. She didn’t just mail this lady a picture of her face with an autograph! She went down there and did what she does best.

“So guess what, Lou? You are never going to come first in Emma’s life. Singing is her true love, but I know that Emma has never felt anything like how she feels for you and I am pretty damn sure that she will set her singing aside for you. But only if you fuckin’ try. If you try for her, she’ll try for you.”

Gen looked at Louis, her face as stern as a schoolteacher. Louis took a deep breath and glared at Gen, but his stare softened after a few moments.

“How do I win her?” he asked, finally giving in.

“She’s not a prize, Louis. Figure it out.” Gen told him, standing up from the bed. “Figure it out before someone else does.” She warned him, her mind slowly wandering off to the thought of Zayn and how she had caught him talking to Liam about his feelings for Emma just hours after the charity concert.
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