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Let's Go Crazy Together.


Emma placed her oversized sunglasses on her face as she boarded off her plane. Her bodyguard, Barry was already waiting for her, her oversized black purse looking like a mini version of itself in his hand. She took it from him with a gracious nod.

“We did a look around and it’s mostly empty. Maybe 20 or so people. No papz. Want to go through or avoid?” Barry asked as they walked the platform taking them to the insides of the airport. She shrugged. She raised her right hand and waved it into the form of a circle. Barry nodded and using the Bluetooth device around his ear, he called Emma’s other guards and told them to take their stations.

“We shouldn’t take long to get out of here. Limo is already outside.” Barry looked at Emma, a bit concerned that she hadn’t spoken any words to him, but he took her simple nod as a signal that she was somewhat okay.

As they both stepped into the cold AC air of the airport hall, Barry pulled his sunglasses from the top of head and covered his eyes. He placed one of his enormous, wide, calloused hands on Emma’s back and led to the left to where they were heading to the pickup lot. Emma kept her head down for most of the walk, only glancing up to flash a smile at any random passerby that called her name.

Emma pulled Louis’ jean jacket tighter around her tiny frame. She should have dressed a bit warmer, but she’d only packed very few items for her short LA stay and she’d bought the black leggings and black crop top she was wearing at Target just before her flight just to have something to wear.

Emma’s claustrophobia eased the closer they walked to the exit. Even though it was early morning and surprisingly no fans were surrounding her, the closed in feeling still made its way to her. She gave a relieving sigh as they stepped outside. She filled her lungs with the crisp autumnal air, happy to be back in the same city as Gen.

Emma looked around the lot and only saw one car waiting. Barry nodded and let her make her way to the black limo alone. Before Emma made it to the car, the back door opened for her. She tossed her purse inside and then got in herself. She shut the door before looking at who opened the door for her.

Sitting adjacent to her was not Gen, like Emma thought, but instead Louis. She furrowed her brows and her heart sank a bit. She not prepared to take him on so early in the morning. Louis, however, was smiling and then shot up a little before turning to the cup holder next to him. He faced Emma again, holding a Starbucks cup out to her.

“White chocolate mocha with soy milk and a pump of hazelnut.” He said. Emma slowly took the cup from him, still shocked that it was Louis here. When Emma didn’t thank him, Louis tilted his head to the side, his grin slipping. “That is still your favorite, right?” he asked sadly. When she nodded, his smile returned.

“Why are you the one picking me up, Lou?” Emma asked. “Where’s Gen?”

He shrugged his shoulders.

“She went out with Niall last night. She overslept. I told her I’d come instead. She was bit hungover, honestly.” Louis replied casually, which Emma did not like. Emma rolled her eyes. After doing so, the window that separated the back area of the limo and the driver’s section rolled down.

The driver looked back at the two celebrities through his rearview mirror.

“Where to, Mr. Tomlinson, Miss Lawson?” he asked.

“The loft.” Both of them replied at the same time. They turned to each other, Louis cheesing, Emma glaring. The driver nodded, put the window up, and then the car began moving.

“I like your jacket.” Louis commented as he eyed Emma up and down. The jacket had fallen open, revealing Emma’s shirt. The material was pretty thin so he could see that she was wearing a teal bra. Emma, unknowing to this, just rolled her eyes at him again and scoffed. “What’d Jared say about it?” Louis egged.

“Oh come off it, Louis. What are you really doing here?” she asked forcefully. Her patience with him was thinning and her head was starting to hurt.

“Will you go to dinner with me?” Louis said. Emma drew her face into something that gave off that Are you outta your mind vibe. “C’mon, Emma. Dinner, tonight. Just as friends. It’ll be like before. C’mooon.” He whined. “It’ll be fun and I promise to not act like a douche.” His true blue eyes begged her. Emma looked him, confused, but as Louis pleaded with solely his face, she was finding it hard to reject him. And well, he did come to pick her up from the airport and did remember how she liked her coffee.

“Fine.” She agreed. Louis’ face lit up as he grinned from ear to ear. His plan was working.


The elevator ride up to the loft was awkward. Louis had offered to carry Emma’s luggage which only turned out to be her purse and when she didn’t let him carry that, he decided to just hold her coffee for her.

“So what’s on the dinner menu?” Emma asked, trying to cut the silence. Louis smirked.

“Italian.” He replied. “I know it’s your favorite.” Emma eyed him curiously. He was being a little too nice and this was the first time since she’d been staying at the loft that they’ve managed to stand each other more than 10 minutes.

The elevator finally stopped at their floor and they both sighed. Louis let Emma step off first. Emma looked him up and down as she walked past him. He noticed and gave her a small wink. This caused Emma to blush and speed up her pace. As they stepped out the foyer and into the living room, Emma took her coffee back from Louis and started in the direction in her room when a small cough from across the room stopped her.

Louis and Emma both looked towards the opposite side of the room they were standing at. Sitting on a stool was a girl with the exact same eyes as Louis’, only they were wide and bright with mischief. Her face was perfectly made up and her lips were stained in the pinkest of lipsticks. Her blonde hair, a shade lighter than Louis’, was tossed into a messy bun. She was clad in a pair of PINK sweatpants and a faded yellow t-shirt that probably belonged to her in her youth.

“LOTTIE?” Louis exclaimed, after realizing that he was looking at his sister. Lottie smirked the same smirk as her brother and extended her arms out.

“Surprise!” she bellowed out. She let out a small laugh. Louis however did not find any of this amusing.

“What are you doing here?!” Louis chastised. Lottie hopped off the stool. She glided across the room and Emma felt slightly self-conscious. She’d know Lottie for about the same amount of time as Louis, but sometimes she felt inferior compared to her knowing that she was, well, beautiful.

“Well, brother.” Lottie began. “You never came to visit and well, you never bothered to call either, so I decided to hop across the pond and come see you for myself. It’s been ages! And I know you’re on break to record your new album.” She shrugged her shoulders as if it was such an easy explanation.

Louis jeered at her.

“I’ve been busy. But still, Mum shouldn’t have let you come alone. Not to just see me.” He told her, obviously annoyed even though Emma didn’t know why. Shouldn’t he be happy that Lottie came to see him?

Lottie rolled her eyes, even more dramatic than Emma ever rolled hers at Louis. She gave a small snicker before she spoke.

“Oh god, get over yourself, Lou.” She said. “I didn’t come here for you.”

Louis raised an eyebrow.

“Oh yeah?” he challenged. “Then what are you here for?”

Lottie gave him an impish smile. Her eyes darted to Emma. Emma’s eyes widened in surprise and she laughed nervously.

“W-what?” she stuttered. “Me?” She pointed at herself.

“Duh!” Lottie burst out, coming around to give Emma a tight side hug. “When I heard you were here too, I just had to come! It’s been ages! C’mon, Emma. I told you about this. Remember?” Emma looked at Lottie, this time a bit more closely. Lottie was lying. Her blue eyes wandered off to Louis for a millisecond and Emma realized the concern for him in them. Emma smiled at Lottie and then turned to Louis. She planted the most convincing happy face she could.

“Oh fuck!” she said. “You were coming to visit! How could I forget? Come! Let’s go to my room and catch up.” Emma quickly spun them around in the direction of her room as Louis looked on in puzzlement.

“Meet me at the elevators at 6. Dress up.” Louis called out to Emma. She turned around long enough to give a wink before Lottie pulled her arm and her body into her room.
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Sorry it's been awhile. I know maybe we didn't need another character in this, but I think we need to hear Louis' problems through Lottie. Hope you enjoy.