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Let's Go Crazy Together.


Lottie threw Emma into her room and shut, oh well more like slammed the door after them. Emma stumbled and tried to regain her balance, but Louis’ ecstatic little sister took hold of her arm and dragged her to the bed before she could. Lottie turned Emma and sat her down before taking a seat next to her.

“What. Was. That. About?” Lottie said, emphasizing each word. Emma darted her eyes away, this making Lottie laugh. “Is he serious? Is he really going to take you out? Holy shit. I thought you were with Jared Leto. Or at least that’s what I read in the tabs. I was utterly shocked when I read you were dating Jesus, God, he’s so hot. I don’t see what would make you dump him for Lou.

“Louis is such a prick. I mean, I know he’s my brother and all, but shit, he can be a feisty one. And quite annoying.”

Lottie sat up straight and gave Emma a quizzical look with those baby blue eyes of hers. Emma was still lost, still trying to make out the first word of Lottie’s excitement. God, the girl spoke at a million words an hour.

“Oh, my gosh, don’t tell me… it’s a… hoax” Lottie whispered the last word. Emma’s eyes widened. Lottie gasped. “Really Emma? You didn’t snag up that pretty boy alone? I knew it. Well, not in a bad way, just… I knew there was something up with that.” Emma rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, well my team thought this hiatus was a bad idea, which I’m starting to think it was, and since he was taking time off from the band, our teams decided that lying to the papz about us being a couple would keep our album sales up… which it has, by the way… and also because all of the tabloids lately have been about me and 1D, you know… ‘Collaborating.’” Emma put her hands back down in her lap after using her finger quotes.

“You’re going to be on their new album?” Lottie asked, a bit of distress in her tone. Emma shook her head, a bit too eagerly.

“No, no, no.” Emma said. “I’m just staying here. Supposed to be coming up with new material but we are not allowed to fraternize with each other about music stuff, I guess is the easy way to put it.” Lottie gave Emma yet another confused look.

“Well enough about that… So what’s the deal with you and Louis? We haven’t really spoken much in the past months and Mum’s been a bit worried. He’s been really different ever since he split with Elea—“Lottie’s hands quickly pressed themselves to her lips. “Sorry, sorry… I didn’t know if I could say her name out loud or not.”

Emma shrugged it off.

“I don’t care, really. She’s nothing to me. I… I really don’t know what I feel for Louis.” Emma told her. Lottie raised a brow.

“Thus why I’m here.” Lottie said in a hushed tone. Emma raised a brow.

“What’s that mean?”

“I… Uh… I don’t know where to begin.” Lottie ran her teeth over her bottom lip, taking off half of her bright lipstick. Emma gave her a tiny shove to get her talking. “Liam called me.”

“He called you? When?” Emma asked her tone serious and concerned.

“Like three nights ago.” Lottie looked up at Emma through her eyelashes. Her eyes almost giving her a guilty look. Emma furrowed her brows.

“I had left three days ago. T-to LA. What happened, Lottie? What happened three nights ago?” Panic rising in her voice, a heavy wave of dread washed over her. Emma began wringing her hands. Lottie gave her a quick smile and placed one of her hands on Emma’s. This was comforting, but it still didn’t calm her down.

“Lou… he was really messed up. Liam said he had smoked with Zayn for a while, I assume after you left for LA. And then his whereabouts after that, he didn’t know. Zayn didn’t know. No one knew. Liam was panicking over the phone. He had called when he couldn’t find him. He thought maybe that he was coming home for a bit but I hadn’t spoken to Louis…

I was already packing to come here immediately and I was almost at the airport when Harry called and said they found him and were taking him to the hospital to get his stomach pumped. They found him unconscious in some alley by a bar.” Lottie stopped to wipe some tears off her face. Emma could feel the waterworks coming but something inside was burning with fury. The guys didn’t tell her this… they kept this from her and not just them… Genevieve too.

“He doesn’t remember how he got there. He just remembers you leaving, being with Zayn, and then waking up in a hospital. Niall said he got released the next day. They kept me updated until I could finally come over. I was actually quite shocked that he was up and walking and looking as if nothing had happened. I… think he did that because of you.”

“Me?” Emma asked, her voice going up a few octaves.

“Yes, you, Emma. C’mon, don’t play coy. Louis has been head over heels in love with you since Day 1. And I think this… living together thing has really been getting to his head. I know it’s definitely not Eleanor. After what Harry did, after her cheating on him with multiple people… They were just never on the same page. She always wanted more and I think Louis… after well XFactor and I know that you had left him a bit heartbroken, but he still loves you. And he just… I think he needs you. Really needs you so he can be okay. Because he hasn’t been since you left the first time. I think he really believes you’re with someone else. Does he not know?”

“I figured he did. I mean Niall and Zayn and just about everybody does. I thought they would have told him.” Emma gave a shrug.

“Well… I don’t think he does. I think you should tell him, before things get even more serious and next time… I don’t think they’ll only find him unconscious.

Lottie gave Emma a serious look. Emma looked down at her lap, embarrassed and ashamed that in all the time she’s been staying with Louis, she never paid much attention to him. That the only real words they’d spoken was the night she had caught him with Eleanor. Every other day they would just pass each other, tension growing thicker every minute, but they never said not one thing. Why not? What would you call this so called relationship they had? What was keeping her away and distant?

“I’m gonna change that, Lottie. I’m going to surprise him tonight. I’m going to be…” Emma stopped, trying to think of the best word…

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Sorry this is such a lame chapter!! But I really didn't know what to write anymore for this. I know it wasn't so great to begin with and I'm actually thinking of taking it down and just starting over...