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Let's Go Crazy Together.

Kiss Me Where I Lay.

He paced the room for what seemed for hours, but really it had only been about 30 minutes. He had already showered and gotten dressed in boxer briefs and joggers to go to sleep. However, Emma remained asleep and he didn't know whether to get in bed with her or sleep on the couch or go take one of the boys' beds.

He decided against the couch because he knew someone was bound to come and bother him. Also against the guys' bed cause he was sure every single one of them was tired of sleeping in chairs and couches and tour bus bunks. He looked at Emma, his heart skipping a beat, and sighed. Emma, it was.

He crawled into bed next to her, careful to not wake her sleeping form. He had once woke her up many years ago on one of those sleepless nights and it was not a pretty sight. He was forever haunted. When she needed sleep, she NEEDED sleep. He finally situated himself so to where he was staring at the ceiling. He turned the lamp on the nightstand off and tried to close his eyes. He tried to just stop thinking and let the tiredness get to him, but he was distracted.

Emma's scent of cherry blossoms and cocoa butter wafted towards him and he couldn't help but scoot a bit near her. He did until he was barely grazing her arm with his. He needed touch. He couldn't function without the touch of someone else. All the guys used to think him weird for that, but now it was just normal. Sometimes, they all just cuddled on a couch together. Weird, but it was necessary to humans all around.

The longer he laid there taking in her scent, the more he longed her. He couldn't help his erratical heart beating, his rapid breathing, the clamminess of his palms. Perhaps Zayn was right about her all along. I mean, she was his first crush. In his eyes, she was even his first love. They just never confirmed a relationship. They were two young stars only barely starting out. She was already big at the beginning of 1D's journey and she had been warned against feelings for any of the boys. It could destroy her image if she got too close. It could have destroyed 1D before they had even begun. But that didn't keep them from going out to movies and restaurants and chilling at each other's hotel rooms. They kissed numerous times and each time it was like electricity, but it was never more than that.

When One Direction finally began their adventure outside of X Factor, Emma disappeared. She was called back to Texas, her home, to begin process of her second album at the time. She never bothered to text and call any of the guys and Louis took it to heart, but he soon got over it when he met Eleanor.

Louis stopped thinking then. He didn't want to think about <i>her</i>.

He relaxed himself and began staring at the ceiling again when Emma began to stir about. He turned his head to her to watch her wake up.

She slowly fluttered her eyes open. They were glazed with sleepiness but she still managed a small smile and didn't even seemed surprised that Louis was laying next to her.

"Tommo," she whispered. She leaned over carefully and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Hey, Ems." he replied back silently. "Did I wake you?" he fidgeted under the covers and then just settled on turning onto his side to correctly face her.

She shook her head but it seemed like she was trying to shake the drowsiness off of her. When that didn't work, she scooted over closer to Louis and cuddled into his bare chest.

"I missed you." she said.

Louis's body stiffened but she didn't seem to notice. He had been ignoring her for a month now and he was now starting to feel really bad about it. He didn't know why he had been. They had had a pleasant run-in in Australia but something went off in him afterwards and he just couldn't stand to see her name appear on his phone. But laying next to her was making him feel all types of weird and nice and hopeful. The way she always made him feel when she was around.

"I'm sorry." he said finally. She chuckled into his chest.

"What for?"

"I don't know... Not talking to you?"

He felt her shrug her shoulders. She wasn't mad? She wasn't mad! Louis sighed into her hair and engulfed her in his arms. He lifted Emma's face towards his with his chin.

"Is this weird?" he asked. Their lips were so close, they grazed when he spoke and those sparks were back again.

Emma was the first to make action. She kissed him softly. Heaven knows she longed for one more kiss from him. She didn't know that it was going to be so soon though. She didn't know that he would be arriving here the same day as her. She had prepared herself to fight and argue with him because from when she had heard from the boys' was that he wasn't doing so good and he was hurt and mean and being someone that he was not. She didn't know that Louis. She knew the one she met when they were 18 and in her head, that was the Louis she loved. And right now, though she could feel that a bit of him was being reserved, he was being the Louis she had always known.

Their lips kissed again and again and again. They had ached for something like this for so long. Emma's body contoured with Louis' and they couldn't help themselves. Something took over them. Something passionate, wild, different from anyone else.

Louis grabbed her shorts and pulled them off in a swift motion. Emma didn't even know that it had happened until Louis' semi-cold hand ran along her outer thigh and then inwards. He took his middle finger and spread her lower lips apart to reach her clit. He drew fast circles with his finger as Emma moaned into their kisses and she could feel herself getting wetter by the second.

He stopped suddenly, removing his entire body from her's. She groaned in protest, but he was back at her side in a second. He had only wanted to turn her to her back so he could hover over her.

"Ems..." he began. Emma reached and placed a finger on his lips.

"Shh... just don't say anything. I know this is weird. I know it's not how we expected it to happen but I want it to happen." she said.

Louis could see her hazel eyes even in the dark and he could see that she was being sincere. But he couldn't do it. Not like this. He was ready, but at the same time he wasn't.

He shook his head and he could see her eyes darken. He knew she wouldn't cry for him but he sense that she wanted to.

"I-I'm gonna get up. I think I'll go sleep on the couch." she whispered, her voice choked up a bit and she felt extremely embarrassed that she almost let him get to her. She pushed him off her, got off the bed quickly, making sure that he could see what he was missing before putting her panties and shorts back on.

She left the room as fast as possible. She closed the door behind her. She headed towards the living room, but bumped into a body as she did. She looked up at the person, realizing that it was just Zayn.

Zayn only took one lookover and wrapped an arm around her shoulder before leading her to his room.
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