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Let's Go Crazy Together.

C'mon, C'mon.

It was nothing but rush, rush, rush, hurry, hurry, shoes here, dress there, everything everywhere. It was an awards night and Emma had her fashion team come in early to set up and prep her up for the night. She was being nominated for 5 categories, one being Artist of the Year. She was super ecstatic and absolutely couldn't wait for the evening to arrive.

She sat in her hair-dresser chair as what seemed like twenty people hustled around the living room of the penthouse. There were sections for hair, makeup, clothes, and Emma's room was designated for JUST shoes. There was always a lot of effort and hassle when it came to award ceremonies and album releases. It was all part of the fun.

Her main hairdresser, Phillip, a flamboyant pink-haired man, began showing her possible hair-dos but she waved them all off. She wasn't really sure what she wanted. All she knew was that she wanted it to be durable but not too much hair-spray. If she could keep her naturally wavy locks for the event, she would, but that was no option.

After declining everything coming her way, a sleepy Niall escorted his way through the clothes racks and makeup stations just to sit in front of Emma. He rubbed his eyes and groaned at all the busy bodies around him.

"Emma... is this really necessary?" he whined, looking up at his friend from his spot on the floor. Emma chuckled and patted his blond locks.

"Why, of course! Gotta dress to impress!" Emma said, excitedly. Her enthusiasm only made Niall moan in protest even more. He was not much of a morning person, much less when forty people he didn't know where hustling around and blocking entrance to the kitchen.

As if reading his mind, Emma pulled out several granola bars from the pockets of the hoodie she was wearing. She had noticed the crew barricading the kitchen when they were setting up and she managed to grab a few snacks before it was completely closed off. She knew the guys would come begging for food as soon as they woke up. Niall took the bars from her greedily and opened one using his teeth.

"So..." Niall started as he chewed. "Do you have a date for the show?" he asked. Emma smiled.

"Duh." she simply stated. Niall furrowed his brows. He was expecting more than just a one word reply. Emma was never just a one-word type of girl.

"What about the after party?" He questioned. She shrugged.

"Yeah... same fellow." she told him. She could see the frustration showing on his face, but he couldn't put the granola bar down long enough to actually show his emotion. Boys and their food.

"Are you gon' tell me who, mate?" He said. "Cause I really wanna know."

Emma shrugged again. She, honestly, didn't want to say anything knowing full well that Niall was not the best secret keeper. Louis and she were on cold shoulder terms since he had found out she slept in Zayn's room and he was now bunking with Harry. NO surprise there. But now that she and the band were attending the show and party, she was kind of nervous of letting the guys know that she had a date.

"Please!" Niall pleaded. "Or are you just telling that because you just don't want me to ask you out?"

The look of desperation on his face was enough to make Emma laugh, but she gave in. He and the rest of the guys were going to find out anyways. Might as well tell him now.

"Fine..." she mumbled. "My date is Jared Leto." she swooned. Just the name slipping off her tongue had her feel giggly and cheesy.

Niall's bright eyes widened in shock. He almost choked on his granola bar.

"Your date is who?" a voice said from nearby. Both Emma and Niall turned to see Zayn leaning against a clothes rack. He was still in pajamas and his hair was a mess, but that didn't make him any less handsome than he was.

"Dude!" Niall exclaimed as he pulled his iPhone from him PJ pants pocket and typed in something really fast. He stood up to show Zayn a picture of Jared that he had pulled off of Google.

Zayn looked at the phone in confusion.

"You're going out with Jesus?" Zayn asked, pushing Niall out of the way to take his mate's spot on the floor. Emma held back a laugh.

"Trust me, I wish. But it's just for show." she told him. Zayn nodded understandingly.

"Ah... publicity." he said.


Emma couldn't be happier than how she felt now. Maybe it was several wine glasses she had drank or Jared's charming self or the fact that she had won every award she had been nominated for. It was a good night and it was only just beginning.

Jared led her through the after party masses. He was escorting her by lightly touching her around the waist and just his presence was making her mind cloud. It was just a bit after midnight and they're time was up.

"You know, I really think this is gonna be good for us. 30 Secs album sales would be up and you got enough publicity today to take you off your hiatus. I'm so glad you're beautiful and on the same record label as me." Jared said. Emma nodded her head.

"It's been a lovely evening. Shall we bid our farewells here?" Emma waved at a buffet table. Jared nodded and then pulled her in for a hug.

"Until our next date." he whispered. He, then, winked as he pulled away. Emma stared dreamily after him as he faded away into the heavy crowds.

Her daydreams were quickly shattered as a heavy body bumped into her, almost toppling her over. The person ended up being a very not sober Harry. He threw one of his long arms around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head.

"That bloke..." he slurred. "was verrrry nice. I like him. Better than Louis right now." Harry chuckled to himself and then motioned to the crowd with his free hand.

"Look... He's somewhere out there and he's gotta date too, ya knoowww. I saw her and I just about puked up me lunch."

Emma's happiness was now slowing beginning to wither. She only hoped that he wouldn't say the name of the person she never wanted to see ever. But he didn't have to.

It was almost like perfect timing. The crowds of people had separated themselves, giving her the perfect eye's view of Louis across the room. Boy, did he look dashing and so handsome in his slim all black suit, but it was who was next to him that sent all the night's good feelings into the toilet.


She was laughing and flickering her eyelashes and giving him light touches on his arm. And he looked okay... He looked better than he had since, well... a long time. His blue eyes were big and bright and his smile was genuine. He had missed her.

Suddenly, Eleanor excused herself from his side and she went off in the direction of the restrooms. Louis took this time to look around and his eyes managed to meet Emma's from across the room.

She looked absolutely stunning in her strapless black gown. Her hair was in cascading waves and from where he was standing, it was like looking at a dark angel.

But she was so sad. Louis noticed, even from a distance, her eyes brimming with tears. He messed up... big time.
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Sooo, I had this chapter brewing in my head for a while now. And my writing as been a little better lately. I was rusty the first 3 chapters but I think I am satisfied with this. Anyways I was listening to C'mon, C'mon and this just like sparked this chapter and I hope ya'll aren't too confused with Louis' emotions and Emma's. It's gonna come together, I promise!! Anyways, R&R!! enjoy.