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Let's Go Crazy Together.


Her feet were killing her. She could feel blisters forming and her legs were trembling. She should have gone with the 4 inch heels rather than the 6. And Harry wasn't making it any better. He was using her as support since his drunk-ass couldn't stand up on his own. Emma waited impatiently as the elevator took them up to their pent. Harry was mumbling and slurring about how grand the night was but all Emma wanted to do was toss him on the couch, take off her shoes, and go to sleep. She wasn't in the mood for chitchat.

The elevator finally stopped at their floor. The double doors slid open apart and Emma took a grip on Harry and pulled him through into the foyer hall.

"Yay, home!" Harry grinned as Emma led him to the couch. She threw Harry and all his long limbs onto the closest couch. She didn't care if the couch couldn't fit all of him, she just wanted to rest, rest, and rest. Harry fixed himself, took his shoes off, and was out like a light before Emma could place a blanket on him. She rolled her eyes at him, but smiled anyways. He had kept her company for the rest of the evening when Louis left with Eleanor and when the rest of the guys bid their goodbyes and see you at homes.

Emma slid her heels off as she made her way to her room. The penthouse was eerily quiet and she wondered if the guys ever made it back. She ignored her thoughts as she came up to her room door. She reached for the knob and turned it only to find that the door was locked. She tried again. She stared at the knob in confusion. She didn't remember locking the door before she left.

She knocked on the door curiously. There was an odd silence before she could hear whispering and rustling from the other side of the door. She knocked again, this time in frustration. Who the hell was in her room??

It was about a minute before a bedhead Louis, dressed in only jogger pants, cracked open the door. His blue eyes widened in shock for a moment, and then they went from surprise to fury.

"What are you doing here?" Louis growled, whispering low between his teeth. Emma snickered.

"The better question is what are YOU doing in my room?" she retorted, her body fidgeting from the itchy dress she was ready to take off.

Louis rolled his eyes.

"It's none of your concern." he said. "Now scat!"

"I'm not a fucking dog, Louis. I don't care what the hell you're doing, just let me get some clothes." Emma withheld her anger just long enough to make a puppy eye face. Louis gave in rather quickly.

He opened the door just enough to let Emma slide in. He inhaled her aroma as she passed. Her familiar smell almost sent him off the edge, but then he quickly remembered...

"Oh calm down, bitch! S'not like you got much to hide anyways!" Emma exclaimed as she passed Eleanor on the bed. Emma was fuming now. A date with her was infuriating, but now this? She took deep breaths as she went to the closet and grabbed a change of clothes. She threw the clothes into a duffel bag along with some supplies from the bathroom.

Louis followed Emma around the room, making sure that that was all Emma was doing; getting a change of clothes. He didn't like that she was packing so much though. It seemed like she was making an overnight bag instead. He chased behind her as she headed back out the room. He told Eleanor he'd be right back and then closed the door behind them.

Emma was making her way to the kitchen when Louis grabbed her upper arm and pulled her back to him. Emma made a disgusted face at him and pulled her arm from him.

"What the hell is your problem?" she bellowed, turning her back to him. She walked around the kitchen, throwing bottles of water, snacks, and napkins into her bag.

"Where the hell are you going?" He said, ignoring her question. Emma looked at him.

"Shouldn't you be tending to your hoe?"

"Just tell me!" he exclaimed. Emma threw her bag down and came over to stand in front of him. She hated talking to people from opposites ends of the room, especially when it was an argument.

"I'm sleeping in Harry's room, that's where I'm going." she told him. Louis' eyes darkened.

"Harry? And all that stuff is necessary?" he pointed to her bag on the floor.

"Yes, because I plan on taking a nice bubble bath and eating some macaroons and then going to sleep after a long, tiring evening." she said. "I didn't know I had to explain myself to you."

"And Harry?" Louis asked, more worried now.

Emma rolled her eyes.

"Passed out drunk on the couch. If you weren't so busy shagging it up with the girl who broke your heart, you'd know."

Emma was suddenly shoved to the wall. Her back hit the wall not hard enough to hurt, but it was unexpected and her instant reaction was to push Louis back.

"What the fuck?" she yelled at him.

"Why are you doing this? Why do you talk all this mess about her? You make me so angry sometimes!" Louis blurted out. Emma dramatically put a hand to her heart and made a sarcastic sad face.

"Oh, I'm welling up with tears. What are you even doing in my room with her? I'm actually shocked that you're even hanging out with her. I thought she broke you apart, Louis."

"Stop acting like she's the first girl to break my heart, Emma! In case you didn't you know, you were! You left me! You left me without even saying goodbye or calling me to explain! How do you think I felt when I came knocking on your hotel room with a bouquet of lilies only to have some maid tell me that the room was vacant!"

The words that had spilled out of Louis' mouth just then hurt her more than the push he had given her. Her anger and frustration suddenly morphed into sadness and sympathy. She looked up at Louis and reached out to touch his face.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." she whispered. Louis pressed his face more into her hand. He wanted to feel all Emma could give him even if he was still fuming inside. He knew that he needed her more than he needed Eleanor, but he couldn't exactly bring himself to actually express it. He was still wounded from Eleanor. Anything with Emma could jeopardize his true emotions in his weak state.
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