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Let's Go Crazy Together.


Emma was nerve-wrecked. Any second longer and she felt like she was going to have a breakdown.

She was in the airport pickup station. Even though her car was surrounded by security in disguise and the windows of her car were tinted so dark you could barely see anything from the inside, she still couldn't help the feeling of being watched and followed by fans and paparazzi. She didn't mind the fans, but the paparazzi had become so much harsher in the past weeks since she started "dating" Jared, that she started venting to online anonymous therapists.

Emma pulled her knees to her chest as she continued to look towards the airport doors from the back seat. She'd been waiting for now thirty minutes. Every so often, she'd check her wrist watch and then her phone for the time. She hated waiting. After what seemed like forever, Emma shot up from her huddled position and placed her hand on the car handle. She opened the door as soon as a girl in green came running up to the car. The girl jumped in, tossing her rolling carry on before her, and then slammed the car door shut.

Emma looked at the rear view mirror, seeing her driver's face and nodded. Her driver made one nod and began to drive.

"I thought I was gonna have to play Spy again." The girl in green said from next to Emma. Emma looked to her right and gave the girl a once over.

She was 20, but looked 18. Her skin looked like she had just tanned, making her green eyes and freckles stand out a little more. She was dressed in a green flowing top with dark wash jeans; her dirty blonde hair was in a messy bun. This was Gen, Emma's best friend.

"Shut up. I actually just got here myself too." Emma stated, rubbing her temples. She was a bit jetlag. Jetlag was still something that she couldn't get over. Gen scooted over closer to Emma and leaned her head against Emma's shoulder.

"Tell me about Jared." Gen sighed, looking up at her friend with a goofy smile.


Emma leaned against the elevator wall as she waited for Gen to step in. Once Gen was in and situated, she pushed the close door button followed by the last number button. It lit up and the elevator began the ride up.

"This is fancy," Gen said as her eyes wandered the gold modern look of the elevator. Emma snickered.

"You haven't seen anything yet. The penthouse is the entire top floor." Emma mused, tapping her Converse clad foot, nervously. She'd been away for two weeks with little to no contact with the boys. Her phone was overfilled with texts, missed calls, and voicemails that she had chosen to ignore. She couldn't help but feel guilty.

Gen looked over at her friend, oblivious to the fact that Emma was troubled.

"So what are the ground rules this time?" Gen asked, remembering that now she was living in Emma's public eye and not her's, where at home she was just Gen and not "Who Is That Girl Emma Took As Her Date To The MTV Awards?".

Emma contoured her face into a confused expression and then a thoughtful one. She knew Gen was going to be around for some time and not that Gen was a huge One Direction fan, but she knew her friend could and would sleep with any of them if and when she she got the chance.

"Soooo.... The rules?" Gen said again as she looked at the elevator numbers above the door. They were still about 5 floors away.

"Oh yeah... Well absolutely NO Taylor Swift talk or music or anything around Harry." Emma started. Gen scoffed.

"Hate that bitch anyways. She's fucking rude." Gen mumbled. Emma rolled her eyes, remembering that she and Taylor began their careers at around the same time. At the first Grammy awards Emma attended, she took Gen as her date and Taylor bumped and knocked over Gen by accident backstage. Taylor went on without an apology and when Gen tried to get rowdy, Taylor's security guard picked Gen up and threw her out.

"Yeah, yeah, so you've told me a million times. Anyways, there's that and no eating any food with Ninja Turtles stickers on it. That's Niall's food and he will notice if anything is missing. I don't really know what happens when someone eats his food, but the boys say it's not pretty.

"Liam is really chill, just beware because he uses his skateboard all over and he will run over you." Emma began speaking faster as she noticed the elevator speed slowing down. "Zayn doesn't come out his room much, but he's off limits. And Louis is... well he's just Louis." Emma mumbled.

Gen took in her friend's now pained expression at the mention of Louis but regarded from saying anything. Emma was bound to come clean at any time. She stopped herself from asking anything about him and smirked.

"Niall is cute. Is he available?" Gen asked, just as the elevator stopped. The doors opened immediately, showing off the grand foyer. Gen cocked an eyebrow at the exaggeration of the foyer. "Seriously? I thought you were joking."

Emma chuckled with a shoulder shrug and took the lead.

They dropped their luggage at the end of the foyer and Emma pointed out where everything was at from where they were standing.

"Coming out the foyer, this is the living room. There's another one on the other side of the building but we've been using it as a music room. The kitchen is pretty much the center and there's six hallways. Five of them lead to bedrooms and the other one leads to the other living room and game room and whatever else is on that side. I haven't explored everything yet." Emma said, looking at Gen as Gen's eyes widened in galore. Gen has experienced some "celebrity lifestyle" being Emma's friend and all but never had she stayed in a penthouse that was the entire upper floor of a building.

"And there's a staircase and a pool." A voice said from somewhere in one of the halls. Gen and Emma turned to their right just as Niall walked out from the hallway. He smiled at Gen, gave a quick mean mug to Emma, and then went back to smiling.

"Where have you been?" Niall asked Emma. "And who is this?" Niall indicated at Gen using his thumb.

"Hi, I'm Gen. We've met like once very briefly and most likely you don't remember me, but I think you're the cutest of them all." Gen smiled at Niall and his face lit up as if she had said she had his favorite foods in her pocket.

"Ems... I like your friend." Niall said. "Mind if I show her around?" Both Niall and Gen looked at Emma and she could see the lust in both of their faces. How did they even manage that in just a matter of seconds.

"Yeah, that's cool. But quick question..." Niall lifted his hand to cut her off midsentence.

"He's back in Harry's room. And no, he isn't here. I think Zayn is the only one here. The rest of them went to record some stuff." Niall gave Emma another quick narrow eyes before putting his attention to Gen.


Emma finished bringing her's and Gen's luggage into their room. She unpacked what she had and left Gen's on the bed. Gen had her own way of putting up stuff and Emma wasn't going to mess with that. She sat on her bed and pulled her phone out of her pocket. There were some tabloid notifications on the lock screen, a few new texts, and a missed call from Zayn. She furrowed her brows in confusion before putting her phone on the charger and leaving to see if Zayn was in his room.

She came upon Zayn's closed bedroom wall and knocked gently on the door just in case he was sleeping. There was a soft "Come in" and she slowly opened the door. The room was dark except for the light coming from TV in front of Zayn's bed. His room was near freezing, as each room had their own themostat, and from what she could make out from the dim room, was that it was pretty much spotless.

"Hey." a gruff voice said from the bed. Emma looked to see Zayn sitting with his back against the headboard of the bed and a thick black blanket pulled up all the way to his nose. His hair was in a bedhead mess and his eyes were bloodshot red. He extended a hand from under the covers and patted the spot next to him.

Emma quickly dashed over and crawled under the covers.

"Why do you have it so cold in here?" She asked, making sure to pull up as much cover to shield her from the cold.

Zayn laughed.

"I don't even feel it. I don't even know what I'm watching." He made a nod at the television that was showing Adventure Time.

"Are you stoned?" Emma asked, but she didn't really need him to answer that because now she was looking around and saw a lighter and joint on his nightstand along with a baggie of marijuana. She reached over and grabbed the joint along with the lighter. She placed the stick between her lips and lit it up.

She inhaled deeply, letting the bitter smoke fill her lungs. She held it in for a couple seconds before exhaling.

She passed the joint to Zayn and they went back and forth until it was done.

"Didn't know you did this shit." Zayn said. Emma shrugged her shoulders. "Where have you been?" he asked, trying to make conversation.

Since they had been off tour, he was glad to finally have his own space, reason for why he hadn't been hanging with the boys so much. It wasn't a matter of liking and not liking each other like the tabloids always made it out to be. It was just something they did when they were on break. And when he found out Emma was also going to be sharing the penthouse, he found himself bringing up old memories of them from when 1D was on X-Factor. He had had the biggest crush on her and she didn't even as so much as pay attention to him like she did Louis. But he wasn't jealous because he knew one day he was going to get the girl. If not then and not now, then sooner or later.

"Thinking." Emma replied. The effects of the weed were coming into place now and she felt like she was floating a little bit and her head was dizzy and she felt like she just wanted to laugh.

"Things went bad when you left." Zayn said sadly. Emma giggled.

"Oh yeah? How bad? What did he tell you? That I'm the bad guy? That I ruined his lay that night? That I made him tell me the truth? That I'm a bitch? What? Tell me." Emma looked at Zayn seriously. She wasn't feeling herself at the moment but she knew what she was doing.

"He hasn't showered or eaten or really done anything. He just got high all the time and read every single tabloid, story he could find that mentioned you. He began following you on social medias."

Emma thought back to her phone. She had been eating dinner with Jared and his brother when her phone buzzed. She checked it only to see that Louis Tomlinson began following her on Twitter... and then Instagram... and then Tumblr... and Snapchat... and everything else she had.

She, again, shrugged her shoulders.

"He loves you." Zayn said. When he said that, Emma felt her blood begin to boil.

"If he did, then why doesn't he just tell me? Or make something of us? I've waited for a long time and he never did anything about it and he went off with Eleanor and he thought that was okay! He even called me when he first got with her, to make sure I was okay with it and that he was only doing it to not make Harry feel bad about introducing them."

Zayn pushed her lightly and laughed. Emma didn't think anything she said was funny but it was perhaps just the Mary Jane.

"Emma! You and Louis are the dumbest people I know! You guys just stand in the same room together and you can feel the tension you two have. Just fuckin' sleep together already! You can see the love in your eyes that you have for one another. I wish I had that." Zayn sighed.

"Umm... Zayn... Perrie?" Emma questioned.

"It's... It... It doesn't feel like real love. I love her, but I don't feel in love with her. I don't know. And then there's the guys. They don't approve. You're so lucky that it's just you. I have to not only please myself but four other guys."

"What does that mean? I have my manager setting me up on fake dates with Jared fuckin' Leto! He's an amazing guy, but really? Like if I really had the chance of getting with Jared without the help of my manager and shit."

"Look, it's not difficult, just you see, other than your dilemma about getting record sales until your hiatus is over, you make your decisions on who you want or do not want to date. I don't get that without having four guys expressing their opinons too.

"Like with Harry and Taylor... NOBODY wanted her around. Her code name WAS Yoko. I mean, who wants to date a girl who seems nice and does nice stuff, but in real life, she's just a mean shit talking bitch. She's probably in her Grammy room right now writing a bunch of songs about Harry saying that he did this and he did that, when she's the one that really broke his heart. Not the other way around. But because she's the female, she's gonna be seen as the victim and Harry is just gonna get shit about it. Like oh how dare Harry Styles breakup with Angel Taylor Swift. Trust me, she's no angel...

"And we all told, well with the exception of Hazza, that Eleanor was not the one for Louis. And he knew it too but you went on with your career and you didn't talk to us until that run-in with each other. But it was too late, right? Louis already loved the girl and you let him love her. So now, he's confused because even though that girl broke his heart, they still endured a lot with each other and you can say that they had a real relationship because you weren't there to tell him that you wanted in. And now you're back and his old feelings for you are muddling with the Eleanor feelings and it's killing him and us! And you're just there. You went away and left this mess of Louis without telling him anything other than I loved you when we were 18."

"But that's not what I said, Zayn!" Emma exclaimed. Zayn shook his head.

"If you want anything to work, then you gotta talk to him! and US! You've ignored all of our calls and texts. You gotta stop running away from us. We're not the papz, we're not gonna exploit your secrets to the world. We're just Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Louis. You've known us for a long time, we had our good times and our bad times. We know stuff about each other that even the number 1 fans don't know. It's just us, ya know.

"You just gotta talk to him, okay? I know you're confused too, but nothing to gonna get better if you keep running."

Emma sat there, taking in Zayn's words carefully. For both of them to be extremely stoned, the words were so much clearer now. She sighed heavily as she threw the blanket off her. She began walking towards the door.

"Where you going now?" Zayn asked, fixing the blanket around him.

"I have to find my friend, Gen. I left her alone with Niall." Emma stated. Zayn made a mischivous face and Emma only chuckled. She reached for the door knob and then turned to face Zayn. "Thanks... for the talk... and the weed."

Zayn nodded.

"Ya know... it didn't get all too bad around here though. Niall convinced him to write a song. He wrote one for you."

Emma's eyes widened in surprise.

"Really? What's it called?" she asked, opening the door. Zayn cleared his throat.

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