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Let's Go Crazy Together.

Midnight Memories.

Emma pulled her white down comforter closer to her body and sunk into its warm embrace. She couldn't believe that since a week of her arriving back at the loft that she had finally had a good night's rest. With Gen in town, it'd been nothing but a whirlwind of shopping, eating, movies, and unintentionally avoiding Louis.

She rubbed her drowsy eyes as she stretched her legs from their curled position. She nearly screeched and jumped out of bed when her left foot felt something cold beneath the cover, only to remember that Gen was sleeping soundly next to her. Gen, with the exception of last night and the first night of their arrival, had been sleeping in Niall's room, and Emma had almost forgotten that since Niall had gone out last night, Gen stayed in her room. Emma carefully retreated her foot from Gen's leg and groggily got out of bed. She stretched her body again, several bones popping. She stiffed a yawn as she made her way out of her room. She needed some coffee. NOW!

She eased her way into the kitchen and went straight for the pantry that contained all the different flavors of coffee. She had recently invested into a Keurig coffee machine and stocked up on all types of coffees, teas, and hot drink K-Cups. She settled on some vanilla flavored coffee. As she waited next to the machine to spit out the last drops of her beverage, Liam dozily creeped his way into the kitchen.

"Morning." he said with a yawn. Emma nodded at him as she took her cup from below the coffee dispenser. "Haven't seen you in a bit." he told her. She shrugged. Liam came closer and took a look into her cup. He made a disgusted face as he caught a whiff of her coffee and went in search of tea. "Americans and their coffee." he scoffed as he searched for his favorite flavor in Emma's K-Cup stash.

"Don't start." Emma said before she slowly took a sip of her piping hot drink. Liam turned towards her only long enough to roll his eyes and then continued his search. They remained in a comfortable silence until they were both sitting on top of the kitchen counters drinking their morning beverages.

Liam was the first to speak again after they spent about five minutes just sipping and trying to drive the sleepiness from their bodies.

"Where have you been?" he asked. Emma shrugged. "Have you been... y'know, avoiding him?"

Emma rolled her eyes so hard, she thought they would roll out of her head and onto the floor. She wasn't ready to start talking about him. Not when she hadn't even finished her cup of Joe yet. She shook her head.

"I wouldn't call it avoiding him." she started. "I would just say we haven't crossed paths. I haven't seen him nor Harry since I got back. Is that better?"

Liam gave her a weak shrug and then hopped off the counter to stand in between Emma's legs. Emma didn't mind that Liam was so close to her. If anything, she felt most comfortable with him than the other guys. She didn't know why, but he had always been the easiest to talk to.

"So..." Liam began. Emma cocked an eyebrow at him, waiting to see where he was going with his beginning sentence. He chuckled. "It's nothing bad, swear! Anyways, we're doing this charity thing tonight. We're going to perform and I was, well we, the band, were wondering if you'd like to be our plus one?"

"Uh, wait, backtrack, One Direction is doing something for charity??" she placed her hands on either sides of her cheeks, pretending to be shocked. Liam laughed.

"Shut up. Don't act too surprised. We've done charity things. Not too often, but we've done some stuff. Besides, that's not the point! Would you like to go or not?" he asked again. Emma eyed him curiously.

"Can Gen go?" she asked. Liam nodded.

"She's Niall's plus one already. He asked her a couple days ago. He's really taken a liking to her." Liam suddenly had this goofy grin on his face. Emma let out a short chuckle.

"Hmmm... well I guess I'd like to see a 1D show from backstage. I've only seen ya'll once, way back when you all had just started touring."

Liam smiled.

"Great. You're gonna have fun!" He smiled again, but this time, Emma noticed that it was a bit more of a mischievous grin.


Watching One Direction perform was something Emma promised herself to do more often. She'd never laughed and sang and danced so much watching someone perform. Gen was next to her the entire time and she didn't know who was having more fun: them or the guys on stage. They were absolutely killing it on stage as they reached almost the end of their performance.

She watched as Niall made his way towards the front of the stage. The entire stadium was going crazy as he reached the end. He threw his hands in the air and the crowd went wilder if they could even do that. He laughed into his microphone before he began shushing them.

"Shh!! Alright everyone, settle down!!" he yelled. The crowd of course didn't quiet down. They continued with their cheers for this song and that song, their I LOVE YOU "INSERT BAND MEMBER HERE"!, their I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES!!

Harry, seeing that crowd wasn't quieting down, ran to where Niall was standing. The rest of the guys were huddled together near the drums. They looked like they were talking among themselves as Niall and Harry tried to gather the fans' attention long enough for their announcement. Liam took a quick glance at Emma and Gen and waved. They waved back quickly.

"What do you think they're up to?" Emma asked Gen. Her friend shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know, but they all look so fuckin' hot all sweaty like that, don't they?" Gen said as she bit her lip and ran her eyes over Niall's body. Emma laughed, as her eyes wandered towards Louis.

He was wearing black basketball shorts with a plain white t-shirt and some checkered Vans. He had some scruff growing and his hair was all tousled as if he had just waken up. Long gone were the days of the colored slacks and suspenders. Emma kind of missed when they used to coordinate their outfits, but their individual personalities showed more now that they dressed however on stage. She sighed longingly as Louis looked up from the huddle and straight at her. His striking blue eyes sparkled under the stage lights and for a brief moment, she swore that he winked and gave her one of his infamous smirks before he went back to paying attention to Zayn.

Somehow Niall and Harry settled down the stadium and it was so quiet that they could probably hear a pin drop.

"Alright, so as you all know we are One Direction and we are so happy to be here! We have a couple more songs to go before the night ends," Niall announced.

"But before we close the show, we have a mighty big surprise for you!" Harry continued. Emma looked on from her spot backstage in confusion. Were they going to announce their new album already? From what Zayn had told her, it wasn't even close to being done yet.

"Oi YAH!! Big surprise!" Niall hollered before bursting into a fit of laughter. "SO are you ready?" He held out his mic to the crowd and the fans yelled out in excitement. They were so loud, Emma swore she going to go deaf. She knew how loud stadiums could get, but she usually had her in-ear monitors on before hitting the stage and never had gone on or around the stage without them. It was quite deafening being without them now.

"Okay, okay, settle down again." Harry said and then turned around towards her direction instead of Liam, Louis, and Zayn's. Emma felt her stomach drop and Gen suddenly grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her hard onto the stage.

Emma felt herself fly almost to the center of the stage and a spotlight quickly fell on her. Within seconds, a roadie came running up to her and placed her in ear monitors on. The sound of crowd almost immediately died out and the laughter of guys could be heard clearly in her ears. She felt herself get red with embarrassment as she stood in the middle of the stage, suddenly stage frightened. The guys went and gathered around her.

"We have a special guest with us tonight!" Zayn said. He placed an arm around her shoulder. He gave her a quick squeeze and she eased up a little.

"I hope you all recognize Emma without all the rock star glam that she is!" Louis said, looking at her and then swiftly giving Zayn a mean mug. Zayn almost instantly released himself from Emma's side and went to stand next to Niall.

By this time, Emma finally composed herself and let out a laugh. She snatched the microphone from Harry who was the closest person to her.

"Oh hell, boys, ya'll are in MAJOR TROUBLE!" She grinned as she now walked around the edge of the stage and high-fived the fans that were clearly going to have anxiety attacks now that not only One Direction was on the stage but Emma Lawson too.

"Aye, all we have to do is bat our pretty eyelashes and bring you life supply of macarons for you to forgive us!" Harry said, using Louis' mic to speak. Emma laughed and rolled her eyes.

"So what is all this about? Why am I up here?" She asked. She could see the crowd was going absolutely insane. The flash from cameras and phones were blinding her as everyone tried to get a good shot of her onstage with the boys.

"Well, as everyone knows, you helped us begin our journey as One Direction. So we just wanted to say thank you for helping us as long our path and we wanted you to join in on our final songs. We hope you know the words to our songs." Liam said as he came over to gently rib Emma. Emma placed her right arm around Liam's hip.

"Of course. I can't lie and say that I don't have all of your music on my iPod." she smirked. "So what songs are we singing? I gotta admit though, I'm not warmed up, so I might choke up."

"Or you could choke on this." Louis whispered to her as he came on to her other side. Liam didn't seem to hear him, but when she looked at Louis, he had the cheekiest of grins and made a slight innuendo with his eyes towards his crotch. Emma ribbed him hard, immediately irritated at the fact that now he wanted to play games. He had probably seen Gen and Niall nearly devouring each other with their eyes alone and now he wanted to get in with her.

"Aye, well we know one of your favorites is Strong, so how 'bout we start with that?" Zayn asked her. She broke her stare from Louis, crossed the stage to meet with Zayn, grabbed hold of his hand and nodded.

"Yes, duet shall we?" she asked, turning to give Louis one more glance before the band began playing the beginning notes of Stong and the crowd went wild.
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