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Let's Go Crazy Together.

Waffle House.

Tonight has been one hell of a night. To begin with Lindsey Lohan was seen getting out of a car, once again, without panties (will she ever learn?), Katy Perry bashes Taylor Swift in yet another song (MEOOOOOW), BUT no one seems to be talking about that. Move aside Kim Kartrashian, 1D and Emma broke Twitter AND Instagram when in the middle of One Direction's Save the Plants and Aminals Charity Concert, they brought rock star Emma on stage. I don't think anyone but our Directioners and Emmalites can describe the emotions better than themselves:


@1dget_inmy_pants: Umm... are you serious? I'm crying. Legit salt water streams are running down my face!!! #1dandemma #dead

@ajvengz: The way Louis and Emma looked at each other during YOU & I!! #TEAMLOUMA #WHOSJARED #1DANDEMMA #MORELIKELOUISANDEMMA

@crazycrazycrazyforems: seriously they need to go on tour together NOOOOW!! I cant deal this is too much!!!! ems killed it with zayn. ugh. #1dandemma



Emma stared at her phone, both in shock and confusion. She turned to look behind her. The guys were following her through the underground tunnels of the stadium. They were all looking at their phones with frustrated faces. Niall was nearly breaking his phone screen with how hard he was tapping the screen, Harry was holding his phone up to the ceiling like Simba in The Lion King, Zayn got so mad at his phone that he yelled at it and then roughly stuffed it into his pocket.

"What's wrong with my phone?! I just want to post a picture on Instagram!" Liam groaned as he mockingly choked his phone.

"Uhh, guys..." Emma started. "We kinda broke the internet."

One Direction all stopped in their tracks. The look on their faces was indescribable. Gen, who noticed that she was only one that kept walking, returned to the group only to give them a look of annoyance. She strolled over to Niall to close his open mouth.

"You're catching bugs, Sweetie." she told him. Niall narrowed his eyes at her.

"Did you not hear her though?" he asked, pointing at Emma. "Lemme see! How do you know? Fuck, that's incredible!" Niall jogged to Emma, taking her phone as soon as he was next to her and read the article she had been reading.

"I didn't know this was being televised. That's like... so weird." Emma said. Liam and Harry were soon joining her and Niall to read the article.

"Mmmhmm, yeah." Harry mumbled, enticed by the article. "Manager said it'd be good for donations or something like that."

Emma shrugged her shoulders. When everyone finished taking turns reading off her phone, she took her phone back and put it in her pocket.

"Man, that's insane." Zayn said, running a hand through his hair. "How long do you suppose Twitter is gonna be out? I wanna read some more of those tweet."

Everyone shrugged their shoulders. The reality of it all put them in an awkward position. How was anyone supposed to respond to that? They couldn't even get on Twitter or Instagram to appreciate the gesture.

"So what now? Should we go celebrate?" Liam asked. He watched everyone fidget around, unsure what to make of the matter. His eyes, however, fell quickly to Louis. Louis was watching Emma very hard. Watching every movement that she made and studying her like she was some book.

Liam didn't want to make the group feel anymore weirded out, but for the time that Emma shared the stage with them, he couldn't help but the notice the chemistry that Louis and Emma brought on. It was so odd how the stage, the lights, the music, made them move about like they were in sync. They sang You & I as a duet and it was remarkable. They had put so much emotion into it that it was like they were speaking directly to each other for the first time since they've come together. It was almost exactly how it was way back when Emma was just mentoring them on X Factor. Even when Zayn and Emma performed Strong together, it just wasn't the same as when Louis and she did it. It was almost too emotional, too unbearable, almost heartbreaking.

Liam saw Emma look in Gen's direction. They stared at each other for a moment and then Emma spoke to the group.

"Uhh, Gen and I always had this tradition of going to Waffle House after a show whenever she'd tour with me. We can go there. We already have the getaway car ready and my security is set for whatever we choose to do." Emma shrugged, biting her lip as she waited for someone's response. Niall was the first to say something.

"Yeeeah, can you explain what a Waffle House is?" he asked.

Emma and Gen looked at each other again, this time flabbergasted by what Niall asked. Gen laughed as Emma took hold of Louis' hand to begin leading the way to their car.

"Oh little Irish boy," Gen said. "There is so much about America that you need to know."


"This is Waffle House?" Zayn asked as he looked at the bright yellow sign that flashed WAFFLE HOUSE. 1D, Emma, and Gen were standing in the empty parking lot as Emma's security was inside talking to the employees.

Since they were celebrities and it was late at night, they had special protocols to follow. Everyone who was not an employee had to vacate the premises, employee phones were to be taken up until after they finished eating and they couldn't ask for pictures or autographs until everyone was done eating.

"It looks kind of..." Harry twisted his face in disgust. "I don't wanna sound mean, but gross looking."

Gen rolled her eyes.

"Trust us. It's amazing." she said just as Barry, Emma's main guard, signaled them to come in.

The girls led the way into the restaurant. There were three employees working the late shift this night. A middle age man, he was the cook. A lady that looked about in her mid 40s, she was cashier and a girl who looked about 19 was the waitress. The waitress' eyes were the size of plates as she watched Emma come in and take a seat in one of the booths.

Once everyone was situated in a single booth, the boys and Emma pulled their phones from their pockets and placed them in the middle of the table. Gen looked on in confusion.

"What's going on?" she asked as she slowly pulled her phone from her pocket and hesitantly placed it on the stack of phones.

"Oh, sorry." Emma apologized. "We've always done this when we used to eat out. But whoever's phone rings first has to pay the bill. Texts don't count. Just phone calls."

Gen cocked an eyebrow at her best friend but went along with it.

"What if no one's phone rings?"

"Then we split the bill evenly." Harry said as he looked at menu. He was trying not to hold onto it because it was sticky from syrup.

Louis, who was sitting directly across from Emma, was looking at her in fascination as she read her menu. He was brought out of his trance when the waitress came stuttering by.

"H-hi." she said softly and shakily. "I'm Becky and I'll b-b-be your waitress tonight."

Louis looked at her and gave her one of his flirtatious smiles.

"Evening, love" he cooed at her. "I'll take an orange juice."

Emma looked at him curiously. He looked at her briefly and then returned his attention to Becky. She rolled her eyes and then told the girl what she wanted.

Once everyone placed their orders, Niall spoke.

"Ems, are you sure about this place?" he asked as he looked at the cook. "He just threw a ladle of batter on that waffle iron!" Niall whispered loudly. Emma laughed as did Gen.

"You all have really gotta stop being paranoid. Just wait. It will totally be worth it." Gen reassured Niall.

Niall smiled at Gen and made these weird googly eyes at her that Emma had never seen him make at anyone. She smiled softly to herself, now knowing that Niall was seriously crushing on Gen and not just using her while she was staying with them.

When Emma looked away from Niall, her glance accidentally fell to Louis' and she saw that he was eyeing her curiously. Everyone was too enthralled in their own conversations that no one noticed Louis wink at her. She cocked an eyebrow at him.

He was about to say something to her when the stack of phones on the table began vibrating. Everyone stopped midconversations to see who's phone it was ringing. Liam spread the phones out to see which one was recieving the phone call.

"HA!" Harry yelled out as he grabbed Emma's Samsung Galaxy and held it up. "You gotta pay, Ems!"

He glanced at the screen and Louis couldn't help but be nosy and averted his eyes to see who was calling her. He snatched the phone from Harry and tossed it at Emma.

"You should answer that." he growled at her. Emma furrowed her brows and then looked at her still ringing phone.

A picture of Jared and Emma with the name Jared Leto <3 showed on the screen. She looked at everyone apologetically especially at Louis and then rushed outside to answer.

"Hello?" she said as she walked just outside of the Waffle House entrance. Barry, who was standing guard at the door looked at her in alarm but she just shook her head and pointed at her phone to reassure him. Barry nodded and walked away to give her some privacy.

"I saw you broke the internet tonight, sweetheart." Jared's familiar voice filled her ear. She couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah... I still don't know what to make of that." she told him. Jared chuckled on the phone.

"Well I'm just going to congratulate you. On that and your performance. I watched on TV. You look so at ease on stage."

"Thanks, J." she said. "Anyways, what's up? I know you couldn't possibly just be calling for that."

"Well it was part of it." Jared said. "But, uh, talked to your manager and mine and they want to set up another outing. When's the soonest you can come to LA?" he asked.

Emma suddenly felt a panic arise in her. She began moving her feet side to side as she looked through the restaurant window at her friends. Louis was talking to Gen, but he did look at her after a few seconds. Louis rolled his eyes at her in what seemed like anger and then continued with his conversation.

"I---uh, I don't know?" she said.

"Or do you want me to come to you this time?"

"NO!" Emma almost screamed too loud. "Sorry, I mean... agh. I'll set up a flight for next week to come to you." she added quickly. Jared sighed quietly on the phone.

"Are you still working on whatever it is with Louis or have you not told him anything yet?"

Emma sighed.

"Everything is still the same as when I last saw you... if not more awkward. I just... I don't even know what I should tell him." Emma told Jared, who knew of the whole Louis situation.

"Just tell him how you feel. We've talked about it already, Emma."

"I know. I'm working on it." she mumbled.

"Well chop chop! It's only gonna get harder and worse."

Emma sighed again.

"Yeah. Okay. I'll set a flight for next week. I gotta go. My food is arriving at my table." she told Jared.

"Okay. Bon Appetite. And remember, just go for it!" Jared waited for her to say goodbye before they hung up.

Emma stayed outside for a few more seconds to compose herself. She was going to tell him. She was really going to tell him how she felt... as soon as she finished her waffle.
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