Status: Complete as of October 29th, 2015.


Chapter 9

The scent of lavender wrapped around me as Carly pressed herself into my side. I had one hand in her hair, twisting, the other locked around her hip, my fingers pressing painfully into her skin. But I knew she liked it. That she wanted me to do it. Wanted more.

She moaned, her breath sliding across my neck.

I turned her face toward me.

Her lips still tasted of the wine we'd had hours ago.

And when she ran her hand along my back, I started to unravel. It was such a simple touch, but it meant so much coming from her.

Sweat clung to my skin, and my breathing was anything but even. She had a way of completely undoing me after sex, and yet my body still craved her. As I hovered above her, she blinked at me, her green eyes hazy. When she touched my face, told me she loved me, I buried myself deep inside her. I always loved watching her face when I entered her. Her expression was one of pure ecstasy: lips parted, eyes half-closed, a tremble of a moan escaping her, and it was all for me.

Then an odd feeling struck me—something forcing me to look away from Carly.

As I turned my head for the briefest of moments, I thought I saw movement outside of the window—a shadow against the glass. But it was gone before I could identify what it was.

“Hey.” Carly's fingers on my jaw, guiding my eyes back to hers. I hadn't realized I'd stopped moving. She frowned at me. “Eli, what's wrong?”

“I thought I saw something outside,” I murmured. “Are you angry that we stopped?”

She shook her head. Soon we were laying next to each other, her face against my neck. “I'm not mad at you. I know you're stressed. Actually, I'm even surprised you wanted to...but I guess you didn't really. And it's okay. I understand.” She snuggled closer. “When we're together, I want all of you to be here, not just part of you.”

I nodded and tightened an arm around her. Kissing her forehead, I smiled slightly. “I haven't been here lately, I know, and I'm sorry. But things will get better soon.”

That feeling was back again.

I looked at Carly, my eyes narrowed. “Something's wrong. It feels like someone's here in the apartment.”

Her green eyes widened. “You're picking a really bad time to make a joke.” She looked through the curtains, and into the darkness beyond.

I flicked on the light and looked around the small room, finding it empty.

Maybe I had been imagining things.

But the way my body tensed, it didn't feel like it.