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Chapter 15

I shut my eyes. Behind my eyelids, I could see Veronica's slow smirk widen as she leaned into me, her mouth still doing dangerous things to me. To my ear, my neck, my lips and chest, and I didn't stop her. I just gripped the back of her head and kissed her harder. Her tongue tasted of cigarette and coffee.

Her breath tangled with mine as her hands twisted in my hair, her body shaking against mine. When she pulled away, it took me a moment to compose myself. Veronica fixed her shirt, tied her hair back, and smiled at me.

She reached for me again—this time sliding her fingers along my torso, and pulling my shirt free from where it was tucked into my pants.

Oh God.

“No,” I said, my voice raspy as I touched her hand. “I can't do this, not to you, and not to Carly.”

Her blue eyes widened and she stepped back. “You've got to be kidding me,” she hissed. “After everything we've been through, you're still going to stay with that girl?”

She didn't understand.

“Veronica—they were mistakes. They shouldn't have happened. I'm your doctor. There are rules and I broke them, again.” I stood up. “I don't think I can treat you anymore.”

With her makeup smudged, she looked wild. “There isn't anyone else,” she answered calmly. Collecting her jacket, she looked back at me. “You're the only one, you know. No one else knows me the way you do.”

“I'm sorry but I'm going to refer you to another doctor.”

When I took out a small white pad from my desk drawer, her hand slammed down on the wood so hard that I jumped. She glared at me, her lips drawn back into a snarl. “No,” she said, her tone angry. “You're not going to do that.”

I kept my voice even as I said, “Are you threatening me, Veronica?”

She smiled then, and it was cold. “Do you want your precious girlfriend to find out what really happened between us—both times?”

My eyes narrowed. “You know that I don't.”

She was at the door before I could stop her. “I'll see you next week. Thank you for a very stimulating session!”

Then she was gone.
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