Status: Complete as of October 29th, 2015.


Chapter 19

“I lied to you,” he whispered. “About Veronica.”

I didn't react, at least not physically. I thought about hitting him, or just being honest. He deserved that, and more. So I told him the truth.

“Veronica didn't try to get you fired. I did.”

He reached out to touch my shoulder He didn't believe me. When he'd been treating Veronica, I didn't know him. At least not yet. But I had seen him countless times.

“Do you remember me, Eli?”

“No,” he answered.

“I was there every day,” I whispered, shifting to look at the ceiling. “I tried so hard to get you to notice me. But you didn't. You were more interested in the patients.” I laughed, and it was the sort of laugh you remembered. “Funny. I didn't think you were that type of guy.”

“What type of guy is that?” he asked.

“Someone who took advantage of others,” I answered calmly. “In more ways than one. I couldn't believe it when I heard. I thought they were wrong. Veronica gloated to me about you.”

“I don't understand,” he said, sitting up. “Why didn't you ever say anything?”

My eyes cut to his, and the pain in his face crushed me. I smiled sadly. “Because I was hoping you would see what you were doing—what you are doing—would lead you down a terrible path. But you obviously didn't learn anything.”

He got out of the bed. I knew he couldn't listen to this. But he had to know.

“She wanted to tell,” I said. “But I made her promise not to. I told her that I would do it for her. It wasn't right, what you did, and I hope one day you see that.”

Then I stood, got dressed, and left.
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Okay, so this story took a different turn than originally planned. Sorry if anything is confusing.