Status: Complete as of October 29th, 2015.


Chapter 23

After Veronica left, I stayed for another hour or so, drinking shot after shot. I didn't know if I should go home, if Carly would be there. I didn't think that she would; I figured things were over between us. After what she did, after what I did.

When someone sat next to me, I turned my head.

“You're Elias, aren't you?”

The man looked vaguely familiar, and I had to search my brain for who he was.

“Colin,” I said. “Janna's boyfriend. What are you doing here? Weren't you meeting Janna?”

He nodded. “I did, but Janna knew you'd be coming here, and she wanted me to invite you out to dinner with us.”

I smiled. “I wouldn't want to intrude on your date. Maybe another time?”

“See, that doesn't work for me,” a cheery voice said. “Because Colin was supposed to be able to drag you out of here, but I guess I have to do it myself.”

Janna stood on my other side, her arm around my shoulder.

“Come on, Eli,” she said. “You've gotta stop torturing yourself, it's not healthy.”

Reluctantly, I agreed to leave with them. Outside the bar was empty, except for someone following us as we walked.