Status: Complete as of October 29th, 2015.


Chapter 28

Her voice in my head, over and over again. Then the rest.

“Someone help, please. My friend's been stabbed. He was mugged. Oh God.”

The ambulance wailed.

Someone lifted me.

Blackness seeped into my vision.

Then I woke up here.

With her sitting across from me, her blonde hair in tangles and her blue eyes full of tears.

“Eli,” she breathed, when her eyes connected with mine. “Oh my God, you're alive.”

“You have to leave,” I hissed. “Veronica, please. Go.”

“I can't leave until I know you've forgiven me,” she said, standing and coming to his bedside. “Say that you do, that you understand, and I'll leave.”

Before I could answer, the door to my room opened and Janna came in. She took one look at Veronica and her eyes narrowed.

“Get away from him,” she said, “or I'm calling the police.”

Veronica smiled. “And tell them what? You don't have any proof that I did this.”

“I have his word,” Janna said. “And that's enough.”

“You don't know anything!” Veronica snarled, stepping toward her.

“No, she doesn't,” a voice said. “But I do, and I can turn you in.”

I turned my head and caught sight of Carly in the doorway.