Status: Complete as of October 29th, 2015.


Chapter 5

Nickolas Helmes was a complicated person, even before he was put under my care. He had a multitude of problems – none of which he divulged during our sessions. Except the anger. I knew about that as he punched one of the doctors his first day there.

Veronica was simpler with what happened to her, how she coped, and what she wanted to do in order to fix it. But when she started to cross a line, I had to shut her down. She didn't like being told no, but it had to be done if I was going to continue to treat her.

“Let's talk about Nick,” I said again.

“What's to talk about?” Her blue eyes narrowed as she looked at me. “He was here and now he's not, and it's okay. I didn't really know him well anyway, and a lot of kids that end up at Ashcliffe are probably dead by now – let's be honest.”

“That's a terrible thing to say,” I replied. “Okay, okay.” I looked through my notes. “Can you tell me about what it was like finding him?”

I wasn't prepared for her reply. The way she spoke set my teeth on edge.

“I never realized how much blood the body held. I was soaked in it when you found me. I stepped in the water on the floor – it was tinted red because of his blood, you know? Even now when I wash my hands or shower, I feel it all over me, thick and sticky. I can never get it off.”