Status: Complete as of October 29th, 2015.


Chapter 6

I pushed my way out into the parking lot later that night. Janna trailed after me, her mouth set in a frown. She watched me, I knew, and took in everything that made me tense. But she never asked what happened. I was grateful for that. I just wanted to get home.

“Who do I have tomorrow?” I asked as I leaned against my car.

“Veronica again,” Janna said. “She's the only one of your former patients who wants to see you. She's been pretty adamant about it, apparently.”

I opened the driver's side to my car and slid inside. Janna gripped the door and peered at me. “I can tell her you can't see her, if you want.”

“No,” I answered. “That wouldn't be fair to her; she came to me for help. I have to do what I can to treat her.”

Janna smiled. “You're always saving people, Eli.” Then shut the door.

“Not always,” I said as I watched her walk away.